Sanctuary Top To Toe Prima Ballerina Collection ♥

Christmas shopping is one of my favourite things about the festive season. I usually start planning and buying in November to make sure that I can find everything I need for my loved ones for the big day. I recently received this lovely Santuary gift set to try, which I think would make a perfect gift this Christmas.
The set is the Sanctuary Top To Toe Prima Ballerina collection, which comes with six mini products, as well as a large wash bag and a pair of dainty slippers. This gift set was inspired by Darcey Bussell, a graceful ballerina beauty with an enviable complexion. I didn’t know this, but The Sanctuary London Spa was originally set up 35 years ago as a place for ballerinas at the Royal Ballet to unwind & enjoy treatments to relax tired muscles. 
So to ensure that you’re ballerina perfect this Christmas, the set comes with everything you need to help you replenish, relax, and revitalise. I’d not tried many Santuary products before, but I have tried their wonderful thermal face mask so I was looking forward to trying some new items. This is what the set contains:
  • Foaming Bath Soak 75ml 
  • Body Lotion 75ml 
  • Brightening Radiance Exfoliator 15ml 
  • Brightening Moisture Boosting Mask 15ml 
  • Luxury Foot Polish 75ml 
  • Intensive Rescue Heel Balm 75ml 
  • Ballet Slippers 
  • Wash bag 
 These two little foot products have a gorgeous fresh smell and I like the clean packaging design. The foot polish is a scrub that contains natural tea tree and lavender oils, that helps remove hard areas of skin when used with a pumice stone. The heel balm is then the perfect companion, which can be used after showering to soothe your aching feet. It’s very moisturising and contains shea butter to keep your feet silky smooth.
 I love these two products, and their miniature sizes will be coming with me on my next travels! The bath soak is perfect for relaxing in a hot bath with, and its extra bubbly! It contains soothing aloe vera which leaves your skin velvety soft afterwards. The body lotion is then lovely to use afterwards, locking in moisture. and leaving skin smooth.
Finally, the products I most enjoyed trying are these two facial products. The brightening facial radiance exfoliator is used to refine and even out skim tone, and the moisture boosting mask is to revive your skin, which is especially useful in these cold months. The exfoliator has fine apricot granuales and grape seeds which scrubs your skin and makes it really smooth. It also has a really nice smell, which might be because it contains pineapple! The moisture boosting mask contains organic shea butter and honey to help nourish the skin, and also revive it and protect against the signs of aging.
Although I thorougly enjoyed using the products in this gift set, and they were all excellent quality, I think it would probably best suit an older woman. The majority of the products would also suit a younger person, and I think any age would welcome such a nice set, but I think the anti aging qualities would best suit someone a little older. It’s a really lovely pamper set, and I think it’s a great value gift set. It’s available from Next or Debenhams for only £20.


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