Friday, 19 September 2014

Pandora Stacking Rings ♥

My favourite type of gift (as well as flowers and perfume!) is jewellery. I think you can't usually go wrong with buying a girl a nice piece of pretty jewellery. Sterling silver is my preference for all things shiny, and I love to wear extra pretty pieces for special occasions.

For Liams pass out parade, I made an extra effort with my outfit and accessories, which included my new Pandora rings from Joshua James. The Pandora Rings collection features a range of pretty stacking rings with which are beautifully designed and crafted. I love these as you can mix and match them, stack them up, or just wear them individually.

I received two beautiful rings, and it's tough to pick a favourite, so I wore one on each hand at the parade! The Pandora Silver & Cubic Zirconia Bow Ring is really elegant and delicate, and I love the shape of the bow and the stones around the ring to give it extra sparkle. I think it's perfect to glam up an outfit for an evening.

The second ring is the Pandora Silver & White Triple Daisy Ring. I love to wear this one to accessorize a daytime outfit, as it's a bit more casual with enamel rather than blingy diamonds. It's a great statement piece, and especially suitable for summer. It can also be stacked with other Pandora rings to create your own look.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Liams Army Pass Out Parade & Outfit of the Day ♥

At the end of August it was 'the' big event for my boyfriend Liam, as he finally passed out from the Army Infantry! And to celebrate, they have a little parade up at the camp where he was living in Yorkshire. Living down south, this meant I had a long 5 hour drive up there on my own, but it was worth it to stand there so proud of him! 

We were lucky with the weather, as it was pouring it down with rain when we got to the Parade Square but then the sun was shining once it started. The actual parade was about an hour long and consisted of lots of marching about and orders being shouted. It was a bit bizarre but also amusing. I had no idea what the orders were that were being shouted at them! It took me a while to spot Liam in the group but thanks to the excellent optical zoom on my camera, I found him and took tonnes of photos. I was really impressed with how well trained the soldiers all were, they were perfectly synchronised with their marching etc and it was funny to see Liam taking orders and doing as he's told.

I wore the outfit that I did a blog post on last month, which was a nudey pink dress from ASOS and matching New Look heels and clutch bag. The dress was backless which meant no bra, and it was a bit low cut, but luckily I don't have much going on in that area anyway. It had lacey shoulders and a sheer lined skirt, and a cute little bow at the back. I used a wand to create wavy hair and I even used my high end Chanel and Estee Lauder etc make up which I save for special occasions. Liam wore his smart uniform which was really thick so he was boiling hot, and he also had to wear his massive had and sexy(!) trouser braces. We didn't get too many photos of us together, but here's some from the day. 

I'm so excited that he's all official now, the only bad thing is that now he's off to Kenya for 3 months over Christmas.. boo hoo! But I'm now a very proud 'Army WAG' and am so happy for him! Look how snazzy they looked...

Monday, 15 September 2014

Degustabox Monthly Surprise Food Box ♥

I'm sure you've all heard of the beauty subscription boxes by now, they've been around for a few years. So if you're getting a bit bored of tiny moisturiser sample after tiny moisturiser sample, or you're looking for a tastier alternative, check out Degustabox! Way better than a little box full of boring skincare or beauty products, this is a massive box packed with full sized foodie goodness! You simply sign up to a monthly subscription and then receive a box delivered to your door. You can then enjoy 9-14 surprise products, many of which are completely new to the market, so you get to be one of the first to try them!

My Degustabox arrived in a big sturdy cardboard box, and when I opened it, it was sealed with brown paper and the packaging was padded to keep the products safe. I was intrigued to open my box as it was quite heavy! And so I excitedly unwrapped all the products and this was what my box of goodies contained (I also received a full value coupon a for fridge item, Moma yoghurt to redeem instore):

Mexican Dave's Tortilla Chips - Super scrummy lightly salted flavoured tortilla chips made using the finest ingredients and nothing artificial

Berry White Organic Drink - I received the peach and goji berry flavour natural juice drink which I wasn't a big fan of as I hate peach, but other yummy sounding flavours include pomegranate and blueberry and lemon and ginger! They also donate 10% of their profits to charity!

Schwartz Flavour Shots - These little pots of Flavour Shots can be used to liven up a meal with fresh tasting flavours. A single use shot pot of herbs, spices and seasonings blended in sunflower oil and comes in 8 different flavours.

Fever Tree - These mixer drinks made using the highest quality natural ingredients. The product comes in glass packaging to reflect the premium quality of the brand and to ensure freshness and flavour. I received a ginger beer and tonic water.

Lindt - My favourite product from the box, a heart shaped 'just for you' tin containing 10 heart shaped milk chocolates wrapped in pink foil. So yummy!
Cawston Press - I received a little apple and pear juice from Cawston Press Kids’ Blends range, which are 200ml cartons.. perfect for school lunchboxes or picnics! The juice is really fresh and tasty, I'd love to try more flavours in future! 
Brioche Pasquier - Possibly another favourite product, delicious morning pastries! I received both croissants and brioche, and pain au chocolat is also available! These are my favourite morning treat to have on a weekend, and they stayed fresh for well over a week in their bag.
Dr. Oetker - As much as I probably should like this product, I don't. In my box I received some new edible cupcake cases, which are made from a horrible wafer and they are ridiculously expensive at £2.49 for only 6 in a pack! They do come in pink and blue though and are nice and big.

Caribbean Twist - You can't go wrong with one of these alcoholic drinks if you're having a girls night or you're a skint student! I have been enjoying the sickly sweet, yet delicious taste of Caribbean Twist drinks for many years now, and the low price will keep them as my party favourite, including this new strawberry daquari flavour! These bottles are only about £2.70 each usually.

The Degustabox subscription is only £12.99 a month, free shipping, and you can cancel at anytime.
You can receive a £3.00 discount when registering using code HTA83

Also on a final note.. check out my adorable little vintage milk crate with traditional 1/3 pint school milk bottles! They're from DotComGiftShop and are so cute! I love them along with my brioche and croissant side plates!

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