Staple Pieces of Clothing Needed for Any Winter Wardrobe *

Every season demands a different wardrobe. In the case of winter, it’s obviously important to be wrapped up, warm and snug, wherever you may go. That said, warding out the cold completely is a difficult task, requiring many different layers and items of clothing to get the job done.

Still, it’s not always ideal to swap out style for practicality, so a merge of the two is what’s needed here.

Consequently, there are undoubtedly staple pieces of clothing that are required for any winter wardrobe. Let’s explore a few of them below!

The Leather Jacket

Winter, spring, summer or autumn, the leather jacket always seems to be ‘in’. Additionally, fewer people will mention anything about the Grease musical when you adorn one. Still, when it comes to winter, it needs to be paired with other items of clothing in order to carry off that stylish, though winter appropriate, look. Time to experiment and mix and match!

One option would be to treat your leather jacket as an extra layer and wear it over a hoodie – the hood of which can flop out over the back of the jacket. Darker colours like the classic blacks and browns will work best and be the most season suitable colour scheme here, providing that gritty, yet chic kind of look. In any event, leather jackets are mostly definitely not a ‘summer only’ affair – put it on over winter, you’ll feel warmer and cooler (fashion wise, obviously) at the same time!

Staple Pieces of Clothing Needed for Any Winter Wardrobe *

Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are that perfect piece of clothing that are made for both style and substance. Reaching all the way up to the thigh area, these kinds of boots guard your legs against a whole host of worries, such as the bitter cold and puddle splashes. Of course, they also come in leather and suede variations, adding some extra fashionable points there too!

Moreover, knee-high boots can quite justifiably be worn in just about every situation; nights out with your friends, long walks outside or even in your workplace office. What better way is there to beat the winter blues than wearing a snug pair of boots?

Clutch Bags

You’re probably thinking; “how on earth does a clutch bag help ward out the cold?!” Well that’s a valid question, but it does have a role to play. Think about it, inside a clutch bag you could stash your gloves and hats, all while not sacrificing an inch of style for the winter blues. Practical, yet to die for!

After all, blistering winds and blizzards shouldn’t put you off going out with the girls for cocktails. Therefore, head over to Radley and treat yourself to a quality clutch bag, as there’s no season where the old favourite accessories aren’t useful and stylish!

Staple Pieces of Clothing Needed for Any Winter Wardrobe *

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