Life in Instagram: August 2018

I know, I know.. I’m late with my Instagram round up post again! Sometimes I just cannot keep up with blogging at the same time as normal life. I feel like I at least have an excuse this month as I went away on a girly blogger trip to Prague at the beginning of September so I’ve been a little busy. More about that coming soon!

August already seems forever ago and I must admit that I am actually quite sad to see the end of summer. Everything just feels so much better when the sun is shining! To grasp the final piece of summer I have booked another holiday for next week; Gavin and I are going to Malta for a mini holiday! I’m so excited as I am half Maltese and I used to holiday there all the time as a child, so I am excited to go back again and explore as an adult! Also I’m excited that the weather should still be hot and sunny and I want to swim in the sea!

But anyway… here’s what I got up to in August.

Life in Instagram: August 2018 Life in Instagram: August 2018

This is probably of no interest to most of you, but I was SO EXCITED to get a new sofa! When I bought my flat last year I needed to get a sofa ASAP and I wasn’t sure of the room size so I just ended up just getting a little two seater sofa. It was tiny and two people could just about squeeze on it!

So I’d been wanting to get a new sofa for a while and I’d been keeping my eye on on Facebook Marketplace, as that’s where I’d found all my other furniture, and I do love a bargain! I couldn’t find anything I liked so I began to look at buying a brand new sofa. I liked the look of the Nikki sofa from SCS but I resented paying £500 plus £60 for delivery (I’m a big cheapskate).

Then by magical chance the exact same sofa appeared on Facebook for only £150 brand new and only 15 miles away! Result. After a fun evening with my Dad trying to shift the new huge sofa up to my third floor flat with no lift, I am so happy with it! It’s a big comfy three seater in a gorgeous light grey fabric and I managed to fit it in nicely. I also managed to sell my old two seater sofa for £80 too so bonus!

Life in Instagram: August 2018 Life in Instagram: August 2018

In August I invited Lucy, Issy, and Baby Freddie over for a little vintage tea party at mine. They hadn’t been over to my place before and any excuse for me to get my teacups out! I also had Merlin over too so he got plenty of kitty cuddles and plenty of fuss! I we ate finger sandwiches, fruit scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, mini chocolate eclairs, carrot cake, chocolate cake and party rings! I also wrote a blog post with my top tips on hosting a vintage tea party if you want some ideas on how to throw your own afternoon tea.

Life in Instagram: August 2018 Life in Instagram: August 2018

I decided to get hot pink gel nails done in August as I wanted a nice bright colour to end the summer with! I got a sparkly silver ring finger done too as I can’t resist a bit of sparkle! I absolutely loved this colour but I’m really sad that I broke a few nails when I was away in Prague so now they’re all short 🙁

I bought this adorable watercolour drawing from a local artist who advertised on a local Facebook community group. She does pet illustrations or only £9 and I love how accurate this picture of Merlin and Marshall is! It’s so cute! I’ve had it framed and now it sits in pride of place in the living room!

Life in Instagram: August 2018 Life in Instagram: August 2018

Has anyone had their heating on yet? I’m going to try to resist until at least mid-October. In the meantime my evenings are filled with hot chocolates, hot water bottles, and cosy blankets! Also it’s time for me to buy some new cosy pyjamas and slippers which is one of my favourite things about autumn!

Gavin surprised me with these pretty flowers the other day.. isn’t he cute!

Life in Instagram: August 2018 Life in Instagram: August 2018

We have a new cake shop that’s recently opened up near Milton Keynes in a little village called Woburn Sands about 10 minutes away from where I live. It’s the prettiest shop called Mrs Mac’s Sweet Treats and they sell some very pretty cupcakes and also the most delicious brownies! I managed to snap this photo of a classic Nissan Figaro (my fav vintage car!) just as it drove past!



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