Little Bloggy Update ♥

I just wanted to do a quick little post to update you on few little things, although it’s nothing massive/exciting.
Little Bloggy Update ♥

1. I’ve now signed up to Google+ finally.. Probably a little bit slow on that bandwagon! But please feel free to ‘add me to your circle’ or whatever, and I will give you a follow back! 🙂 Also here’s all my other social media follow buttons if you use those too!

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Little Bloggy Update ♥

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2. You can now also vote in the Company Style Blogger Awards for 2014! I’d be extremely grateful if any of you would be kind enough to nominate me 🙂 

Little Bloggy Update ♥

3. I also offer advertising on my sidebar for bloggers, shops, companies etc. I had a look around and noticed loads of bloggers offer this these days, big and small, but I was pretty shocked at how pricey it can be. I like to keep I’ve kept my prices low for bloggers, so please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to be in my advertisers column. Check out my lovely current advertisers too!   

I accept payment via Paypal; and the rates are as follows (price on request for shops/companies etc):

200px × 75px – 1 month £3 for bloggers
Little Bloggy Update ♥

200px × 200px – 1 month £5 for bloggers
Little Bloggy Update ♥

200px × 400px – 1 month £8 for bloggers
Little Bloggy Update ♥

4. In case you missed any of my posts from last week whilst I was on holiday, here’s a little catch up:

Little Bloggy Update ♥

Anchor Necklace from Lulu Winter ♥


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