Life in Instagram: January 2018

So January has been the longest month ever; I’m so glad it’s finally over with! I didn’t really get up to much in January so this probably isn’t the most exciting blog post ever, but here’s some of my favourite Instagram posts from the last month…

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initial coaster   Olivia Burton bow bracelet

 January was a pretty tight month and one of my ‘resolutions’ was to not go on unnecessary shopping trips and order random crap online. This broke that resolution slightly but as they’re only cheap bits I won’t beat myself up over it! I bought this pretty gold initial coaster from Matalan for only £3 and found a matching water glass in M&S for only £4 too. It makes such a cute little set! The M&S glass is now out of stock but Matalan actually do a similar glass.

This gorgeous Olivia Burton bow bracelet was one of my Christmas presents from Gavin. Olivia Burton do the prettiest jewellery and watches but I’m always put off wearing them as they don’t seem to last very long. I’ve had two of their leather strap watches now and the leather wears really badly within only a couple of months. I was told by their customer service team that their products are not for ‘daily use’ and should only be worn as for ‘dress’ purposes *eye roll*. Still pretty though (annoyingly).

white butler tray table   marble homeware accessories
 I bought this pretty little white butler tray table from eBay for less than £20! It’s useful to have in the living room as we don’t have a coffee table, so we can just move this around as needed or fold it up to put away if needed. I quite like it although Gavin did say he thinks it looks like an old persons dinner tray which has put me off it slightly!

My local B&M store closed down recently and on their last day of trading everything was 50% off! I thought I’d come out with armfuls of stuff as the shop is so massive but everyone else got there before me! There wasn’t much left at all and most of the shelves were totally bare, but I did manage to pick up these little home accessories and some boring bits like cat food. The home tray, marble dish and tumbler were only £1 each, and the glass marble worktop board was only £1.50. I do love bargain hunting!
The latest addition to my dining room is this gorgeous canvas print from Photowall. I found the pretty pastel townhouse image online and had it printed onto a large canvas to hang up above the dining table.

When it arrived it come with a do-it-yourself frame which was easy to assemble and ensured that the canvas wasn’t damaged in transit. Use code victoriasvintagecampaign2018 at Photowall for 20% off your order! You can order a print from their selection, or your own image, and you can pick the perfect size too.

ragdoll cat   white fluffy blue eyed persian cat
When I left home and moved into my own place I had to leave my two beautiful kitties behind with my parents. They’re quite big cats that like roaming around and it seemed cruel to lock them up in a 1 bed flat without a garden, and along with two people there wasn’t really enough space for them! Plus, Marshall (on the right) is deaf so he is a lot louder than most cats and meows very loudly and very frequently so I don’t think my neighbours would be pleased! (And Gavin is supposedly ‘allergic’).

But I have had them stay over with me for a few nights (individually.. they don’t like spending too much time confined together!) at my flat and it was so nice to have them around. I really miss them and I wish I had a bigger place so I could keep them! They’re so lovely (well Merlin is.. Marshall is a little tinker) and I enjoyed having them here with me. And aren’t they just the cutest little fluff balls!

Ted Baker cosmetic gift set.  rose gold stag head
One of my other unnecessary purchases was this Ted Baker cosmetic gift set. It was the Boots Star Deal back in November reduced from £45 to only £22.50 but I missed out because I told myself I didn’t need it. And then once I decided that actually I did want it it had sold out everywhere! I was gutted but I did manage to find a brand new set on eBay for £30 so I treated myself! It’s so pretty 😍

Once we took the Christmas tree down in the living room everything seemed a bit boring, but I decided to keep the rose gold stag head out to have all year round because I like it too much to put away!

copper floor lamp from Argos   watercolour bird painting
 I still need to do a room tour blog post of my living room, but because I’m lazy here’s a snapshot for the meantime! I bought this new gorgeous copper floor lamp from Argos for only £30 and it fits in perfectly next to the sofa and below the copper clock on the wall. I also bought some new duck egg blue cushions for only £7 each from Dunelm, and the watercolour bird painting I ordered from Ali Express and then framed. I love my little living room, it’s so cosy!

New Years Eve seems like forever ago! We decided not to do much this year and just went out for a nice meal and drinks. We went to Middletons Steakhouse and Grill in Milton Keynes for dinner which I absolutely love! It’s probably my favourite place to go for food in MK. I had calamari as a starter which was a really generous portion, and then a steak with half a rack of BBQ ribs too. So yummy!

Last week I was in London for a two day course on Photoshop for work. I’m so pleased that the put me through the training as it’s such a useful thing to know for blogging and work in general. Photoshop is still super complicated for me but at least I now know the basics! The course was based in Covent Garden and I loved being able to walk around on my lunch break taking photos.
  I’m not usually one for going to salons and getting a pampering, but recently I’ve been treating myself quite often! I try to go to my local Bannatynes Spa every 4-6 weeks for a 55 minute Swedish massage as I get a really knotty back from sitting hunched over my desk all day at work. Although if you’re looking for a nice spa in the area I wouldn’t really recommend Bannatynes; I purely go for the convenience and only book when they have their 55 minutes for £32 deal!

But I’ve also been getting my nails done at a local salon as I’ve been trying to grow my nails again. I go through stages of biting them down and it’s such a gross habit! But getting gel nails done means that I don’t bite them and they can grow out naturally so now they’re nice and long! I also tried LVL lashes which is basically a lash tint and lift and I was amazed by the difference! I’ll definitely be getting that done more often, it’s so much easier to maintain than lash extensions.

Also… here’s a pic of me and Terri last weekend getting drunk in Stoke 👍


  1. February 4, 2018 / 8:03 pm

    I always forget you're so close to me! Also. I'm going to be heading to b&m as I feel I need all of that marble. Also also. I miss Stoke. x

  2. February 5, 2018 / 9:31 pm

    omg your cats are absolutely adorable!! xx

  3. February 7, 2018 / 6:54 am

    You have such a cute home and I really love the butler's tray! I wish I could have you over for coffee and you could help me decorate my apartment!

    Lovely post! x


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