Easy Kitchen Switches To Create A Beautiful Aesthetic *

The second most popular home improvement, in joint place with decorating, is installing a new kitchen. 

For many of us, the kitchen is the most important room that we have, and the one we invest a lot of family time in. So, a dated, grubby or downright impractical kitchen can be a bit of a downer when you don’t have the budget to completely replace the whole thing. Kitchens cost a lot of money to replace, around £8,000 on average. So, what can be done if you don’t have nearly 10K to splash on the most important room in your home? 

Easy Kitchen Switches To Create A Beautiful Aesthetic *

Don’t fret, there are some easy and impactful changes you can make without having to remortgage your house. Here are some easy kitchen switches for a beautiful aesthetic:

Get Some Fancy New Fixtures and Fittings

Fixtures and fittings are true signs of a great finish to any room, so you can instantly enhance the quality of your kitchen by replacing them. Ensuring they match and are all the same metal colour is an easy aesthetic win. In addition, upgrading your faucet will enhance how your kitchen looks and works for you. Beautiful new taps will instantly improve your kitchen without much investment at all.

Splash The Paint, Not The Cash

A tub of paint and some paint brushes can cost under £20 altogether, making it an easy transformational option for you to make when it comes to your kitchen upgrade. Neutrals are your best bet for longevity, and if you need a few tips for DIY painting at home, take a look at this handy YouTube video

Plants Not Pottery

One of the biggest decor trends over the last few years is bringing the outside in, or more specifically, embracing house plants in various forms. Whether you hang them from gorgeous woven potholders, invest in some gorgeous three-legged holders, or even re-pot in cutesy teapots or teacups, plants are an easy way to make your kitchen look fresh again. 

Stick to the rule of three, and be mindful of which plants you choose as dead ones are not a good look for any room! As an added bonus, they will also clean the air for you, making your home healthier whilst adding to the outdoors in aesthetic. All much better than tacky pottery and ornaments that bring nothing to your cooking space. 

Get Some New Appliances

Dated appliances can bring a kitchen aesthetic and usability right down. Old fridges, cookers and dishwashers can also cost a ton to run, making your kitchen drain money you could be saving for home improvements. Treat yourself to some new appliances for a more modern kitchen, and don’t forget to coordinate the colour and styles for a smarter overall look. 

Get A Flash New Backsplash

Grubby tiles and grout can bring down the look of a kitchen really easily. Worst of all, they are spread across the whole room so they taint the whole space. Luckily, tiles are really cheap to buy, and if you’re a little bit handy, you can easily apply them yourself for an instant refresh of your kitchen. 

Make Your Kitchen Lit

The lighting in any room has a huge effect on how the room looks. Placement and type are so important, and if your kitchen has harsh lighting at the moment, the chances are a few switches could really make a big difference to how it looks. 

Some great lighting options for kitchens are: 

  • Recessed lighting
  • Decorative pendant lights
  • Lamp fixtures
  • Spotlights
  • Cabinet lighting
  • Track lighting

You can also use lights to zone your kitchen, further enhancing its usability. For example, you could add lower mood lighting for cosy meals, and bright lighting above the kitchen table for activity time with the kids. 

Clean And Swap

Grubby tea towels, old soap, dusty corners and smeared windows can all contribute to a kitchen that looks a bit dowdy. How often have you moved house and wondered how a room never looked as good whilst you lived in it. That is because you cleaned it and paid attention to detail for the new buyers. So why not do that for yourself now, for yourself? 

Clean the windows, dust those corners, buy new soap and tea towels and give the walls a wash. A good spring clean, as well as throwing out anything stained and grubby can do a world of good to any room, but especially the kitchen. 

By following the examples above, and being creative with your kitchen adjustments, you can make your favourite space over without having to invest in a complete remodel. Even better, you can make improvements step by step, giving you maximum budget and time flexibility too.

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