Are You Failing To Fall In Love With Your Vintage Stone Floors? *

Original features are, by far, the best vintage vibes you could hope for in your home. Not only do they add authenticity, but they also form the ideal backdrop on which to build more modern ‘vintage’ additions. The problem is that, often, these vintage features that cause us the most headaches. 


While they may have been the first to catch your eye, characterful period features most often need professional attention once you move in. Even things that don’t require upfront work, like vintage stone floors, may pose issues that you aren’t expecting. 


Flooring like this can be fantastic for highlighting that country cottage vibe, and, honestly, you’ll likely want to keep it in place. But, the second you start living with it, you might experience some unexpected issues. To help you love your stone floor regardless, we’re going to look at what those are, and what you can do about them.

Are You Failing To Fall In Love With Your Vintage Stone Floors? *

Is someone getting cold feet?

The thing that most often gives homeowners cold feet about stone floors is…well, cold feet. Aside from a good old pair of slippers, your best option for overcoming this is to turn to the rustic rugs and throws at Glencroft and companies like them. While remaining in keeping with your vintage theme, rugs especially can work wonders for both easing the chill and adding insulation. Failing this, you might also want to look into solutions like underfloor heating (where possible). 

Why won’t that dirt budge?

You may also notice that dirt, dust, and general debris builds faster than you anticipated, especially if you’re renovating elsewhere. Worse, it’s not unusual for such muck to stay firmly in place even after you’ve washed that floor numerous times. This is because traditional stone can be incredibly porous, meaning not only that appearances suffer, but also that your floor might experience damage due to renovation dust and more. That’s why you should look into specialist sealants for floors like these. This modern addition shouldn’t impact appearances, but can still bring floors back to their former glory. That can go a long way towards helping you maintain the appearances and cleanliness you’re after. 

Are you feeling sick of stone?

While your upstairs is likely carpeted, many older houses have stone floors throughout their downstairs. In this instance, ask whether you really need stone through your first floor. After all, it’s easy to get sick of even this attractive feature if you’re having to decorate rooms similarly as a result. What’s more, you may find that you stop truly appreciating that vintage vibe when you have too much of it. By comparison, carpeting every room except for your kitchen, for instance, could add some much-needed variety, and help you to fall in love with your stone floors all over again. 

Lovely as they are, stone floors certainly bring their fair share of work. But, by considering the potential setbacks sooner rather than later, you should find it easy enough to take the steps necessary to keep this love affair going.


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