Current Homeware Wishlist *

I mentioned in my last blog post that I’m currently in the middle of
getting my first place (it’s so close now.. fingers crossed!), and
therefore I cannot wait to have a place to myself to fill with pretty
things! Lately I seem to be forever looking at cute little homeware bits
and pieces online and whenever I go out. 
 Even in
supermarkets I can’t resist having a little look at the home section
when I should really be just be picking up some bread. In fact, a lot of
supermarkets actually tend to have to best finds! As I’m trying to
scrape together as much money as I can, take a look at my homeware
favourites that I’ve been eyeing up for when I hopefully get the keys to
my new place! 

Homeware Wishlist

Homeware Wishlist

1.  Number one on my list is this adorable Alessi stainless steel cat food bowl! Terri bought one of these a few years ago for her Kitty. It’s so sweet and I love the clever design. It comes in 4 different colours, although I think the blue one is my favourite! I think the colour scheme for my new place will be mostly duck egg and pale blues with white. I’m trying to minimise the amount of pink now I’ll be a
proper grown up! 

2.  I will definitely be needing a nice dinner set for my new kitchen, and I’d love it to be pretty rather than a plain boring white one. This floral and butterfly Sabichi 12 piece set (dinner plates, side plates, and bowls) caught my eye, and it’s only £29.99 which I thought is quite good value for a full set. I love the bright colours in the design and how the print is even on the inside of the bowls.

3.  Storage is a bit of a worry for me moving to a 1 bedroom place, as I’ve currently got two rooms full of junk important things. I have already tried to minimise the amount of stuff I have but doing a big clear out, as my wardrobe was full of stuff that I haven’t worn for over a year. I also have a habit of collecting lots of little knick-knacks like nail polish and make up! I love the look of mirrored furniture and I think this elegant 4 drawer chest would be perfect for keeping my bits in! It would look really beautiful in the bedroom, and the drawers look deep enough to store lots of my little things.

4.  The place that I’m looking moving into at has laminate flooring, which is great for me as it’s incredibly easy to clean. If you’re looking into getting new flooring, laminate is very cost effective and is quick and easy to get installed. It’s ideal to have down in the kitchen and bathroom, and I didn’t realise that you could even choose the colour and effect of the laminate these days! I love the look of the whitewashed flooring, and I think it would look perfect topped with a gorgeous patterned rug.

5.  I’d love to have a stand out wall in my living room, and I plan on having a wall filled with mounted vintage china plates (like this), and perhaps this simple duck egg blue clock in the middle. I just love the colour and the sleek design, and I think it would look perfect in a living room with some co-ordinating cushions and curtains.

Current Homeware Wishlist *

6.  As I have already mentioned, storage might be a bit of an issue for me if I don’t learn to live more minimalistically. But I think this gorgeous white solid oak storage box would make a great bedroom storage solution to hide things away in. It could also have multiple uses, as it could perhaps also be a side table, coffee table in the living room, or maybe even something to stand the TV up on!

7 + 8.  Speaking of cushions… how cute are all the cushions currently in Asda?! I love this traditional round cushion which comes in duck egg blue, as well as this pretty bicycle cushion.

9.  And finally… I think the cushions would look great against a pale grey sofa like this one from Tesco. I am absolutely in love with the whole style and shape of this sofa! I’m not sure it would be the most comfortable choice though?

What would be on your homeware wishlist?


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