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Thursday, 16 June 2016

My First Tattoos ♥

So a couple of months back I got my first ever tattoos! I kept the whole thing a bit quiet and didn't actually tell anyone I was going to get them as I wasn't sure if I was going to go through with it. It's something I'd thought about for a little while but always thought tattoos aren't really my style and they wouldn't suit me.

Instagram media victoriajane6 - Saturday afternoon. New #tattoos #anchor #heart #padlock ❤⚓🔒Instagram media victoriajane6 - #tattoo time
 Just after getting the tattoos done  |  During inking

Once I got myself booked in at a local tattoo studio I was sure it was something I wanted and I felt it was a bit of a turning point for me after having a rough past 12 months. I decided to go with a couple of medium sized tattoos placed on the fronts of my thighs. I was a bit worried about this as admittedly, I'm not the slimmest of girls and so I didn't want to draw attention to my thunder thighs!

Instagram media victoriajane6 - Absolutely adore my new anchor print swimsuit from @forluna_swim ❤👙⚓ #Retro #vintage #swimwear
Swimsuit is from For Luna

But I decided to go for it as it was something I wanted and I didn't really need to worry about how I looked or what anyone thought etc and so I just went for it. It's not like my mid-thigh is on show at work or anything!

I knew I wanted to get a heart on one leg and an anchor on the other, although I did struggle for a bit deciding on a design I liked. Eventually I settled on a heart shaped padlock with a filigree design and then an anchor wrapped in roses with a little heart at the top.

Instagram media victoriajane6

The two tattoos only took about 30 minutes each and luckily the pain wasn't as bad as I was expecting! Although I did cheat a bit and have some numbing cream applied beforehand to help ease the pain. One of my tattoo expert friends came along with me and I was really grateful I didn't have to go alone because I would have been so anxious! 

 Instagram media victoriajane6 - Goodies to keep my tattoos looking fresh 😍 @mankindcouk   

To help the tattoos heal I used these amazing products from Derm Ink which are available from Mankind. I found the Tattoo Balm to be most useful for a new tatt as it helps to soothe, protect and moisturise the skin using a blend of shea butter, beeswax and seaweed extract. The Protection Cream has also been a lifesaver whilst the weather has been good as the silky smooth formula has SPF 15 to help shield from the sun. Using these products has helped the tattoos to heal beautifully! 

In my Mayday Parade T! 

And for those that are wondering why an anchor and a heart; I got them based on one of my favourite songs which has meant a lot to me over the years; "You Be the Anchor That Keeps My Feet On the Ground, I'll Be the Wings That Keep Your Heart In the Clouds" by Mayday Parade

In future I plan to get the design expanded and built up a bit more; I was thinking a ribbon with a key around the padlock and roses behind the anchor. But for now I am more than happy with my tattoos and hopefully there won't be any regrets!

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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Life in Instagram ♥

Here's my latest monthly instalment of life in Instagram! Enjoy.. 

Instagram: victoriajane6

Snapchat: victoriajane6x


Instagram media victoriajane6 - Garlic Mayo, blue cheese and mushroom beef burger 👌🍔Instagram media victoriajane6 - Fruity
Here's a rather generic photo of my delicious burger and some yummy fruity cocktails. These were captured on a trip to see my favourite Stokies Terri, Charl and Lily for Charls birthday a little while back. We went to Newcastle Under Lyme for some drinks in a really cool little bar called The Ten Green Bottles Co. We then went on to a couple more bars and somehow ended up having a sit down meal at 2am at an Indian restaurant.

 The burger is from The Exchange in Hanley which is possibly one of my favourite burger places ever! I got blue cheese, mushroom and mayo... so good! Maybe check out Terris actual review because she's better with words than me..

Instagram media victoriajane6 - 💪💪 Instagram media victoriajane6 - Pole day 💪❤ @poleticsbedford
 I've mentioned on here a couple of times before that I've been taking weekly pole fitness classes locally with the lovely Katie at Poletics in Bedford. I've kind of been doing it on and off a bit as it's hard to schedule it in every week, but lately I've really been getting back into it. 

I'll be honest, I'm not great (at all) but I still really enjoy the classes and it's something so different to anything else I've done before! The photos might not look like much but it feels like such an achievement to me because when I first started I could not do a thing. And now I can do upside down holding on with no arms and hold it long enough to take a couple of photos! I probably don't have the right build or strength to do a lot of the tricks, and I'm so inflexible that some things can be hard for me. But practice makes perfect!

Instagram media victoriajane6 - I've wanted a floral quilt for ages and found this in #primark for £10!Instagram media victoriajane6 - Cosy bed and fairy lights ❤
  I haven't done a 'home' type post in a little while so I am probably due to do one! But in the meantime, check out this pretty floral quilted throw I picked up in Primark. It was reduced to only £10! To be honest I really don't need it, it just sits at the bottom of my bed looking cute, but it was so cheap! I'd wanted something like this for ages so was chuffed when I found it. I do recommend checking out the homeware section in Primark as they have some really good bits and pieces.

Instagram media victoriajane6 - Treated myself to these too 👟Instagram media victoriajane6 - For me? 😍😍 #TedBaker
I was recently really lucky as I won a £100 John Lewis gift card for completing a survey and being entered into a prize draw. As they were having up to 20% off branded goods a few weeks ago I decided to treat myself! I bought a pair of white Converse Dainty Seasonal Ox trainers and the Ted Baker Gardcon Hanging Gardens Tote Bag. I may have already ruined the trainers by getting them covered in mud at Slam Dunk Festival.. oops!

 Instagram media victoriajane6 - Front row #happy #ffafInstagram media victoriajane6 - Much love ❤ #ffaf @funeralforafriend
 A couple of weeks ago I got to go to the last EVER Funeral for a Friend gig. I always loved FFAF ever since I saw them on Top of the Pops singing Streetcar circa 2005. They were the first 'alternative' band I had ever really got into and I've adored them ever since. When I was younger I never really had anyone to go to gigs with etc but I did manage to see them once at Leeds festival and then a year ago at a small gig in Birmingham. I will forever regret not seeing them in my hometown of Milton Keynes earlier this year! 

I had tried to get tickets to their Last Chance To Dance tour but it sold out before I had the chance to. Also, I still had not found anyone that shared my love for FFAF so I regretfully let the opportunity pass me by. But when I woke up on the Saturday and realised that night was the last ever chance I would have to see them, I got straight on to Twitter hunting for a ticket. I didn't care if I had to go alone, I was desperate to go, and London isn't that far for me to go alone. 

I managed to buy a standing ticket at face value from a guy on Twitter and I could not wait to get on the train into London! I was really fortunate to meet up with bloggers Milly and Kariss at the gig so I wasn't left standing on my lonesome, and they had luckily got a standing spot right at the front! I can't tell you how amazing and emotional the whole night was, but I loved every second. You never really realise how much music means to you until you realise you can never see your favourite band again. Check out Beckys blog post on the matter to read her FFAF story!

Instagram media victoriajane6 - Too excited 😁😁Instagram media victoriajane6 - time for #slamdunkfestival #sdf16 #maydayparade 😁😁😁
 Instagram media victoriajane6 - Had the best few days off work 👌👌 Ibiza tomorrow! 🌴👙🍹 #slamdunkfestival #sdf16 #amityaffliction #realfriends #wecameasromans #maydayparade
I also attended Slam Dunk Festival South over the bank holiday weekend, and again I went along on my own (I'm so brave now!). I was really looking forward to going as the line up was amazing and included some of my favourite bands. 

I got to see Mayday Parade (again) on the main stage (I even wore my Mayday Parade t-shirt!), and then Real Friends and Amity Affliction (both SO good!), as well as We Came as Romans and Seafoal. I had such a good time and although I met up with a couple of people, I quite enjoyed being on my own!  

Instagram media victoriajane6 - Today's #charityshop finds - 50p bird glass to match my set, £2 #royalalbert plate and set of tumblers 99p  #vintage #floral #charityshopfindInstagram media victoriajane6 - Finally found a little wooden tray in #homebargains and also a cute #vintage glass set from a #charityshop
I've been doing a bit of charity shop hunting lately and I've picked up a few nice little things. I bought one of the little bird drinking tumblers from a shop years ago and it's my favourite glass to use! So when I found a set of three more glasses for only 99p I had to get them to make my set up to 4! I then found one more at the weekend for 50p so now I have 5 bird glasses! Aren't they cute? I believe they're from the 60's.

I also picked up another set of drinking glasses, this time a set of 6 for only 99p and they have little pastel blue leaves printed on them. I also found a floral Royal Albert side plate for £2 in another charity shop. 

Instagram media victoriajane6 - I got 14 pairs of lashes delivered for 70p in total because of a misprice at Superdrug! 😄😄 #beauty #bargainInstagram media victoriajane6 - Put on my blue suede shoes.. ❤👠 
I love using false lashes when I go on nights out, so I was chuffed to bits when I found that Superdrug were selling these sets of Ardell deluxe lashes for only 10p for a set of 2! I ordered them online so I'm not sure if it was a pricing error, but I ordered a total of 7 packets (so 14 lash sets) for 70p in total including delivery! I wish I'd ordered more now, they're amazing!

I have an outfit post coming up in the next few weeks featuring a nautical dress and I'd been looking for a pair of navy blue heels to wear with it. I found this pair of brand new blue suede New Look heels on eBay and won them for only £6 in total including postage! They still have the £25 sticker on so I got a bargain an they're just what I needed!  

Instagram media victoriajane6 - New #charityshop holiday outfit 😁Instagram media victoriajane6 - Have another little #pizza my heart 🍕❤
This denim shorts and Broderie Anglaise top combo I picked up from a charity shop over the weekend. They are both originally from next but they labels inside look like 90's labels. The shirt top was only £1.50 and the shorts were £3. 

I also picked up this ribbed pizza tshirt in Primark for only £3. Cute! 

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Travel: Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza ♥

My oldest friend is getting married in just three weeks time, and to celebrate her final few weeks as a single lady, a few of us all jetted off to Ibiza! There was six of us in total and we booked the whole thing about a year ago through a travel agency called Maximise who specialise in stag and hen weekends.  

Instagram media victoriajane6 - 🌞🌞🌞🌞

I was a bit dubious about booking through them as you don't get to find out your accommodation until a few weeks prior to departure. This makes planning things a little bit difficult and the control freak in me prefers to have an exact location in my head! But in the end it all turned out just fine and we had the most wonderful time! 

They had arranged the transfers from the airport, the dinners in the evening, a beach day, club entry along with drinks and a special surprise of a drawing class featuring a naked male model! Oh la la!

Instagram media victoriajane6Instagram media victoriajane6

The accommodation we were given was the Bon Sol Apartments in Playa d'en Bossa which was an ideal location as it was only 4km from the airport and a 25 minute drive to San Antonio, although there was plenty to see and do in the little town itself. 

We weren't bowled over when we arrived at our apartments, they could have done with a refurb, but they were clean and large enough for us so we settled in just fine. The apartments were also just a very short walk to the beach, bars and restaurants so it was perfect for us! 

Instagram media victoriajane6
Instagram media victoriajane6 - Wibble wobble in my @forluna_swim bikini! 👙❤Instagram media victoriajane6 - Another day another fruit cup 🍓🍋🍉🍍🍒

We spent most of our days at the beach, walking around the town, and going for lunch.  The place had a really nice relaxing atmosphere and I wish that we could have stayed for longer than our 4 nights! The local beach at Playa d'en Bossa was lovely although the water was not always clear due to the waves. But my favourite day was visiting Las Salinas beach which I highly recommend! It's a bit out of the way so there's not many tourists around but plenty of locals, which is always a good sign. 

Instagram media victoriajane6 - ✌✌✌Instagram media victoriajane6 - 😍😍😍
The sea there is so beautiful and clear and the sand is fine and golden and it's the most amazing place to just relax and unwind on a sunbed.  There were lots of sellers on the beach offering all sorts from drinks to massages (one of the girls did pay 10 euros for a massage on the beach!). I opted to buy a fruit cup on two occasions which were filled to the brim with fresh fruit for only 5 euros! Yum! 

Instagram media victoriajane6 - Goats cheese salad of dreams 😍😍Instagram media victoriajane6 - Winner winner chicken pitta dinner

There were lots of lovely restaurants to eat in as well as a KFC and Burger King for the walk home after a few too many shots. I would highly recommend stopping by Ibiza Rocks Diner for a chicken pitta! It was only 13 euros for a pitta stuffed with chicken breast plus two sides (including cheese and bacon fries.. yum!) and it was so good! We also enjoyed a lovely Italian meal at Ciao Ciao which included some amazing home made pasta (I had lasagna!) and desserts. 

My favourite meal of the trip was at Sissis which is a grill restaurant on the main street. Our dinner was included in our holiday package so we weren't sure what to expect, and we weren't offered an menus. Firstly they brought us out fresh foccacia bread, garlic mayo and some chorizo slices, along with a glass of cava and jugs of sangria! 

Next up was our starter which was the most delicious goats cheese salad which I thoroughly enjoyed! Our main meal was a mixed grill which I certainly wouldn't normally pick but it was really tasty, although I don't think I've ever eaten that much meat in one sitting before! And finally we were brought out a vodka lemon sorbet drink. We were a bit boozy by this point...       

Instagram media victoriajane6 - Saturday night la la la la ✌🍹Instagram media victoriajane6

 In the evenings we got dressed up a bit and went out for dinner and then onto a bar or club. We did go to one of the superclubs Space for their opening Glitterbox night, but I hated it and left shortly after! What a party pooper! I much more enjoyed our nights out at Linekers bar in San An and Swag nightclub! The staff in Linekers could not have done more for us. The girls working there were so attentive and we had our own little booth and they always made sure we were having a great time.   

We also found a couple of really good value bars where drinks were so much cheaper than in the clubs. One bar called El Mojito were offering two spirits with mixers plus two sorts for only 10 euros. Whereas the main clubs were selling drinks for 15+ euros each! One night we also went to an open bar called Tantra which was drink as much as you want for 40 euros.. that was a messy night!

One evening we got taxis from our hotel to San Antonio which took about 25 minutes and cost us around 30 euros. We went for an amazing curry meal which was a set menu for only 14 euros which pretty much included everything and it was so good! Afterwards we went towards the beach to watch the sunset which was beautiful to see over the water, and then we went onto the main strip for drinks.

As we were only going for 4 nights I just took a big bag as my hand luggage and tried to pack a capsule wardrobe. This idea didn't really work and ended up taking about 3 outfits for each day along with 4 bikinis and 4 pairs of shoes. Oops.. but check out these two co-ords which I've been dying to wear! I bought them last summer in the sales (sorry!) but I love them! 

Instagram media victoriajane6 - Pineapple everythinggg 🍍❤Instagram media victoriajane6 - Love a co-ord 🌻🌻

I wasn't sure what to expect from Ibiza for a hen do but it perfectly combined both the chilled out day time with the lively nights out. We all had the most amazing few days and I would love to go back again one day to explore a bit further!

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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Flamingo Tea Dress from Lady V London ♥

Another outfit post, another beautiful dress to show you! This eye catching piece is from Lady V London who work really hard to produce classic dress designs at affordable prices. What I love about the brand is their family story and that they manufacture all of their dresses in London. They fully believe in supporting British businesses and workers whilst producing excellent quality garments. 

This flamingo tea dress has the most adorable vivid pink print and a 1950's style flared skirt as well as a fitted bodice.  I found that the dress fits just perfectly in my normal size and is a very flattering fit as there's a tie which does up at the back which cinches in the waist.  

It's also the perfect length too as I do prefer my skirts to be above the knee, but it's still a fun length whilst not being too short.  I'm wearing the dress without a petticoat underneath and it's still quite 'poofy', but with a little one it would look really full and pretty.

I'm wearing the dress along with my new pair of navy blue suede wedge shoes which I actually bought from Amazon. They're the perfect casual shoe to go with this dress which is ideal for summer time. They're not quite wedges, they have more of a 'flatform' heel which is really comfortable and it just feels like wearing normal flat shoes! 

I also found this adorable little pink flamingo purse for only £3 in Primark! I just had to pick it up as I thought it went perfectly with the dress! How cute?!

This tea dress style comes in many other prints and is available for £50 from Lady V London. You can also get 10% off by using discount code VICTORIA10 at the checkout page.

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