Clothes Show Live 2013 Cosmetics Haul ♥

A quick little post to show you the make up bargains I got at the Clothes Show this year! I went on Friday with my friend Isabelle from work as we got press passes to attend the event. We had a browse around the stands and then settled in to watch the 1.45pm Fashion Theatre Show. This is always my favourite thing about Clothes Show Live! 
To be honest I find the actual shopping part rather dull and the clothes are very market stall like and overpriced. The make up section however is much better and I do enjoy a browse around that part. It’s just a little disappointing that I never buy any clothes from the Clothes Show. The tickets are a little pricey at £30 each including the booking fee, and I had to pay a whopping £10 parking charge! But the shuttle bus to get to the NEC was really easy, and we had the same lovely bus driver there and back who was super cheerful and chatty. The NEC is also just off Birmingham International train station so it is always easy to get the train there too. 
I really enjoyed the fashion show, as it’s always got up to date music, amazing dancers, and beautiful models. It’s a really fun fashion show, and I enjoy the performance and entertainment more than I enjoy the clothes they’re modelling! The fashion side of it is always really well put together though. This year it was a ‘Country Manor’ weekend theme, with lots of tweed and smart clothing. You can check out my CSL blog posts from previous years here to get a better idea of it if you’ve not been before.
 The Models Own stand is mine, and probably everyones, favourite shopping destination at CSL. Last year they were stingey and were only offering 2 nail polishes for £10 in the goody bag. But this year you got to pick 3 of your own, and then it came with the CSL limited edition nail polish too. The goody bag included a lip balm stick, berry lip balm pot, brown eyeliner pencil, black eyeliner pencil, eyeshadow applicators, nail file/buff, creme eyeshadow, pocket mirror, and black shimmery eyeliner. 
All of that was only £10 and packaged in a large goody bag. This is a pretty good deal as the nail polishes retail for £5 each, so it’s understandable why it’s so popular. I chose Emerald Black Beetle Juice, Snowflakes, And Valerian as my choices, which I thought were nice for Christmas/winter. 

 The Jelly Pong Pong goody bag was £5, and included 5 items in two pretty little bags. I was tempted into this because the price was so low, and I wanted to try out the Wide Awake Palette. The goody bag came with two 2-in-1 eyeshadow eyeliner pencils, a moisturising lip pen in bright pink, a concealer and eyebrow palette, and a blusher and brozer compact. A pretty good deal as the items worked out as £1 each! I noticed they’re selling these sets online for £15!
And finally, my favourite budget beauty brand, W7 once again had their 5 items for £10 stall. I bought two of the foundations that I fell in love with last year; Photo Shoot 16 hour foundation. As well as a nude eyeshadow palette, a concealer camouflage kit, and catwalk perfection cream foundation. I’m not sure how much these retail for usually but it seemed a pretty good deal! 
And here’s some photos from the fashion show…


  1. December 9, 2013 / 6:18 am

    Looks like a great event. Times like this I wish I lived near the city. I may have to take a trip down one year 🙂 I love models own.

    Kate | A British Sparkle x

  2. December 9, 2013 / 9:44 am

    I definitely agree with the overpriced market stall-like clothing. They should limit how many can sell the same thing because there's always one thing that everybody is walking around wearing. I remember one year it was pinafore dresses (probably about 7 years ago!) and a few years back everyone was walking around with flower garlands on their head! I haven't been for a few years as I thought it got a bit boring but I was talking to my friend and I think we might go next year!
    The make up is always the best section because the goody bags are such good value!

  3. December 9, 2013 / 9:56 am

    I went on Saturday and was disappointed, in previous years it's been great and there's been loads of well known brands there, this year it was a glorified market. Though it was nice that there was more beauty products, so it wasn't a complete waste of money.

    The Barry M deal was great, I thought I was seeing things when I saw the sign.

    Rosie x |

  4. December 9, 2013 / 1:50 pm

    Jelly Pong Pong make up is all just cheap crap repackaged from China, how they get away with marking things up to £15 – £20 I'll never know.

  5. December 9, 2013 / 11:10 pm

    I went on Saturday, first time there in about 11 years and I was fairly disappointed! I totally agree, the clothes were all very market stall and there was a lot of tacky stuff! However, I did like the beauty hall and the Models Own offer was brilliant! I picked up the £10 Barry M bag, but I have 4/5 of the polishes already, so I'm going to give those and some of the other products as Christmas presents! I won't be rushing back to the Clothes Show. The fashion show was amazing though, I loved that. The music, the dancing and the sparkles! The one golden sequined dress was pretty spectacular x

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