Keeping Fit & Being Comfortable with Adidas ♥

I don’t often post about being healthy and keeping fit etc as I’ve never been a ‘slim’ girl and that’s mainly (completely) due to me having a sweet tooth and generally being lazy. If there’s cake going around the office, I’ll eat it, and if there’s an option to take transport instead of walking, I’ll take it. Saying that, I’ve never been too unhappy with my body, but although I don’t think I’m ‘fat’ (whatever that is classed as), I know I could be better. I’m always looking at ways of toning up or losing weight, even looking at body contouring treatment.

 I’m not 100% body confident so I was a little unsure about posting this photo. But I’m pretty proud of myself because I never imagined I could learn to do something like this. And everyone has been so supportive on Instagram, so what the heck…

Keeping Fit & Being Comfortable with Adidas ♥
Generally I’m not a very active person, but earlier this year I took up pole fitness classes as a fun way to keep fit. Once a week I’ve been going to a local class in Bedford with my lovely instructor Katie; who I used to go to school with. She started up her own pole classes (check out the Poletics Facebook page here) and I’ve actually surprised myself for sticking at it each week. 
It’s more pole fitness than pole ‘dancing’, and each week we learn different spins and tricks and it’s amazing the progress you can make so quickly. We started off just doing simple spins and learning how to use your strength to hold yourself, but soon enough we were able to straddle ourselves upside down and balance on the pole without even holding on with our arms. 
I must admit I do struggle with some things, as I’m not very flexible and my arms are really weak so it’s hard to hold my own weight. But you’ll always find things that you think you can never do and then if you keep trying you’ll perfect it (or at least find something else you can do!). And Katie has the patience of a saint with me which is a bonus, so I don’t ever feel like I’m holding the group back with my fails! 
I’ve been going to classes for around 5 months now, and I love it so much, even when I get frustrated with myself for not being able to do something. I started going to classes with my pal Hazel, but after she left for uni (damn her) I carried on going alone, and it’s not scary or lonely, as everyone is so friendly and we all laugh with each other (there’s lots of funny faces pulled)! 
Keeping Fit & Being Comfortable with Adidas ♥
I was recently sent some new Adidas fitness gear to try out, and this hot pink racer back vest top has been perfect for my classes. It’s made from Climalite fabric; a quick drying material to keep you cool and dry. It’s a nice loose fit which I prefer, and it’s quite long which is good because I have to wear teeny-tiny shorts so this skims over any tummy bulge. I also like the burnout polka dot detail on the back!
Keeping Fit & Being Comfortable with Adidas ♥

Keeping Fit & Being Comfortable with Adidas ♥

These Climate Adidas running leggings are ideal to wear for warming up/cooling down sessions.  They have a really tight but flattering fit yet still allow you to move, stretch and bend without any restriction. Although if you have thick thighs like me, I’d recommend going up a size. They’re so comfortable though, I often just wear them around the house when I’m not being so active!

Keeping Fit & Being Comfortable with Adidas ♥
Keeping Fit & Being Comfortable with Adidas ♥

 And finally, my footwear of choice for getting to and from class are these Element Urban Adidas running shoes. I picked the fluorescent pink to match with the vest, although they’re a littler bit brighter. They’re pretty eye catching in fact! These lightweight trainers have an ultra-soft and shock-absorbing sole to help keep you comfortable whilst working out.
Keeping Fit & Being Comfortable with Adidas ♥

Keeping Fit & Being Comfortable with Adidas ♥




  1. November 8, 2015 / 4:30 am

    I love the pink! Your workout outfit is so stylish. I've recently returned to the gym and started doing Yoga in my dorm room and I'm loving it so much!

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  2. November 8, 2015 / 6:36 pm

    LOVE the pink Adidas get up, pole fitness looks so cool!

    Sophie x

  3. November 19, 2015 / 9:33 am

    I started a pole fitness class in my city and it's fantastic, not just for fitness I find but body confidence in general I understand what you mean being frustrated not managing to do things, I used to struggle with such basic spins but I'm getting there! Love the workout gear, I also go to a spin class every week and these look perfect for that!

    Hannah | Granite City Girl x

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