Home Maintenance with help from Alexa

We can all struggle at times with home maintenance and DIY and since moving into my first home I’ve faced a few challenges myself. Home admin and paperwork can pile up, painting the damp patch on the bathroom ceiling is an undesirable task, and putting up those shelves I’ve been putting off for weeks never quite reaches the top of my to-do list.

Whenever a daunting DIY task is on the horizon, I’d usually call upon my Dad, and this isn’t uncommon. According to new research carried out by E.ON, one in three of us don’t feel confident tackling home maintenance tasks, so we turn to our family when we need advice on how to bleed radiators, fix a broken fuse and even change a lightbulb. So E.ON Energy have now challenged me to complete my home maintenance tasks with the help of technology instead of my Dad, in this case.. Alexa!

Home Maintenance with help from Alexa

A Little Helping Hand From Alexa

To complete the challenge, I was provided with an Amazon Echo Dot to help me along the way. The Amazon Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, provide information, read the news, set alarms, tell you the weather, and lots more! Basically you say ‘Alexa… what time is Love Island on’ and she will cheerfully tell you without judging you whatsoever.

To begin my task of becoming a master of my own home using technology, I wanted to put up some shelves in the kitchen! I’d already bought the pine shelves and painted them white, and now was the time to finally get around to putting them up! I even asked Alexa to remind me to put up the shelf at 6pm when I had got in from work.. her nagging got me into gear!

Home Maintenance with help from Alexa

To start the task off I asked Alexa if putting up a shelf was easy, to which she replied she wasn’t sure. Great start. I then asked her to bring up a video tutorial on ‘how to put up a shelf‘ so I could see how the pros do it. Alexa is connected to the TV in my living room (via a Fire TV Stick) so the video played instantly on the widescreen. After watching the video, it was time to get to work using my little pink tool kit! Whilst I was hard at work I asked Alexa to play my favourite playlist on Spotify, so I could DIY to all of my favourite tracks!

Home Maintenance with help from Alexa

The Finished Result

To be honest putting up a shelf was a little bit harder than I had envisaged and although it all went okay, I wasn’t the most confident! I had to keep rewatching the tutorial video and pausing it over and over but I got there in the end, with a little helping hand from Alexa!

I’m pretty pleased with the finished result; I had two little gaps in the kitchen either side of the tall fridge cupboard and I wanted to make some use of those spacces. Putting up shelves seemed like the best way to do this and was also cheap, easy and actually quite practical. I can now use the shelves for displaying my baking books, cute vintage ice cream sundae glasses, and my pretty floral digital radio! As well as painting the shelves white I also added some floral washi tape to the edge of the brackets to brighten them up a little.

Home Maintenance with help from AlexaHome Maintenance with help from Alexa

Thanks for all your help Alexa!

Home Maintenance with help from Alexa

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