Review: Jamie’s Italian Restaurant

My parents have their birthdays two days apart from each other, so each year I take them both for a birthday meal somewhere different.  This year we decided to head to our local Jamie’s Italian restaurant which is in Central Milton Keynes.  
We all love Italian food so we thought this would be perfect to suit everyone! We had all been together once before a year or so ago, and as we enjoyed it so much we thought we’d go along to try out their most recent menu.

Jamie’s Italian 

Unfortunately when we arrived we were told by our lovely waitress that there had been an issue with the restaurant deliveries that day, and also their freezers had broken, so a couple of things were off the menu.  But we didn’t let that phase us, and as we couldn’t order our regular choice of drink (Coke) we all opted to try their homemade lemonade, made up from simply fresh lemon, sugar, mint leaves & soda. So refreshing!
Jamie's Italian Restaurant ReviewJamie's Italian Restaurant Review


The one thing I remembered about our last visit to Jamie’s Italian is their famous meat planks! So I ensured that we ordered one of those to share, along with a portion of calamari. If you ever decide to order one of their planks as a starter, don’t be too confused when they bring you out two tins of tomatoes… these are simply to rest the plank on! 
The classic meat plank (they do also have a veggie option) comes with slice of fennel salami, pistachio mortadella, prosciutto and schiacciata piccante (a delicious cured meat), along with mini buffalo mozzarella (my favourite!), pecorino & chilli jam, pickles, olives & purple slaw.  This kind of thing is always a big hit with me, I love ‘picky’ food!  
The crispy squid unfortunately was slightly disappointing, as the portion was very, very small (see the photo!).  The plate only had a few small pieces on it which was a shame, but the garlic aioli dipping sauce was lovely.

Jamie's Italian Restaurant calamariJamie's Italian Restaurant meat plank

Main Courses

For our mains, my Dad and I both decided to go with the Italian steak and fries, which came with a massive marinated beef steak which had been flash-grilled perfectly.  It was topped with garlic butter and served along with slaw and fries. I certainly cannot complain about the portion size here, the steak was huge! 

My Mum was a little bit more daring, and opted to try the prawn linguine.  I don’t eat prawns so I can’t comment on the dish myself, but I am told that the sauce was rich and delicious and there were plenty of juicy garlicky prawns. The sauce was made from tomatoes, fennel, saffron, fresh chilli and rocket.

Jamie's Italian Restaurant steakJamie's Italian Restaurant pasta


Onto my favourite bit… dessert! We were all very full up by this point so my Dad and I (stupidly) decided to just order one dessert to share between us. We went for the molten chocolate praline pudding, and we wished we had ordered another! Not quite big enough to share really, but despite us being full up we could definitely have eaten a whole one each.. it was so yummy! 

  The dessert consisted of a delicious warm chocolate cake which had a liquid chocolate praline centre. I was worried it might be too rich or sickly but it was just perfect! And it was complimented perfectly by the salted caramel ice cream and praline sprinkles. Yum!
Jamie's Italian Restaurant chocolate pudding dessertJamie's Italian Restaurant

Overall we had a very successful meal and the staff worked really hard and were very patient considering they were dealing with problems outside of their control. Thank you for inviting us for a fabulous dinner, Jamie’s!



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