Envyderm Beauty Products ♥

I’m not a huge beauty blogger as I prefer to write about fashion and lifestyle generally, but I do love trying out new beauty products now and again. I quite often buy new beauty bits and then plan to blog about them but then rarely do, mostly because I hate posting close up photos and also I’m no beauty expert. I’m not a make up artist and I probably apply everything the wrong way, and I stick to the same look day after day. I’m not very experimental and not really brave enough to try out of of the amazing looks that proper beauty bloggers so for, so it’s rare for me to do a beauty themed post. 
However sometimes it’s nice to write about something different, especially when make up is a big part of my daily routine. I love to try out products that I would actually use on a day to day basis, so I was more than happy to try out these products from Envyderm. Their range of products have been made to enhance natural beauty by using formulas which care for eyelashes, and plump up lips. The products I received to try included: lash growth and conditioning mascara, liquid eyeliner, eyelash growth serum, lip volumizing lip gloss, and lip renewal therapy.
Envyderm Beauty Products ♥

Envyderm Beauty Products ♥

I really like the mascara and the liquid eyeliner; they are both jet
black and I found them really good quality and very easy to apply. The
brush of the mascara has firm plastic bristles which coats each lash and
seperates them leaving lashes clump free. The mascara uses a special
formula to stimulate keratin production along the lash line for new hair
stimulation and repairs damaged ones. It contains Moroccan argan oil,
vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help nourish lashes and protect
them. The liquid eyeliner has a fine brush nib which I’m not really used
to using, but I found it really quick to apply to my upper eyelid and
do a little flick. It was really longlasting too, and when I swatched it
on my hand it didn’t remove easily! It did come off with face wipes
nice and gently though.
Envyderm Beauty Products ♥
Envyderm Beauty Products ♥
Envyderm Beauty Products ♥


The eyelash serum is similar to the liquid eyeliner as it has the same
brush, however it is a clear liquid which you would apply in the same
way at bed time. Again the ingredients help the follicle to grow
naturally stronger lashes and it’s been proven to increase length and
density of lashes by 25% and by as much as 72% in 6 weeks of use. I’m
really looking forward to trying this out and hoping it works as my
eyelashes are really fine, sparse and weak due to suffering from
trichotillomania when I was younger. I’d love to have stronger, longer

Envyderm Beauty Products ♥
  Envyderm Beauty Products ♥
 Envyderm Beauty Products ♥

I also tried out the lip volumizing and conditioning plumper lip gloss
in shade Je T’aime Shimmer. It’s a deep pink shade in the tube but once
it’s applied it shows up only a sheer pink shimmer, which I like. I’m
not a huge lipgloss fan as I don’t like the sticky textures and prefer
lipsticks, but this lipgloss really reminds me of the Soap and Glory
Sexy Motherpucker ones. It contains peptides and tripeptides to boost
lip collagen to make plumper, fuller lips. Once you apply the lipgloss
you can feel your lips tingling which I think is the plumping sensation.
And finally, the intense lip renewal therapy is in the same format as
the lipgloss, but it’s designed to condition and moisturize lips whilst
leaving a matte finish. I think this is great to use underneath

Envyderm Beauty Products ♥
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