Festive Food & Home Ideas from Tesco Living Magazine ♥

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My Mum brought home this Food Family Living magazine from her most recent Tesco shopping trip. It’s just a freebie one they have instore but as I was sitting on the sofa at home I was having a browse through and I was actually really impressed!

So impressed that I’ve decided to scan some of my favourite pages and pop them on my blog. Some of the ideas in the magazine are really good and range from everything from festive food recipes, party looks, and decorative ideas. If anything it just made me really hungry, but if you see this magazine in your local Tesco store, take it home and give it a quick look over. It’s actually really thick and glossy and included a little beauty magazine too! I’ll be asking Mum to keep her eyes open for the next issues! Here’s some of my favourite snippets from it…

(Click on the images to view them full size)

Festive brie and cranberry parcels; I feel like I need to make these!
Yum… the perfect combination!
Cute decorative ideas
Crackers for cheese board
Caramelised red onion an herb tear and share with a Camembert centre.. amazing!
All the best cheeses (click here for how to style a cheeseboard)
Beautiful pink meringue drops
A great idea for if you don’t have space for a Christmas tree! Just hang up some lights and decorations on your wall!




  1. December 8, 2014 / 2:58 am

    The Christmas tree made out of lights look so cute! Might try this decoration out in my room! <3

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