Tips To Update Your Bathroom *

At some point, everything in your home will need updating. Whether it’s the kitchen cabinets or a new sofa. We want everything in our home to last for a while but rooms like the bathroom, for instance, can become a little worn down and sometimes old fashioned.

Tips To Update Your Bathroom *

Regrout Your Tiles

Over time, the grout in your tiles will become discoloured, may break apart or will develop mould. It’s surprising how something as simple as regrouting your tiles can make a huge difference to the look of your bathroom. Regrouting your tiles is pretty easy to do yourself. Start out with your grout remover, which will be designed to fit into the bit between your tiles. Make sure to wear protective eyewear to avoid any grout flying out and into your eyes. Ventilate the room and cover any drains to stop any bits going down it. Scrap the grout remover over the grout to remove it and then get your new grout ready. You can then apply the grout with a spreader and remove any excess with a damp cloth. The grout will harden after around half an hour, and there’s also a grout finisher to clean it off.

Upgrade Your Countertops

Countertops are likely to get damaged, permanently dirty or worn over time. Getting them replaced will help give your bathroom a cleaner appearance. When picking the type of material, you want something that’s durable and isn’t going to get damaged by water or the excess of moisture in the air. So marble is a good suggestion, especially as white marble can brighten a space. Slate is also a manageable material and is easy to simply wipe down. The type of cut of the material has also changed over the past few years. It has gone from the traditional straight and uniform to the more edgy and jagged finish. You can find some beautiful examples on Lusso if you’re needing a bit of inspiration for your own bathroom.

Install A Rainfall Shower

Rainfall showers have become extremely popular nowadays in many households and have come from wanting the luxury of a night’s stay in a typically modern hotel. There’s nothing like being completely enveloped in a cascade of water and installing a rainfall shower will likely change your showers forever. You’ll also likely to spend a lot longer in them in the mornings. Providing you have the space, it can extend out like usual shower heads, or it can be fitted to the ceiling. This will potentially require some plumbing, so it’s a good idea to get in the professionals instead of trying to do this yourself. Unless you’re a qualified plumber of course, then go ahead! Rainfall showers look pricey, but they’re not actually as expensive as you might think they are. The units themselves will cost anywhere between £70-£200 depending on the model and sizing.

Replace Anything Water Damaged

It’s going to happen eventually, but anything that’s made out of a material which gets constantly hit with water is likely to become water damaged eventually. If you’ve got any sort of wooden panelling or cheaper material along with your bathtub, that could cause some issues. So try to replace anything that has been water damaged with something more durable. Remember to keep as many pieces of bathroom furniture off the ground as possible because any water leaking from the shower or bathtub or from yourself as you get out, might run towards it.

Light Up Your Mirrors

A bathroom can sometimes lack light, and when you’re applying makeup, shaving or take a good look at your skin up close, light is certainly needed. There are now mirrors that come with LED lights either on the mirror itself or around the outside edge to create a glow that lights onto your face. You don’t need to pay a lot for them either and picking LED ones will make sure that you’re not having to replace any lighting for a long time. They can look rather glamorous and will impress your guests too no doubt.

Add A Little Nature

A cheaper addition to your bathroom update can simply be some indoor plants. These can add a burst of colour, are great for clearing the air and lifting your mood. It’s good to check which plants work best in the bathroom as there will be a lot more moisture in the air than normal, which can be a problem for some plants.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some inspiration for your own bathroom!


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