Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Waver ♥

Evening all, sorry for the lack of blogging lately, life is hectic! Hopefully I will get back on track now! Anyway, I received this brand new hair styler to review a couple of weeks ago from Enrapture. It’s called the Amplify Jumbo Waver and it’s like a modern version of a crimper! But better…
Firstly, it comes in a lovely purple very sleek gift box. I really like this because it looks instantly good quality and luxurious. It also comes with a heat resistant pouch, as well as a style guide on how to use the tool to style your own hair.

 So, the actual styler is like a giant retro crimper, only it creates more gentle waves as opposed to frizz! And when it says jumbo.. it is actually quite large! It’s a little bit heavy too, but as it’s so quick and easy to use this isn’t a problem at all. The titanium plates heat up very quickly, and they’re ready to use in a minute or so. 
To use it, you simply take a piece of hair, and put the hair between the plates, starting at the root. Then clamp the waver down for a few seconds, and then release and do the lower piece of hair. The barrels are 25mm so create quite big waves. The look is instant and lasted all day for me. It’s the perfect faux lazy hair style because it looks fairly effortless and natural. The smaller pieces of hair you use, the more volumised and wavey your hair will be. It’s great at creating instant beach hair!
So here’s some photos of how my hair turned out after using the Jumbo Waver from Enrapture. I used a mixture of larger and small sections of hair to test it out, and overall I’m extremely happy with the results! Sorry for the photos, I had to use my flash to capture the curls in my dark hair. But it looks really quite natural and it literally only took a few minutes. It’s really simple to use and I will certainly be using it frequently and would recommend it.
Available now from Boots for £59.99


  1. March 18, 2013 / 9:55 pm


  2. March 18, 2013 / 10:14 pm

    Really love the effect these give, may have to save my pennies

  3. March 19, 2013 / 2:01 am

    Wow looks great! Do you think it would work with shorter hair? Mine's almost shoulder length xx

  4. March 19, 2013 / 9:39 am

    Loving your hair! Perfect beachy waves 🙂


  5. March 19, 2013 / 12:39 pm

    Oh the waves look fabulous Victoria!

  6. March 19, 2013 / 1:24 pm

    Wow that thing is scary looking haha! Looks lovely though and your hair is so shiny!! xx


  7. March 19, 2013 / 3:04 pm

    I used to have something similar and really liked it. Now my hairs long again I'd really like something like this. Your hair looks really pretty xxx

  8. March 19, 2013 / 10:43 pm

    That looks like a serious sci-fi mega weapon, but your hair looks awesome!

    Nice CK t-shirt by the way! 😀

  9. March 19, 2013 / 11:05 pm

    Wow your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!

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