A Blogger’s Guide to Surviving on a Budget* ♥

Happy Black Friday everyone! I’m sure almost all of you must have spent this morning browsing a few of the Black Friday sales online, so I thought I’d do a related money-saving post aimed at bloggers who spend a lot of time and money hitting the shops. 

Every girl wants to have it all but how can we manage to look gorgeous, eat well
and still have a fabulous social life when our piggy bank is feeling a tad
under the weather? Our bank accounts hate us and the whole world thinks that we
get everything for free, but for bloggers, keeping up with appearances
isn’t so easy…

Writing a blog usually comes hand in hand with reading possibly hundreds of other lovely blogs. My Bloglovin feed is constantly updated with new posts which feature stunning photographs of amazing new things that I am pretty sure I need to buy. So
if anything, us bloggers are even more likely to overspend as we can often be overexposed to all the lastest goodies. Bloggers can spend hours and hours
a day writing, searching or browsing amazing new brands and products; it’s no
wonder our bank accounts are at threat! But there are some really handy ways of
ensuring that we stay stylish, live well and shop smart when we have a tight budget. So here are a few tips…

Tip No.1 – Use a Budget Planner

It may sound boring and
no-one likes a spreadsheet (unless you’re a geek like me who loves nothing more than a spreadsheet full of numbers!) but this can be really useful. Working out how much
money you have coming in at the beginning of each month, how much money you
have going out on bills, and how much you have left over to spend on pretty
things like a gorgeous Bobbi Brown eyeshadow or a new Mulberry purse, will
really help you get on top of things. There are a few online budget planners you can use, or you can make your own!

Tip No.2 – Socialise Like a Pro

You don’t need to say “yes” to
everything. You may feel like you can’t miss out on meet ups and every glamorous PR event. But juggling blogging lives and real lives can be tricky (and expensive). So it’s time
to get picky and that means being careful about where you spend your time. Be
upfront about your circumstances if you can’t afford to attend something; and if
you still want to cover the event, ask the PR to send you some photos so you
can still talk about it on your blog if you feel the brand fits in well on your blog. For more tips on
balancing your social life, take a look at these fab tips here.  

Tip No.3 – Shop Around for Bargains 

Not everything in a bloggers life comes for free, no matter what some people seem to think. It’s of course a very nice perk of working with brands and PR’s but we
shouldn’t really expect it all the  time.
So it’s up to us to seek out the best bargains online or on the
high-street. Some great cheap and
cheerful beauty stores include Poundland (see my pound shop beauty buys here), Wilkos, and B&M. They sell some great high end dupes, or end of line products for much less than the original retail price. 
If you’re more into fashion and you can’t resist that LBD, do a quick search for any discount codes or vouchers that may be available to use online. You can often find 10% off or even free delivery which saves you a few quid to put towards your next Starbucks pitstop. If you sign up to the stores newsletters they also often email you with special member offers and you’re first to know about any new products. I usually prefer to wait for the mid season sales to come around and then browse the rails in shops like New Look where it’s not usually too hellish. But shopping the sales online is the easiest way to do it to avoid the crowds! 

Tip No.4 – Follow Other Bargain Bloggers

There’s no better way of
getting the inside track on beauty and fashion bargains than by
following other bloggers who love bargains too! Share your bargain shopping
tips with each other and you’ll be sure to make some amazing savings.  Be sure to connect with all your new blogger
friends on Twitter, Facebook or Bloglovin so you can keep up to date with what
everyone’s currently coveting. Some of my favourite bargain bloggers include Pennies for a Pound, A Thrifty Mrs, Hello Terri Lowe, and Thrifty Girl Loves.

Tip No.5 – Use Cashback Websites

bloggers are internet shopping addicts. It’s no wonder as we spend so much of
our time tapping away on our laptops gawping at great products. But did you
know that you could actually make money by shopping online? Cashback
sites such as Quidco offer cashback percentages every time you make a purchase
through the Quidco website. This includes many of the most-loved blogger sites such
as ASOS, Missguided, Feel Unique, Superdrug, Look
Fantastic etc and over the years I’ve made just under £500! Just make sure all your cookies are cleared when you click
onto your desired shopping site from the Quidco site to ensure that your
purchase has been tracked.

shopping everyone! 


* Collaborative post



A Blogger’s Guide to Surviving on a Budget* ♥

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