Why I Love Shopping in Charity Shops *

So, something a little different in this post. While you may have caught a couple of the charity shop and car boot hauls posted on the blog previously, you may not have paid much attention to why charity shops are THE best places to find your new favourite anything.

In the not-so-distant past, charity shops got a bad rap as somewhere people dumped unwanted items to be sold for cheap second-hand. It was all very negative connotations, though the Charity Retail Association does a fine job of busting the most common myths here. In recent years, however, more and more people have seen the light and are really benefiting from this style of shopping.

Yes, you have your high street stores and big-name online retailers who can get the latest styles to you in a jiffy, but if you prefer a more personal shopping experience that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, lets you stand out from the crowd AND does good…charity shops are where it’s at.

Just in case you need a little more convincing though, I’ve broken down why I love shopping in charity shops, below.

Why I Love Shopping in Charity Shops *

Someone else’s treasure…

If you – like thousands of others – can’t resist a good bargain and take a gander in the likes of factory outlets and TK Maxx, hoping to bag big brands with smaller price tags, you are missing a trick.

Charity shop finds offer the same exceptional quality items, for an even lower price than your well-known discounters, which is ideal if someone’s handed in a designer ball gown they wore once and needed to shift.

You get it for £50 quid, after its one and only outing, and because it’s not on the shelves and available to the masses, you know you won’t have a who-wore-it-better moment at your upcoming event.

Equally, if you buy and collect some mismatched china teacups for 50p a pop and you drop one, you’re not likely to break out in cold sweats.

Takeaway: Great brands and household names, once-worn or never-used pieces, all for pennies. What is not to love?

Bucking the trend…

Everyone shops on the high street. Everyone shops online. Everyone.

And whether they opt for bricks-and-mortar or dotcom shops, they’ll all be following the same trends with the same prints and shapes and “looks”. Isn’t that sad? All those individuals, mimicking the same style.

The high street is home to the season’s hot picks, but the charity shops are home to true style. These treasure troves are full of eclectic pieces, not just from last season (thank you, kind person, for donating the coat I couldn’t afford then but still very much want now) but from last decade. A genuine 80s’ biker jacket for next to nothing and an actual bonafide band tee from back in the day…you just can’t get that off the rack.

So if you have your own sense of style and you want to show it off with quality capsule pieces, charity shops are your friend!

Why I Love Shopping in Charity Shops *

Giving back, looking good…

As amazing as charity shops are for home and fashion finds beyond your wildest dreams, we should be embracing them for their purpose alone; to help make the world, at large, a better place.

Yes, they provide a service, but behind all of the fun, they are there to raise funds and awareness for important and deep, meaningful causes. So every time you buy a photo frame, purchase a pair of jeans or grab your friends’ stocking fillers from your local charity shop, you’re helping them make a difference.

Whether they’re a pop-up shop raising funds to help keep a local hospice stay open or offering support for orphans in need, every little bit you buy helps the bigger picture. And if that’s not rewarding enough, I don’t know what is.

Now you have more than enough reasons to go and check out the fabulous finds that await at your local charity shop, so don’t hold back. Revamp your home, your wardrobe and your spending habits – and do your part to help others at the same time!

Just remember to pay it forward and tell your friends about the treasures they could find too!


Why I Love Shopping in Charity Shops *

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