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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Honest Opinions Please? ♥

Please read and comment!
I bought this maxi dress (my first!) a while ago and wore it for the first time today, just around the house to get used to it. I'm not really sure how to wear it and if it suits me or whether I look ridiculous! I'm not a skinny girl so not sure if it makes me look massive lol.

So, my lovely followers.. please could you give me your 100% honest opinions on how this dress looks :)

Do you think girls look better in shorter skirts? Are maxis for slim girls only? How do you wear your maxi?
Thank you ♥
sorry for the rubbish photo!

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My Magnus cat enjoying some Royal Wedding memorabilia! He's not the prettiest kitty but I do lurve him! ♥

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Saturday 30th April.. ♥


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Friday, 29 April 2011

Disney Summer Shopping..♥

Today I went shopping (after the wedding of course!) to buy the last of my clothes for Disney. No doubt I will still buy a few more things that catch my eye but I now have my staple wardrobe and I think I have everything I need. Here are the things I bought today!
Light denim shorts, £8, Matalan

Beige peg leg trousers, £12, Matalan (look much nicer in real life!)

Cute fruity playsuit, £7, Primark

Black bow dress, £5, Primark

Striped satchel shoulder bag, £6, Matalan

Coral vest top, £2, Primark
Floral print skirt, £5, Primark

Pretty cropped swing top, £6, Primark

Cute summer dress with beach print, £9, Primark

Daisy chain headband, £1, Primark

Hair bows, £3.50 £1, Matalan

Floral flip flops, £1.50, Primark

Lee Stafford Spray on, Wash off fake tan, £9 reduced to 50p for some reason! Bargain :) Boots.

Max Factor nail polish, £3.99
Collection 2000 foundation, £2.99
Miss Sporty waterproof mascara, £4.99
17 liquid eyeliner pen, £3.99
All from Boots.

My collection of nail polishes! I only seem to have blues, purples and pinks! Think I need some new colours this summer! 

 And this is the bag that should be able to withold all my summer clothes! Pretty and practical!
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