Vintage Vibes: How To Champion Them Throughout Your Home *

Injecting a vintage look into your family home is an increasingly popular home for young homeowners. It creates a timelessly classic atmosphere while also adding comfort. Given that these are highly sought features, it’s not hard to appreciate why there has been a resurgence. 

Opting for a vintage look doesn’t mean you should suddenly avoid the need for green technology, smart security systems, and modern TVs. The concept is more about creating the right atmosphere. Here’s how to do it in style. 

Vintage Vibes: How To Champion Them Throughout Your Home *

Select A Vintage-Friendly Vibe 

Choosing a theme for your home design will establish a winning foundation. This provides guidance in virtually every aspect of the subsequent transformations. 

There are many possible avenues to follow, and you needn’t have a Victorian house to bring the atmosphere to life. These tips to make your modern home look rustic show that lighting and material choices can have a telling influence. You can still blend the theme with modern features to make the property feel tailored to your needs. 

A vintage-friendly theme should extend to every part of the property, including external spaces. When it does, the results will amaze you. 

Focus On Unique Finds 

The resurgence of vintage vibes has seen interior companies introduce fabrics and furniture items to mock old styles. And they can certainly play a big role in your interior design choices. 

Nonetheless, it’s important to inject a little personality with some one-of items. You could consider browsing antique shops or buying rare items online. Alternatively, upcycling old furniture is a great solution. This DIY marble table top is one example of how you can give your home the wow factor. And you’ll stay honest to your trend. 

You’re creating a home, not a showroom. If those standout features can do the trick, you should embrace it with open arms. 

Use Patterned Designs 

Many modern takes opt for clean, bold colour schemes throughout the property. So, when looking for the vintage vibe, why not pay attention to patterned designs once more? 

Whether it’s patterned luxury wallpaper, bedding, or rugs doesn’t matter. Paisley prints, flower prints, and other popular solutions can bring a comforting energy to the home. It also helps furniture stand out rather than get lost among the plain wall schemes. This can have a telling influence on the overall aesthetic. 

Using the same pattern but with different colours can be a great way to achieve a level of consistency across the home too. 

Avoid Unnecessary Digitalisation 

Enjoying a vintage look doesn’t mean you have to become Amish. Nonetheless, avoiding some of the digital products can make the property feel more homely. 

Rather than a digital photo frame, why not put some traditional frames around the home instead? Meanwhile, opening the chimney rather than persisting with the LED-lit fireplace is another telling project. You can still enjoy your modern appliances and home entertainment facilities. But maintaining balance is vital. 

Sometimes in life, simplicity is king. This is probably one of the best examples. 

Vintage Vibes: How To Champion Them Throughout Your Home *

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