What Should You Really Do with That Spare Room? *

When you’re lucky enough to have a spare room, or maybe even two, you don’t want that extra space to go to waste. There’s no point in it being empty or full of boxes when you could make it much more useful. However, deciding what to do with it can require some careful thought. A guest bedroom is one option, but what if you don’t have guests that often? There are lots of things that you can do with a spare room, whether you want to use it for your hobbies or give the kids more space to play. Take a look at these ideas if you’re looking for inspiration.

What Should You Really Do with That Spare Room? *

Let Your Kids (or Pets) Have It

You might want to start by thinking about whether your family needs more personal space. Maybe it’s time for your daughter to get her own bedroom, or your kids need an area that’s just for playing. If you don’t have children who could use the space, maybe you have pets that would benefit from having a whole room to themselves. Your spare room could become another bedroom, a playroom, somewhere to keep all of your fish or build a terrarium, or an activity course for your cat.

Have a Guest Bedroom

A guest bedroom is the classic way to use a spare room. Before you create a guest bedroom, think about how often you have guests. If you rarely have them, the space could be going to waste. But what you could do is make it a multifunctional space, so it’s ready for guests, but you can use it in other ways too. You can find guest beds for sale in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that’s the right size and leave space for other things. When you don’t have guests, your guest bedroom can make an ideal home office. It can also be a hobby room or anything else you don’t mind not using when you have people staying over.

Set Up a Home Office

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular. Even if you don’t work from home, it’s useful to have an office that you can use. You can keep your computer there, as well as other office gadgets such as a printer, which is always handy to have. You might use your office for researching new things, writing or just watching TV. If you do work from home, your own office gives you a space that’s just for work. You can shut out anything else and focus on your work, plus you have a private space for phone calls and video calls.

Turn It Into a Hobby Room

If you don’t think a home office is necessary in your home, or you already have one, a hobby room is another option. No matter what your hobby is, it’s great to have your own space to do it in. You might love to sew or do other crafts, or maybe you want a space to play with your toy trains. A hobby room doesn’t have to be dedicated to one hobby. It can also have zones for different hobbies, especially if you enjoy similar hobbies like different types of textile craft. A hobby room can give you more space to expand and engage more in your hobby.

Convert It Into a Spare Bathroom

Currently, your spare room is probably just an empty room. But if you find there’s often a line to use the bathroom in your house, it could become an extra bathroom instead. It takes a bit more work to turn a room into a bathroom than to turn it into a guest bedroom, but it’s worth it if you need to add to the number of toilets and showers in your home. You’ll have to think about plumbing, which naturally takes a little more work than simply painting the room.

What Should You Really Do with That Spare Room? *

Have a Home Library, Media or Music Room

If you like watching movies, reading or music, your spare room could be dedicated to just one of these, or perhaps all three. You can create a home cinema, have an amazing audio setup, build a library and reading room, or have a soundproofed room where you can make music to your heart’s content. These are the types of rooms that many people dream of having but don’t necessarily think that they can have. But if you want it and you have the space, why not go for it?

Your spare room can become one of several things, or it could serve a few different purposes all at once to make the most of the space.


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