Life in Instagram: March 2018

Welcome to the March edition of my monthly Life in Instagram post! If you’ve been following me for a while then you will know that I do these posts each month just to give you a run down on what I’ve been up to. March was a pretty chilled month for me as I didn’t have too much on which is nice sometimes as it gives you a chance to have some quiet time to yourself!

I spent quite a bit of time towards the end of March giving my blog a bit of a makeover. I decided to finally bite the bullet and I transferred my blog over from Blogger to WordPress using the migration service from Blogger2WP. For less than £60 they will move everything over for you and even set you up with a snazzy Pipdig layout design! They did everything I needed and were so patient with me as I requested a specific design and colours etc and they made sure everything was perfect before doing the final transfer. If you’re thinking of moving over from Blogger to WordPress I’d completely recommend using this service!

I’d been using blogger since 2010 when I first started my blog and I had no idea what I was doing. Over the years I didn’t really change much, mainly because Blogger was a bit of a pain to work with and I was too scared to ever touch my layout in case I broke something! It’s taken a bit of getting used to but now I’m so so happy that I switched over to WordPress as it’s so much easier to use and customise, and everything just looks a bit neater and sleeker now! Plus I absolutely love having the easy to use plug ins!

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March is of course when the clocks change which means that the evenings start getting lighter and spring is on it’s way! Although it was still absolutely freezing in March this year, and I was still treating myself to hot chocolates in an attempt to warm myself up! Hopefully April will be a lot warmer…

On a recent visit to Poundland I managed to pick up a few Models Own beauty bargains! Do you ever just pop into Poundland not really for anything in particular, but just to have a little browse? Well that’s what I did and I came out with loads of stuff! I picked up these two packets of Models Own face wipes and also two nail polishes. They had scented ones in stock too! I picked up some Lee Stafford hair serum too which smells amazing!


I’m so excited that summer is on its way finally! I have my holiday booked to go to Jamaica in June which is not too long to wait now! I’ve already started my holiday shopping and have picked up quite a few new bits already. I was sent this gorgeous Joules striped beach bag from CHO along with the cute leather Joules sandals. The bag is available in four different prints and is a steal at only £19.95; it’s perfect for keeping all your poolside essentials in, and it even has a handy inside zip pocket! The sandals are a bright neon pink colour which I think will look fab with a tan and can be worn in the day time or to dress up an evening outfit. I can’t wait to wear them!

Look at my cute baby Merl! He’s such a big boy now and I feel like he’s getting old even though he’s only 6 (almost 7!). I still remember when he was a tiny little kitten and I would carry him around in one hand. Now he is enormous! I feel like him and Marshall are getting on much better now, but they’re still a long way off being BFF’s!

My hallway is so small but I’ve been searching for a little table that will fit in the corner and I was lucky enough to find one from HomesDirect365 which fits in perfectly. This two drawer shabby chic style table is probably intended to be a bedside table in a bedroom but I guess it can go wherever you like! I’m so pleased that I’ve finally found something that fits in the small space as it’s such a useful piece of furniture to have; the drawers are especially handy!


I always bang on about how much I love Ali Express but I really do! I found this gorgeous stag print canvas on Ali Express for only £1.66 and I put it in a frame I found in The Range for only £5. The large bird print canvas above the TV is from Ali Express too! They have so many different designs but I loved those two as they have a watercolour look to them. They are actually printed on canvas, not just paper or card, so they look really good quality once they’re framed and are only a few quid.

I know Easter is over but I just wanted to show off my cute Easter decorations! I am obsessed with them.. the pretty pastel colours just make me fall in love! The Easter tree is actually just a cheap Christmas tree I bought from B&M for £5 and I spray painted it white, but once the decorations have been added you’d never know it was a Christmas tree! I love all the pretty bunny ornaments and colourful mini eggs.. Easter is just such a cheerful time! I made these cute Easter fairy cakes at the weekend too.. so yummy!

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  1. April 4, 2018 / 1:27 pm

    I didn’t know you could find Models Own stuff at Poundland! I’m going to have to have a look now.

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