Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥

So it’s time for another Instagram round up! I try to do these monthly but I keep forgetting and also my life isn’t all that exciting lately. If you wanna follow me my username is @victoriajane6   
Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥
Recently I’ve seen so many cool outfits with over the knee boots so I had been dying to find the perfect pair for myself. I tried on so many different pairs and either they were too tight on my calves (porky legs) or too slouchy and kept falling down.   
In the end I used the Octer* app which helped me by searching through loads of different online stores and brands within my budget.  Through this I eventually settled on this black suede pair of boots from Boohoo.  They’re called the ‘Abigail’ boots and I find the chunky block heel is perfect for me as it’s sturdy enough to be comfortable whilst not too high.  I also find they have a wider top which makes them suitable for my thunder thighs.  I’ve worn them a few times already and they’re super comfy too!    
Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥
 A couple of weeks ago I went to see You Me At Six live again at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge.  I’d never been to this venue before but as it’s quite nearby and the gig was on a Saturday I thought it would make for a fun weekend! 
The venue was nice and small which made it quite intimate and after they had been away for a couple of years it was great to see them live again singing all the good old tracks. I was really lucky and got right to the front and I’m sure Josh looked straight at me! It made me go all weak at the knees…

Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥
 I know on my last Instagram post I mentioned that I was starting Slimming World.. well.  This went really well to begin with and I was really close to losing half a stone within the first 4 weeks. But then it all went a bit downhill after having too many busy weekends and dinners out. I’m still 4lbs down though which is good! 
Here’s a couple of pics from the many meals out I’ve had recently.  The first pic is a chocolate brownie milkshake that I had at Bills in Birmingham, along with salmon and scrambled eggs for brunch. I also enjoyed this amazing millionaire shortbread dessert from a carvery pub.. it was so sickly but so good!
Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥
The little village I live in has an airfield which used to be part of an RAF base and they recently held a special airshow event for the community. I decided to get my face painted and I was so impressed! The detail was amazing and the lady even added some glitter and sparkly sequins!
Now the cold weather is here I dug out my favourite winter jumper to wear to work last week.  This Joules kitten knitted jumper is too cute and I wish I could wear it everyday. But that’s maybe taking crazy cat lady to the extreme.

Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥
Last weekend I decided to get some extra bits tattooed onto my thighs! Originally it was just the padlock on one leg and an anchor on the other, but now I’ve had a key on a ribbon added as well as some roses. I love them! 
I’ve still been keeping up with my pole fitness classes although somehow I feel like I’ve maybe reached my peak. I don’t know if it’s just the horrible cold dark winter nights but I always feel like I just want to go and snuggle up in bed in my PJ’s! I think I need a motivational boost sometimes, and after looking at athletic wear company Fabletics I might treat myself to a new outfit! 
Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥
 I recently went to Stoke to visit Terri and her brand new little addition, Stevie! Stevie is her adorable little kitten who is an absolute terror but is just the most lovable little devil! Check out her Snapchat stories for lots of kitty related madness. We had a fun night out in Hanley and then managed to wake up nice and early so we could go to Manchester for a little day out of shopping and posh lunch.
Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥
 GUYS Christmas is coming! It’s almost November which means only one month until December which means it’s almost CHRISTMAS! Summer will always be my favourite time of year but I do love that festive feeling. I will shortly be putting up some of my Christmassy decorations and my winter bedding to make my bedroom all nice and cosy. 
I love this Kilner jar which I filled with battery powered fairy lights, it looks so cute! Also, I found these reindeer antler hair grips in House of Fraser recently. They must have been left over from last Christmas as they were in the sale for only £2! 
Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥Life in Instagram: October 2016 ♥
Last night I went out in Birmingham for my best friends birthday. It was Halloween weekend but we decided not to dress up, although I couldn’t resist wearing my black lacy cat ears! We stayed in a budget hotel in the city centre and had a fun packed weekend of Nandos, wine, dancing at the new Pryzm nightclub, and brunch in the Bullring. 

Happy Halloween!




  1. November 8, 2016 / 2:01 pm


    You are giving me some great ideas for my photography blog and photo shoot.

    Thanks James

  2. November 26, 2016 / 1:26 pm

    Love your blog and the boots! Dont put yourself down, love every bit of yourself and spread the love! Keep up the good work 🙂

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