6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Sometimes when you’re feeling a little bit down, or the dread of winter leaves you feeling blue, you need a little pick me up. There are loads of little things that cheer me up instantly; a new lipstick, a cuddle with my cat, a catch up with a girlfriend, and I think it’s important to make the most of these little things. If you need a few quick fixes to cheer yourself up, here are a few ideas that I hope help to relax you and put a smile back on your face! I hope you like the photography in this post too; I thought it’s easier to take my own photos rather than using stock images!

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6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Put on some fancy lingerie

One of the things that makes me feel a little bit chirpier in the mornings is the feeling of wearing something new. Whether it be a new dress or a new pair of shoes, wearing something fresh makes me feel good. This is especially true when it comes to underwear, as I love wearing pretty sets that secretly boost my confidence and make me feel good. Often you can find that you end up wearing the same minging bra for months on end and you’ve got pretty comfy in your giant, washed 100 times pants. Well it’s time for a change! Put on your sassiest panties, spritz your favourite perfume and bring on the day!

6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Have a full on bath time pamper

Sometimes after a long day, all you want to do is just relax. I find ones of the best ways to do this is to run a nice hot bath, and then use some luxurious bathtime treats and spend a little while with my thoughts in the tub. The Soap and Glory range is my favourite; I love using their bubble bath, exfoliator scrub, and shower cream in the bath. Once you’ve had a nice long soak smother yourself in a scented body butter to full on pamper yourself, and then relax for the evening in your cosy dressing gown or fresh PJ’s. Bliss!

6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Make a happy playlist

Create a playlist on Spotify of all your favourite happy songs! Old and new, put together all those songs that bring back happy memories or that simply make you want to sing and dance. I’m talking proper cheesy tracks and catchy lyrics that you can’t possibly not smile to! A playlist full of good vibes might be just the pick-me-up you need.

6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Get some fresh air

Going for a walk might sounds like something boring that your Mum suggests when she wants you to go away for a bit, but going for a walk can help to improve your mood and wellbeing and reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue. Spending time in nature, being exposed to sunlight and taking in an interesting view can all help lift your spirits. Even if it seems like a bit of a gloomy day and you don’t really feel like doing anything; wrap up warm, put some walking shoes on and go for a stroll!

6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Indulge in a skincare facial

I’m not a generally a huge skincare fanatic and to be honest, I don’t make much of an attempt to care for my skin, as I simply use a face wipe to remove my make up every evening and then just apply a generic moisturiser! I’m lucky to have quite clear skin naturally, but if I’m feeling in need of a bit of a skin boost, then La Roche Posay and Pixi Beauty products are my favourites to use. They always make my skin feel good after giving myself a little at home facial!

I’ve also recently started using a SENSSE facial cleansing brush. The silicone bristles are gentle on the skin and work together with a cleanser to draw out any dirt and impurities. It’s really easy to use; simply apply a cleanser to moistened skin, glide the brush over forehead, cheeks, nose and chin for 15 seconds on each area, then rinse and dry your face. It’s clever too; the pulsation pauses every 15 seconds to remind you to move onto a new area! I use it with the Pixi Double Cleanse pot which works really well to leave my skin clean and refreshed.

6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Treat yourself to fresh flowers

Receiving flowers is one of my most favourite things ever! Although it’s a bit of a rarity, so I often end up buying them for myself to brighten up my living room. You really can’t beat a fresh bunch of flowers at any time of year to bring a smile to my face. This truly stunning bouquet was kindly sent to me by Bloom Magic recently, and the flowers are absolutely beautiful. They certainly cheered me up when they arrived!

6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Bloom Magic choose only the highest quality flowers which have been hand selected by their floral designers. They specialise in luxury hand-tied bouquets, thoughtfully created by skilled artisans and presented with opulent touches. This is the ‘S’aimer sur le Pont Neuf’ which is a beautiful arrangement of flowers featuring a mixture of purple and white roses, lisianthus, and gerbera. The bouquet is expertly arranged by hand and presented in your choice of a blush pink, powder blue or charcoal grey hatbox. I love that the blue hatbox matches my duck egg blue living room décor! It’s such a unique alternative to a vase, and you can fill the box with water so they can stay in there.

6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues 6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

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