Life in Instagram: April 2018

I have been the absolute WORST blogger lately! I haven’t actually published a blog post for over two weeks, AND my monthly ‘Life in Instagram’ post is super late too! Oops. In my defence, I have been quite busy and I was away at the weekend. However now hopefully I’m back in the swing of things and I have lots of posts planned! But for now, here’s what I got up to last month…

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Here’s a couple of photos of my cute little shelves around the flat! I think my favourite feature in the whole flat is my big white Ikea cabinet which holds all my favourite china pieces and little trinkets. It’s just so pretty! I also have this little white wooden shelf up in my kitchen which I keep my recipe books on as well as my cute vintage ice cream sundae glasses that I found in a charity shop!


I feel like almost all of my Instagram photos are now taken at home. I clearly don’t get out much! But when your living room is this cute and cosy, why leave? (I joke.. I sometimes do actually escape the boundaries of my flat). Having your own place is great and moving out is obviously the best thing I’ve ever done, but my GOD there is so much cleaning to do! I only have a little flat so I can only imagine how much time people spend having to tidy up a big house. It’s exhausting. I took these photos after I spent a long Saturday morning cleaning the flat from top to bottom and I then treated myself to a well earned bacon sarnie. How cute is the little white butler tray table?


The bedroom got a little spring clean too! I do love my pretty bedroom, it’s so peaceful and relaxing and there’s nothing better than a nice tidy space and putting on fresh clean sheets! I find it makes falling asleep that little bit easier when the room is tidy. I was recently featured on the Laura Ashley blog along with some over lovely bloggers giving some handy bedroom design tips… check it out!


If you missed my last blog post on how I gave my bathroom a budget makeover, make sure you check it out! When I first moved in the bathroom was pretty grim but now thanks to a lick of paint and some new fixtures and fittings, it’s like new! I love having a nice bathroom to be able to relax in and chill out. I rarely ever have a ‘proper bath’ but every so often I like to treat myself to a big bubble bath with a nice candle. My other favourite way of treating myself is to buy fresh flowers. I always like to buy this colourful bunch from Asda for only £3 because they last for about 3 weeks and I just love the pretty pastel colours!


I always feel so lucky and excited whenever I receive a pretty package from Pixi Beauty! I’m not necessarily a ‘beauty blogger’ but I certainly can appreciate their amazing cosmetics and skincare. Their Glow Tonic is a must-have toner that does absolute wonders for my skin! I would 100% recommend giving it a try. I also love the Rose Flash Balm which can be used as a moisturiser, hydration mask or a primer to prep skin before make up. I’m looking forward to giving these pretty palettes a try next!


I’ve now got less than 4 weeks until holiday! I’m off to Jamaica in June and so have done a little bit of holiday shopping! I ended up buying a bunch of flamingo themed stuff including this flamingo print beach towel, embroidered shorts, flip flops, bikini, luggage tag, and towel clips. I even got Gavin matching swim trunks and flip flops too! The bikini, swim trunks and flip flops are from Primark, the luggage tag from Poundland and the towel clips from Poundworld. Cute or tacky? I think both! 😂

In preparation for holiday I got my eyebrows ‘ombre’ tattooed and I am absolutely in love! I didn’t really have any eyebrows before (I plucked them like mad as a teen and they just never grew back) and I am awful at trying to draw them on. They are always 100% wonky and I can never get them to match! So I was interested in getting my eyebrows tattooed as it would make my life so much easier, especially when getting ready in the mornings. I won’t lie, the procedure was quite painful but totally worth it. I’m so pleased with my new even eyebrows! Yippee!


A highlight of April was getting to visit the brand new Brewhouse & Kitchen microbrewery that’s now in Milton Keynes! Located on 12th Street (previously known as the Theatre District) the pub and restaurant brew their own unique craft beers on-site. I loved being able to see the real life copper brewing equipment in the middle of the room – it makes a great focal point!

The beers brewed on-site in the microbrewery are each named after a local icon. This includes ’12th Street’ (named after the location of the pub), ‘Webber’s Vision’ (named after the brain behind MK), ‘Leaping Man’ (named after local Olympian Greg Rutherford), and ‘Colossus’ (named after the Bletchley Park computer system).

As well as serving a huge range of craft beers, they also offer a variety of food dishes and each one has a recommendation of a matching beer as chosen by their beer and food matching expert. They also offer a range of experiences including spending the day learning how to brew beer, beer and food matching, and a beer masterclass!


Last month I ordered my first ever Birchbox! They were collaborating with Cath Kidston so obviously I had to purchase a box. Even though subscription beauty boxes aren’t really my thing, I did quite enjoy getting this through the post and checking out what surprise goodies I received!

Also, I recently paid a visit to the Cath Kidston Factory Shop in St Neots and bought some amazing bargains! I have a Cath Kidston outlet haul coming very soon….


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