5 Reasons To Book A Cruise Holiday

Last year we decided to splash out and book a big holiday for 2020! I went on a cruise to the Bahamas a few years ago and I absolutely loved it, so Gavin and I chose to book a 7 night Caribbean cruise with Royal Caribbean! In May we’ll be sailing aboard the Harmony of the Seas which is the second largest cruise ship in the world and stopping off at Perfect Day (Royal Caribbean’s private island in The Bahamas), Cozumel, Roatan, and Costa Maya.

A lot of people seem to wrongly think cruises are boring, stuffy and for old people, but there are so many benefits to cruising. I feel like there’s a few misconceptions related to cruises, so here are my top reasons to book a cruise holiday!

5 Reasons To Book A Cruise Holiday

Multiple Destinations

In one holiday you can travel to multiple destinations and see a variety of different places and countries. This is all done without the need for packing and unpacking your clothes, catching connecting flights, booking multiple hotels or the hassle of arranging extra transportation.

Once you’re onboard you can simply relax and enjoy the ship until you dock in each port. A cruise ship is basically a floating hotel (or in some cases, a floating city!) which takes you to numerous countries (or even continents) all within a few days. You could be departing Italy one day and then waking up in Croatia the next.

You can spend a whole day immersed in one culture before you move on to another destination the next day and experience something totally different! It’s an experience that you just can’t get with other holidays. It’s a great way to get a ‘taster’ of new places, and if you want to experience more of it then you can add it to your wishlist for your next holiday!

I’m most looking forward to visiting CocoCay on our cruise which has recently been renamed ‘Perfect Day’ after a $250 million renovation, It’s the Royal Caribbean private island which means it will only be our cruise ship there, and we’ll have the whole island to ourselves! It has a waterpark featuring the Caribbean’s largest wave pool and the tallest waterslide in North America. There’s a few restaurants, snack shacks and bars on the island and all food is included, so it will be a perfect day to relax! 

5 Reasons To Book A Cruise Holiday

Cost Effective

When you book a cruise your food and accommodation costs are all covered so you can spend your time enjoying your holiday without the worry of having to pay for extras. And it’s not just naff buffet food (see my next point!). On a cruise all of your meals are included and there’s also plenty of free entertainment and activities onboard too to keep you occupied on sea days.

If you want an extra bit of luxury you can always purchase additional packages such as premium beverages, onboard wifi, and spa treatments if you really want to push the boat out (pardon the pun!). When we booked our cruise it was much more affordable than we originally thought it would be, and there are often special offers available which make it even better value.

Fine Dining

Fine dining is a vital part of the perfect cruising experience. Cruise ships offer a variety of onboard restaurants and dining options including a main dining room which is a sit-down venue where you can order from a fine dining menu. You can even order numerous courses if you’re feeling hungry! It’s all included in the price. These restaurants usually have a dress code at dinner, so it’s a great chance to get yourself glammed up! We’ve even bought a photo package so we can get some nice snaps of us together to frame at home.

As well as the fancy dining options most ships will also have a buffet restaurant which is more casual and includes a huge variety of fresh food and you can have as much as you like. Many ships also have specialty restaurants or more casual alternative dining areas such as pizzerias or bakeries. And it’s not just dinner, there’s various restaurants you can try for breakfast and lunch too.. or just a snack if you’re feeling peckish between meals!

5 Reasons To Book A Cruise Holiday


On a cruise you’ll be able to unwind in between ports with a wide choice of complimentary activities and entertainment. You can discover Broadway cabaret, water acrobatics, live singers and bands and more. Our ship has comedy shows, a live orchestra, a performance of Grease, a casino, an aqua theatre show, a night club and ice skating shows! There’s also 13 different bars on the ship, each one with a different menu, so I’m looking forward to try out some new cocktails. There’s even a BIONIC BAR where an actual robot makes your drink for you!

You’ll never run out of things to do onboard a cruise ship. The ship we’ve booked even has an ice rink, rock climbing walls, mini-golf, a zipline, and three water slides which I’m sure will keep us busy! There’s even a surfing simulator where you can learn to surf and outdoor film nights!  Who said cruise ships were boring or only for old people?! Cruises are great for kids as they will never be bored.

5 Reasons To Book A Cruise Holiday


Each time you get to step foot off the ship you’re visiting a new destination, and you get the whole day to yourself to explore the local area. You can spend time immersing yourself the local culture, whilst knowing you can just hop back onto your hotel at sea at the end of the day.

The choice is up to you whether you would like to spend your day wandering around and left to your own devices, or you can go on a shore excursion to take a step further into the destination. There are many different types of excursions you can book including culinary, cultural, active or beach excursions. You can experience each destination however you like.. the choice is up to you!

We’ve obviously chosen a ‘beach bum’ cruise where we’re planning on just relaxing and swimming in the Caribbean sea, but there are so many different options of places to visit. I’d love to do a Mediterranean cruise next time with a bit more culture to it – I’ve really like to see Venice, Rome, Florence and more of Greece. You can even do an Alaska glacier cruise, go whale watching in Iceland, or visit the West Coast of the USA – you can literally go anywhere in the world!

Have I convinced you to look into booking a cruise yet?


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  1. Julia
    February 29, 2020 / 8:39 pm

    Hello Victoria! Although you are perfectly right and cruises seem to be really fun and a great holiday per se, I wish you’d mentioned somewhere in your post the impact cruises and those gigantic ships have on the environment (counting in the food on board, the entertainment and all the facilities like laundry and so on), which is higher than planes in comparison. For me, this is the number 1 reason not to go on a cruise, even though cruise companies are now trying to reduce their CO2 emissions, which is a good step (Caribbean Cruise have set their goal of a 35% reduction for this year – let’s hope they make it!)
    However, please, don’t promote glacier cruises πŸ™ Those same glaciers are melting as a cascading result of this exact human activity (among others) and I think it a very sad thing to go and see those glaciers in a mega polluting boat when we know they’re disappearing because of that.

    That said, you should definitely enjoy your cruise and the time off! You’ll have lots of fun and have the opportunity to see many amazing places. I hope this comment won’t come off as hate – just giving a different opinion, maybe to open a discussion or make you think about the other side of cruises – even though we can agree that in essence they’re pretty great and a fun way to travel πŸ™‚

    Thanks for reading thus far Victoria!

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