Birthday Wishlist ♥

Happy July! This year is going so quickly it’s practically almost winter again. But it means that at the end of this month it’s my birthday! Hurray! Although I will be at work on my actual birthday, I have lots of fun plans on the weekends with family and friends, and I’m quite excited! 
Since payday has just come and gone I’ve spent so much time browsing online as there’s quite a few good sales on at the moment. I’m trying not to spend money though as I’m hoping once Liam finishes his Army training in September we can go on another little jolly holiday! I fancy Italy, but it’s not a cheap trip, so I need to watch my pennies and try to save a bit more each month. Saving money always seems harder in the summer, as I seem to be busy every weekend going out and doing things! 
I’ve had my laptop now for almost three years now, and
although there’s not anything technically wrong with it, it’s seriously
outdated. I’d love to get a new laptop at some point soon, as I think mine’s
probably pretty worn out overall. Also I’ve had my camera for quite a while now
too, so I’ve been browsing what else is available for a little upgrade. I also currently
just use a really cheap GE bridge camera, which I find is quite good usually,
but I’d really like better quality photos for my blog, and for my holidays. I’ve also noticed Cath Kidston have a lovely little sale on, so I think a new handbag and purse should be in order! I’ve also had my eye on all the gorgeous Pandora jewellery.. I think jewellery makes the perfect birthday gift! I especially love the stacking rings.

So instead of a wishlist of things I want to buy.. here’s a wishlist of birthday gifts!



  1. July 1, 2014 / 5:24 pm

    Lovely wishlist! I have that camera – it is really good and the colour is just as nice as in the pic! 🙂

  2. July 2, 2014 / 10:26 am

    Happy Birthday in advance Victoria! I hope to see lots of posts about it! I can totally appreciate how difficult it is to save for holidays, am currently trying to save my pennies for a long weekend in Paris but there is so much temptation about with these amazing summer sales… xx

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