November Primark Haul ♥

Primark has had some pretty good stuff in recently, and I’ve managed to find quite a few bargains. I did go off Primark a bit over the summer season as their quality had gone down hill a bit and the prices seemed to have increased. But lately I’ve refound my love for Primark once more and it’s a frequent Sunday afternoon destination for me! Here’s my latest buys from November..
November Primark Haul ♥November Primark Haul ♥
 I love wearing check prints in winter, and I found this brushed cotton navy and red dress for only £10. It’s really comfy to wear, and I like that it has quite long sleeves.  
Primark often bring out these cheap jersey dresses with cute patterns on, and I picked up this floral smock style one for £5. It’s really comfy to wear with a pair of leggings and I like the loose fit and pretty purple pattern.

November Primark Haul ♥November Primark Haul ♥I bought this panelled dress because I thought it might be nice to wear for my first day of my new job. It’s got a grey textured front with black side panels, a slightly flared skirt, and three quarter lenth sleeves. It was only £10, but I think maybe it’s not got much personality for my first day!
The black
kimono with a lacey edge was in the sale and only £5. They only had
size large left but as it’s a loose fitting item anyway it looks okay.
November Primark Haul ♥November Primark Haul ♥
I bought the fine knit ‘couture’ sweater to wear with my red skater skirt to go along with a French theme, and the price tag said it was £6, but once I got to the checkout it came up as only £3! I also picked up a similar cotton one from their basics range also for £3.
November Primark Haul ♥November Primark Haul ♥
I love these bardot off the shoulder jersey tops; they’re perfect to glam up a simple skirt and so cheap! The long sleeved one was £4 and the short sleeved ones are only £3. I’ve worn the black one loads already with a tartan skirt and I love it! 
November Primark Haul ♥ This is the tartan skirt, which you wrap around you and then button up at the side. It’s got gentle pleats and I love the pattern, and it was only £8. I think it’s my favourite winter skirt!

November Primark Haul ♥
  This red checked skater skirt is quite long length compared to the tartan one, and it has an elastic waistband which doesn’t look great but makes it comfortable. It was only £6 and is made from a soft brushed fabric.
November Primark Haul ♥ This navy blue basic skirt is textured and I like the a-line shape to it, which makes a nice change to the skater skirts I usually wear. It was only £6 and I wish they did it in other nice colours, but I could only see orange(!) and bright pink!
November Primark Haul ♥data-imagelightbox="g">November Primark Haul ♥ 
I bought both of these tops from the sale for £5 each. I think they were originally £10, and I thought they’d both be nice wearing to work, or dressing down and wearing with jeans. They’re both from a sheer material and have a slight peplum frill along the bottom.

November Primark Haul ♥November Primark Haul ♥
These bardot off the shoulder dresses were only £5 each, and I couldn’t pick between the black and white roses or the deep red floral pattern so I got both! They will probably be too short for me to wear alone as a dress, so I was thinking of wearing them as tops and tucking them into skirts.
November Primark Haul ♥
I wanted a pair of knee high black suede boots last winter and I did get a flat pair, but since then I’d been longing for a pair with a slight heel, but nothing too high. I found these one’s in Primark and knew they were perfect! They were only £18 and they’re super comfy and go with anything!
November Primark Haul ♥
I buy these slippers every year, I love them! They have soft fluffy insides and then suede on the outside, but they have a proper rubber sole so they’re really long lasting, and because they don’t have a back they’re really easy to slip on and off. I think these were only £4 and I 100% recommend them. 
November Primark Haul ♥
This tartan fleecey throw was only £3.90 and it’s perfect for the bottom of my bed to keep my feet warm! It’s so soft and is packaged nicely, so it could make quite a good pressie! I think the print is perfect for winter, and to match my new bedding….
November Primark Haul ♥
Yay! I’ve wanted some winter bedding for years but everywhere seemed to have sold out in previous years. Finally I found a set I love! This fairisle and reindeer print duvet set was only £16 and it’s so thick and snug! I’ll post a photo of it on my bed soon.
November Primark Haul ♥
To go with my new bedding, I also had to buy new sheets to match, so I bought these deep red ones. The double fitted sheet was £5 and the two pillowcases only £2. 
November Primark Haul ♥
Christmas pants, £1 each.. need I say more?




  1. November 30, 2014 / 5:22 pm

    such cute skirts and Christmas bedsheets 🙂

    emily xx

  2. November 30, 2014 / 6:39 pm

    Those slippers looks so snuggly, I think I may get a pair!
    Primark are one of those brands where their style and qualities go up & down and sometimes you get it good and sometimes you dont. One thing I never fault of theirs is the home section! x

  3. November 30, 2014 / 8:23 pm

    Lovely picks. I love that check dress and I definitely need to get my hands on that Christmas duvet, so cute! x

  4. November 30, 2014 / 8:38 pm

    I agree. Primark seem to be getting a big for their boots with prices esp. since some of their things aren't that great in quality :/

    Saying that though, I own the first two dresses and absolutely adore them. The floral one was well worth £5.

    Laura x |

  5. November 30, 2014 / 11:17 pm

    I'm going to have to copy you again with the first dress. I'm just going to stalk your wardrobe forever xx

  6. November 30, 2014 / 11:22 pm

    So many great buys love the check dress and christmas bed stuff most though

  7. December 8, 2014 / 1:05 am

    Loving all of the stripes, plaid and floral prints!!! I wish so badly that we had Primark in the states, I would spend far too much time there, haha 🙂

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