Jenny Craig Diet Part 1.. ♥

Due to trying out the Special K diet a couple of weeks ago, and it didn’t shift a single pound, I have been searching for something new. I have heard a lot about the Jenny Craig diet, which is where you can get your diet meals delivered to your home. I decided to contact them and they agreed that I could try a 2 week trial to review on my blog. I am intending to start the diet next Wednesday! Wish me luck 🙂

Jenny Craig Diet Part 1.. ♥

So this blog post is just a brief overview of what the diet is all about, and what I received in my 2 week pack. Jenny Craig is a weight loss expert, and her company is designed to help people lose weight healthily. The diet plan doesn’t just deliver your meals, it also guides, supports and motivates you to help you reach your goal. You will be given a dedicated coach consultatant who will discuss with you weekly your progress. You will also be given a support kit, which includes: a ‘Getting Started’ manual and ring binder, weekly menu plans, a Lifestyle Graph to track your weight loss, and a measuring cup and grocery shopping guide.

Jenny Craig Diet Part 1.. ♥
What appealed to me most about the Jenny Craig diet is that I can hopefully lose weight without giving up the foods I love, like pasta bolognese, chicken curry and chilli con carne, and the portion sizes are generous but healthy. When my box of food arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see chicken chasseur with potatos, red wine pasta and beef casserole all on the dinner menus. Theres even a beef lasagna or roast chicken and mash! For lunch, there is the option of noodles, couscous or soups. Or there’s pasta salad too. Breakfasts consist of porridge, coated wheat flakes or muesli. And snacks are different flavoured cereal bars, or potato bites. Yum!
Jenny Craig Diet Part 1.. ♥
The support kit manual is very useful, and it includes lots of hint and tips on ways to lose weight, and curb your cravings. It also helps to discover why it is you want to lose weight, and what your problem areas are. I think I could definitely class myself as an unconscious eater, not realising what I’m eating, missing meals and generally having no plan or routine in my eating habits.
The Jenny Craig diet costs £11 per day, which is very reasonable considering it supplies all your meals and snacks throughout each day. Theres currently a trial offer on at the moment to get it half price, so why don’t you try it today? I can’t wait to start the diet next week and to see how it works for me. The food looks delicous!

Jenny Craig Diet Part 1.. ♥



  1. May 3, 2012 / 12:03 pm

    You don't look like you need to lose weight! But i am interested to see the results 🙂 x

  2. May 3, 2012 / 12:18 pm

    That sounds a very pricy diet plan if i'm honest and i've heard the meals aren't tasty at all. You have a lovely figure anyway – you don't need to be dieting!

  3. May 3, 2012 / 1:09 pm

    You DO NOT need to lose weight! You have a fab figure! I do like the look of this though, more exciting than normal diets!! Xx.

  4. May 3, 2012 / 3:57 pm

    You're a big fat fattie who definitely needs to lose weight. Only joking, I just wanted to comment in a different way than all the other commenters so far. I don't think Jenny Craig is that expensive for one of these types of diet plans, especially with the current half price offer. Also, I did Jenny for a month in February and the food was delicious. In fact, I have some Jenny Meals left over from then and I'm going to have one for my dinner today 🙂 Chunky Lamb Hot Pot, Chicken Curry or Red Wine Pasta Bolognese?

  5. May 3, 2012 / 6:04 pm

    To be honest i think its a rip off. Im doing the weight watchers diet and i can eat anything i want.. the trick is to eat it in moderation. But i find that diet easier and cheap. If you have the money to pay £70 a week on diet food then so be it… but its not a life long diet is it?
    Be interested to see the results though. xx

  6. May 4, 2012 / 6:59 pm

    Wouldnt it be cheaper to make healthy meals yourself? it seems like an awful lot of money a week

  7. May 9, 2012 / 10:43 am

    Thank you for the comments 🙂 I just want to lose a little bit of weight that I gained over winter. I dont overeat normally or eat many bad things, so its tough to cut down anymore than I already eat, so I thought I should try something new 🙂 x

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