Choosing The Right Colours For Your Bedroom *

The bedroom is the heart of the home and is the place we all escape to at the end of the day to enjoy a night of sleep. When decorating the bedroom it is a great idea to choose colours that will relax us and make our brain feel happy. There are so many different ways to bring colours into the bedroom and today we will take a look at how to choose them. 

Think windows 

Before you start thinking about colour scheme of the home it is important to consider how light will affect it. When considering the light sources of the home you need to look at the windows including the frame, curtains, and shutters. Consider white for all of these features to make the home as bright as possible and maybe even replace the curtains all together with shutters from £175sqm to £350sqm. This will create more space and a bright canvas for your colour scheme. 


When choosing a colour for the bedroom it is important to balance cool and warm tones as well as think about ways to make the space feel luxurious. Teal is a blue toned green that has the perfect balance of warm and cold, and when painted on the walk and accented with gold it can look luxurious and classy. 

Use accessories 

One way to create a colour scheme in the bedroom is to avoid painting the walls and instead add colour with accessories as well. This is something that can help keep the tones soft in the bedroom and will also allow you to often chop and change your colours depending on the season or your mood. With artwork, bedding, and other accessories you can bring some stunning tones to the home and it will make a huge difference to you. 

Use metallics 

As we mentioned a little earlier with the teal, metallic elements can add class and elegance to the bedroom which will bring a beautiful style to the room. For example teal works great with gold, purple works amazing with silver, and indigo works beautifully with copper. Utilise Metallic accents and even add embellished wallpaper for a beautiful feel. 

Think night sky 

One of the most amazing ideas you can bring into your bedroom to make it feel relaxing and natural is to emanate the night sky. Using tones of blue, purple, pink and white in the bedroom can add class and beauty, and it will make you feel relaxed from the moment you step into the space. Painting the walk behind the bed dark and leaving the other walls white will bring contrast but also a beautiful soft colour scheme that will stand the test of time. 

Choosing The Right Colours For Your Bedroom *

One easy way to add colour to the bedroom without going overboard is to add plants and green tones to the room. In many ways green is the best choice for a home because it is a colour that balances cold and warm perfectly and it works with a range of other colours. A simple combination of green, gold, and white can be classy and timeless and will make the bedroom feel amazing.


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