Naetura’s Green Cosmetics Skin/Bodycare Review.. ♥

This is a review post on a couple of Naetura’s Green Cosmetics products that I was sent to review by Wapo. Wapo is an Irish owned website, and it is the home of Naetura the Spanish Certified Organic Skin & Hair care range.

“Naetura introduces a new generation of generation of personal care products based on natural pure plant-source elements, with the highest possible content of active ingredient for an easy use and with no derivatives of animal origin nor tested on animals.”

I was sent the Organic Facial Cream For Normal To Dry Skin, and the Organic Jojoba Vanilla Oil Spray to try.
The facial cream (€19.50) contains all the benefits of organic Aloe Vera, organic Sheabutter and organic Rosehip Oil in this rich formula which nourishes, protects and regenerates the skin to maintain its natural youth.  This cream, especially recommended for dry skin, is enriched and perfumed with Neroli and Sandalwood essential oils, well-known in aromatherapy for their regenerating and relaxing properties, to improve the quality of the skin and to avoid premature aging. You just apply it onto a clean skin once or twice a day. This product had an odd consistency as it was quite runny, but it was nice and moisturising and I liked the pump packaging.
The Jojoba oil spray (€20.99) is naturally perfumed with authentic Bourbon Vainilla from Madagascar. Jojoba has nourishing properties and an exceptional power to moisture the skin deeply and instantly. Because of its composition it also has an equilibrating function, improving considerably the aspect of mixed and greasy skins. To use, you spray on for an easy application,on your face or body.You can also use it on your hair as an intensive mask to tame frizziness (spray on dry hair and leave for 15mins before washing), and as an eye make up remover. It does a great job of strengthening and protecting your eyelashes too.
I like the Naetura brand because you will find no ingredients of animal origin nor tested on animals in their products.  They also donate 1% of their sales to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, helping one of the poorest areas of India.

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  1. January 30, 2012 / 4:28 pm

    Wow, what a fab company! That Jojobo oil spray sounds amazing with so many uses. I want one.
    Have you changed your background Ms Meas? It always looks different depending on which computer I'm on… if you have changed it, nice one, it looks lush.
    Love you

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