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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Home: Living Room Update ♥

As I live at home with my parents I don't have all the say on the decor in the house, but I tend to come up with a lot of the ideas. Ever since I was little I have always loved decorating rooms and I used to say I wanted to be an interior designer when I grew up. Although I am currently far from doing that as a career, I do enjoy doing a bit of home renovating now and again with my parents.

My parents have quite opposite tastes in style; my Dad prefers the simplistic minimalist look whereas my Mum has a tendency to go for 'cheerful and bold' (read: garish and bright) colours and patterns. I'm probably between the two, enjoying clean walls mixed in with complimenting prints and accessories.

 Our living room is fairly basic, with putty coloured walls, dark parquet flooring and cream leather sofas. It didn't have much style and I felt it could do with sprucing up a bit to pull the room altogether and brighten it up a little. This turquoise shaggy rug from Benuta covers up a large area of the flooring, making the room feel a lot warmer and cosier. I love the soft thick pile; and the bright colour really helps give the room a nice atmosphere.

To go with the colour scheme, I thought these duck egg floral print scatter cushions would look perfect on the sofa. I think the contrasting shades and fabrics of the different cushions all work really nicely together. And you can never have too many cushions!

 And finally, you may have seen my very excited tweets recently regarding being featured on the Laura Ashley blog! I worked with them on a little DIY project to come up with something to brighten up a room using some of their stunning fabrics.

I chose three different duck egg blue floral fabrics and turned them into some pretty wall panels. I was really pleased with how well they worked out, and if you're interested in how to make them (they were really easy!) you can read my post on the Laura Ashley blog here

All I needed was the fabrics plus some foam board panels which I bought from Hobby Craft; I simply cut them to size and covered with the fabrics. You can also find me featured as the Laura Ashley Blogger Crush of the Month for August.. check out the feature here!

So the living room may not be my ideal dream design, but I think we've made it look a bit more homely and interesting with the addition of a few little extras!


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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Carboot Sale & Charity Shop Buys ♥

So carboot sale season is officially over for me now until April next year. I have had another pretty good run this summer, finding quite a few little bargains! I thought I'd do a little run down of the things I found over my last few trips, and also some charity shop finds too. 

We've had a new trader at my local carboot sale recently, that has boxes and boxes full of make up testers and samples. He sells them all for £1 each and so I've treated myself to a few concealers and lipsticks from him, all brand new!

 I bought this floral Royal Albert side plate for 50p

 I'm not really sure what this piece of china is, but when I bought it it was absolutely filthy. But I loved the colours, so I bought it for 50p and it has cleaned up beautifully!

 I bought these two very pretty floral side plate for only £1 from a lovely lady at the carboot.. I love them!

 This cute little floral trinket pot was only 50p and it's like new so I had to get it to add to my never ending china collection!

 The tea cup and saucer here don't actually match, but they're close enough! It was £1 for the set. 

I didn't have much luck with buying clothes at the carboot this year, but I did find this brand new black mac for only £2. A wardrobe must have! 

 I think this is a plant pot that you're meant to hang on the wall, as it's got a flat back and it's quite big and deep. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but for £1 I decided I needed it. 

 Another piece of vintage china, this Royal Albert piece was only 50p! 

 I bought this set of tiny little ceramic cats from a stall that the Cats Protection charity was running at the carboot sale, and she let me have the whole set for only 50p! Cute! 

 I also found this brand new in box sugar bowl for only £1! I absolutely love the adorable little teapot teaspoon! 

 This big rose printed oval dish was £1 from a local charity shop

 I also picked up this oilcloth floral print cosmetics bag from the same charity shop for only 50p.

  This pretty floral tea dress was new with tags for only £7, which I thought was quite a bargain considering it was still new with M&S limitied collection tags on! I wore it for afternoon tea at Woburn Abbey with my Mum and sister a few weekends ago. 

I bought this sporty H&M dress from the same shop, which was also new with tags and only £6. I had been eyeing this up in H&M very recently so I was thrilled to find it in my size for such a bargain price! 

 This cute Peter Pan collar blouse with a fox print was only £1 from another charity shop.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pound Shop Bargains ♥

I thought I'd do a little pound shop haul blog post, as I've picked up some great stuff lately, especially beauty stuff! I tend to spread my pound coins between Poundland, Pound World, and the 99p Store. I think Poundland is probably my favourite store, but they all do a good variety of stuff and they get new stock in fairly often too.

I bought these skincare products from the 99p Store. They're all branded bits, and much cheaper than the retail price. The tinted moisturiser sells for £6 usually, the anti redness moisturiser £6.99, the Clearasil rapid action cream is £6.50 in Superdrug, and the Garnier eye roll on can sell for over £10 in Boots!

I know. I am 25 years old (and I've never even seen Frozen) but this Disney detangling hair spritz is pretty amazing! It smells like bubblegum and supposedly comes with a heat defence, but it's great to spray on my damp hair before combing through then blow drying.
Poundland has a new cosmetics range in store called Make Up Gallery, and it's actually pretty good. I've not tried the pressed powder yet, but the liquid eyeliner, nail polish, and eyeshadow are pretty good! Well worth £1 each. 

I also bought these L'oreal colour riche nail polishes from Poundland, although it took a few different visits to get the different colours! These are usually £5 each.

These Eyelure lashes are my absolute favourite false eyelashes ever! I think I have mentioned them on here before; they seem to come into stock and then disappear for months, so I always stock up. They come in a fine natural style and then a thicker dramatic style. I find them in Pound World and they are pre-glued so no need to mess about with getting glue to dry etc, just stick them on!

These Herbal Essences bottle are slightly smaller than normal, but they're still a great deal for £1 each :) 

I couldn't resist buying this St Tropez body polish from Poundland recently! It sells for over £10 elsewhere, so I'm not sure what it's doing in a pound shop, but I'm not complaining.

I remember when I used to love buying Nerds from the sweet shop when I was little, but then they disappeared from the UK for years. So imagine my excitement when they started selling these jumbo boxes at Poundland! Yippee!

These two permanent hair dyes were from the 99p Store, and as they are 'proper brands' I thought I'd give them a shot, and they're pretty good!

These big bottles of dry shampoo are available in Poundland, and although I'd never heard of Fat Hair before, these bottles go for £6 in Superdrug!

Sweet treats from Poundland are always welcome. Mmm cookies! 

These NYC lipbalms are my favourite so I'm so sad that they've stopped selling them in Superdrug! They seem to have been discontinued so I was pleased when I found these two in the 99p Store.

Aren't these floral polka dot dinner plates cute?! I found them in Poundland, along with matching mugs and bowls etc. 

I'm not sure why I bought this mini cake stand (it's only big enough for one cupcake) but they had a few colours in Poundland so I picked up a pink one!

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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Bettys Afternoon Tea, York ♥

On the drive up to Leeds festival, Terri and I stopped off in the beautiful city of York for a spot of afternoon tea at Bettys tea room. We were lucky that we had a table booked in the Belmont Room as the downstairs cafe looked pretty busy!

The Belmont Room upstairs was pleasant enough; a large airy room with a live pianist playing throughout the afternoon. It lacked in atmosphere slightly and the Art Deco interior wouldn't have been my preference in decor, but it was still elegant and the Bettys staff were friendly and attentive. I think next time I'd love to try out the downstairs cafe which seemed to have more of a buzz to it!

Our afternoon tea started with drinks; and we both chose the rhubarb champagne cocktail and then I selected a bottle of elderflower fizz (no tea for me!) and Terri had a snazzy glass teapot of pink tea (I know nothing about tea). I really enjoyed my drinks; I'm not usually a big fan of champagne but I really loved the flavour of the rhubarb cocktail.

Before our 3 tiers of afternoon tea treats arrived, we had a few mini appetisers to enjoy first. These were a nice surprise, as the traditional afternoon teas I've tried previously just start straight with the sandwiches!

We were offered a prawn cocktail first of all, but as I am not a prawn lover, I opted for the vegetarian option of avocado, red onion, and tomatoes served in a mini glass. I'd never tried avocado before so I was excited to try it, and I did quite enjoy it, although I don't love tomatoes. 

Next up we were offered the savoury selection of appetisers, which included a smoked salmon and cream cheese pinwheel, and a slice of miniature gala pie. I thoroughly enjoyed these and was really looking forward to our next course; the sandwiches.

Our afternoon tea was presented to us on a three tier ceramic stand. There was only 3 finger sandwiches each; a ham and tomato pate, a coronation chicken with spiced yoghurt dressing, and an egg mayonnaise. I can't say I particularly enjoyed these, as I prefer more traditional flavours (cheese and pickle, ham and mustard, cucumber and cream cheese etc). But they were perfectly presented and were clearly good quality ingredients. 

Next up.. my favourite bit; the scones! We were given two mini scones each; a traditional sultana scone and a lavender scone, with a pot of clotted cream and strawberry jam. I love fruit scones and Betty's scones are delicious! I only wish they were bigger, I could have had another. The lavender flavoured one was quite different, and although it isn't really my thing, it was still very enjoyable.

 Finally, the prettiest part! We were given six mini patisserie treats; a chocolate and raspberry square, an apple caramel macaroon, a chocolate and praline slice, a fresh berry meringue, a mini Battenburg slice, and a coffee choux pastry. We were pretty stuffed by this point, but I did manage to indulge on the meringue and the coffee choux pastry bun, and both were divine! We also tried the eye catching bright pink chocolate square, which was extremely pretty but very rich. 

The Lady Betty Champagne Afternoon Tea is £39.95 per person.

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