My Favourite Autumn Fashion Pieces ♥

Autumn is probably my favourite time of year for fashion! I can finally say goodbye to my razor and hello to a cosy pair of tights, and I love nothing more than a good pair of ankle boots instead of flat sandals and bare feet.  Ocean credit cards have asked me to select some of my favourite new seasonal fashion picks for autumn and I’ve found a few great buys on the high street.

This is basically my autumn style everyday outfit recently.  I love A-line button up skirts and this corduroy one from Primark is perfect for the chillier weather. I also picked up the pair of black suede chelsea ankle boots for only £15 in Primark and I wore them almost every day in September! They’re very versatile and were great investment; hopefully they will last me until next year. 
I loved the cord skirt so much in black I also bought one in this gorgeous burgundy colour. Select also have lots of A-line skirts in in loads of different colours, and I bought this zip up black suede one (similar available for only £5.99 here).  
These style of skirts are so easy to wear and I find that teaming one with a basic top makes an easy stylish outfit for autumn. I found this thick grey ribbed T-shirt in H&M for only £7.99 and the striped bardot top was a limited time offer for only £3.99 (now available for £7.99 here) so I bought the striped one, a black ribbed one, and a grey marl one!
I’m so glad that bodysuits are back this season because I absolutely love them! I used to hate wearing them when I was a kid, but now I find them so practical and cosy (although always fearful of the dreaded un-popping gusset…).  
I’ve probably bought about 6 different ones over the past few weeks because they’re just so perfect for wearing with skirts to stop that annoying rolling up when you wear tops tucked in.  New Look are currently offering 2 for only £12 of their ribbed bodysuits which are available in a few different colours. 
Ankle boots are definitely an autumn staple for me, and I always end up buying too many pairs that all look quite similar. But I really like these Rocket Dog Camilla boots because they’re a bit different to the style I usually wear. I think with the low heel these will be great for wearing for country walks and would look perfect with my waxed Barbour jacket.

 I tend to buy myself a new ‘big coat’ every winter and this year I bought mine early as I spotted this skater coat in the ASOS sale for only £36.  I really like the pale ice blue colour and I think it looks nice with my grey fur collar (only £3.99!).  It’s probably not quite cold enough to wear it yet but winter is quickly upon us!
 I got this Nica handbag for Christmas last year and I’ve used it every single day since. Unfortunately after 9 months of use the handles wore out but the store I bought it from accepted it as a return and I received a brand new one.. yay! Hopefully this one will last a little bit longer because it’s perfect!  
I bought these block heeled ankle boots from Primark recently for only £18.  The tan colour caught my eye because I thought it would go nicely with the handbag and it makes a nice change to my normal plain black boots. 
 I thought I’d also post a couple of photos of my recent outfits. The tartan dress I bought from Primark a couple of years ago but it’s my absolute favourite dress to wear in autumn! It’s got a cute black collar and flared skirt with zip detail on the waist and it looks great with tights and ankle boots. 
This classic mac I actually found in a charity shop for £6. It’s only a Primark one anyway so nothing too fancy, but it is quite smart and it’s great for wearing at this time of year as it’s lightweight. You can’t beat a classic mac in autumn!
 And finally… a new season means new make up! These Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets offer a sleek look that is applied like a liquid lipgloss but dries completely matte.  What I love most about them is that they are really long lasting; I wore one on a night out at the weekend an it stayed on perfectly all night! Although my lips did dry out ever so slightly. I absolutely love the bold pink sand red shades and they’re perfect for the autumn/winter months. 
I also thought I’d try out some new highlighting products so bought this MUA Luxe Strobe & Glow Kit and Make Up Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer. I’m still no expert in contouring but these two are pretty good for the price. I didn’t realise when I bought it, but the highlight kit is actually two layers; the bottom layer is a creamy highlighter and then you apply the top layer which is a powder over the top to set it. 

What are your favourite autumn trends?



  1. October 10, 2016 / 8:54 pm

    Great pieces! Love your skirts!

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