Create your own ‘Spathroom’ at Home *

Following on from my previous post about how to prepare your home for autumn, I thought I’d put together some ideas on how to create your own ‘spathroom’ at home. Wouldn’t it be nice to create a relaxing quiet space where you can chill out after a long day?

I feel like bathrooms can often be the most neglected room in the home as there’s not much flexibility when it comes to décor, space, and how it looks. But creating your own peaceful spa bathroom doesn’t require you to rip everything out and put in an expensive new suite.

Here are a few ideas on how you can create a relaxing bathroom space on a budget; no DIY required!

Set the scene

  • Place your cosiest fluffy towel on a towel heater or warm radiator.
  • Turn down the lights and light some scented candles – I love the Aldi Jo Malone dupes!
  • Play a relaxing playlist of calming songs or sounds. There are some premade bathtime/spa playlists you can chose from on Spotify!
  • Try to switch off and take your mind off everything; this is your time to escape from the pressures of everyday life.

Treat yourself

  • Fill your bath tub with warm water and pour a generous amount of your favourite luxury bubble bath under running water to fill the bath with bubbles.
  • Add a fizzy bath bomb too if you have some you’ve been saving up! I have a huge collection that I never use for some reason.. it’s like I’m saving them for a ‘special occasion’!
  • Why not enjoy your ‘me time’ with a small (or large!) glass of wine whilst you lie back and relax.

Post pampering

  • After you’ve dried yourself off, smother your skin in a smooth body butter to nourish and hydrate your skin – this also helps you to relax for the evening.
  • Put on your dressing gown or cosy pyjamas and fluffy socks/slippers and get comfy.
  • Curl up on your sofa with a mug of hot tea and relax for the rest of the evening!


Update your bathroom

  • If you feel like your bathroom needs a little revamp in order for it to make your feel at ease whilst you enjoy your pamper, there are a few ways you can give your bathroom a makeover without breaking the bank.
  • Give your bathroom walls a lick of clean paint to instantly refresh the whole room.
  • If you have old bathroom tiles that have gone out of fashion, consider updating them with tile stickers or sticky back plastic. I applied rolls of marble sticky back plastic to my bathroom wall and it made a huge difference!
  • Replacing a whole bathroom suite can be expensive, but you can replace the taps and shower head very cheaply which can make your whole bathroom look like new!
  • New flooring can also refresh the room without costing too much; vinyl is cheap and practical for bathrooms, or you can buy floor tiles very cheaply which are easy to lay yourself.
  • Accessorize! Give your bathroom a new lease of life by adding some pretty accessories. You can get tumblers, soap dishes, bath racks, towel rails etc. very cheaply from places like B&M. This bath rack from Dunelm is only £10!
  • Don’t forget your soft furnishings too.. a nice memory foam bath mat and matching towels is sure to add a pop of colour to the room.
  • If you don’t know where to start, you can get professional consultancy for your bathroom from Harrogate Showrooms and they can help you with the design and supply of the bathroom of your dreams!


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