My Autumn Fashion Essentials with MK1

Happy October! I’ve been clinging onto summer for as long as possible, but the time has finally come to face up to autumn. I know loads of people seem to absolutely love autumn and winter, but personally I’m definitely a sunshine lover! Summer makes me happiest, although I can get on board with cosy jumpers, tights and boots in autumn. I’m not looking forward to winter though.. brrr!

 Autumn Fashion Essentials from Primark

Autumn Fashion Essentials

I went on a recent shopping trip to MK1 retail park in Milton Keynes to take a look at the latest trends for this season. I saw so many gorgeous jumpers in New Look, coats in H&M and boots in M&S! I picked up a few new pieces to wear this season; all from Primark so of course they’re all purse friendly! Although I’m not too keen on the colder weather, I do like autumn fashion and feeling cosy all layered up.


I picked up this lightweight mac coat for only £15! The stone colour goes with everything so is a great wardrobe staple. It’s perfect for wearing now before it gets freezing cold, and it’s so easy for me to wear over a dress with tights. On that note.. make sure you stock up on tights now! Primark multipacks are a dream, but I always notice that stock goes really quickly by the time winter comes.

 Autumn Fashion Essentials from Primark

 Autumn Fashion Essentials from Primark


I spotted this gorgeous little embroidered cross-body bag and had to get it when I saw it was only £7. It’s the perfect size to carry your purse and your phone, so I’ll find it handy for when I go out in the evening but I don’t want to lug my handbag around that’s stuffed with old receipts. I love the pretty coloured floral embroidered and gold clasp!

 Autumn Fashion Essentials from Primark

  Autumn Fashion Essentials from Primark


Another of my favourite autumn fashion essentials is boots! I always buy my winter boots from Primark because I find that generally they are very comfortable and tend to last very well. I don’t find that the quality is compromised and they’re great value for money.

This pair of black suede block heel ankle boots were only £14 and I’ve had loads of use out of them already. They go with any outfit and can be worn during the day or to dress up an evening outfit. The heel is the perfect height for me and they’re so comfy!

 Autumn Fashion Essentials from Primark


And finally, this super soft cosy scarf was only £6 and comes in a few different colours. I picked this pretty blush pink colour as I thought it’s a nice shade to wear with the coat. It can be opened up really big so it can be worn in a few different ways. I look forward to wearing this once the colder weather comes!

 Autumn Fashion Essentials from Primark

What are your favourite autumn fashion essentials?



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