Making Your Bedroom A Place That Actually Relaxes You *

One of the benefits of finally getting your own place is you have the opportunity to make it exactly what you want it to be. From top to bottom, your home can undergo the makeover to end all makeovers. But, what if you only have a certain budget? Is there a room you should prioritise? Let’s make a case for the bedroom. After all, in this topsy-turvy world where we are forever busy, we need somewhere to retreat to that will calm us down and rejuvenate us, ready for the onslaught of the next day. With this in mind, how can we make a bedroom a place that really relaxes us?

Making Your Bedroom A Place That Actually Relaxes You *

Reduce Stress

It’s a combination of finding the things that relaxes you in the first place, but also minimising those little anxieties when you lie down and look around your room thinking “well, I need to sort that out” and “I definitely need to fix this!” And when you’ve got a bedroom that’s not stylistically what you want, this can play on your mind for a long time. But instead, think about the minimalistic approach. Sure, you want your bed to be conducive to sleep, but you may also want to lie down and read a good book. Have a couple of unique bedside tables and a reading lamp and if you just aren’t able to sleep, you can still relax. And, if it doesn’t need mentioning, get rid of your phone! It increases our stress levels, and suppresses our sleep hormone melatonin.

The Right Mattress

You might think that you sleep perfectly fine in the one you’ve got, but you don’t know how bad your mattress is until you sleep in an amazing one. You’ve got to invest in your quality of life, and the right mattress that has memory foam will be an invaluable purchase. The fact of the matter is your mattress is the most used piece of furniture in the entire house. You owe it to yourself to buy a great one. As soon as you start to get a good night’s sleep, this benefits your life in so many other areas.

Keep The Colours Simple

You need to have a subtle blend of the right colour. But you can’t go for stimulating ones, especially not in the bedroom. Choose calming blues or neutral colours, repeat this colour two or three times throughout the space in a very subtle way, and make sure it all blends together. So if you have an accent colour like turquoise, have your furnishings in the bedroom, like your pillows or throws, have this hint of colour within them also. And be sure that you don’t mix solid colours and patterns. While you want some variety, if you have patterns everywhere, this can result in a lot of mental clutter. Ensure that you have a blend of solid and pattern.

And let’s not forget, a good night’s sleep isn’t just about the right design or bad, it’s about having an appropriate night time routine. We all need to have this in place, so let’s start now.

Making Your Bedroom A Place That Actually Relaxes You *

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