How to sell your house fast *

Every property owner wants to sell their house quickly when it’s time to move on, but that is unfortunately much easier said than done. There are all kinds of complications that can delay your sale, and it’s especially frustrating when you’ve already got your eye on another property.

So how can you speed up the selling process?

How to sell your house fast *

3 steps to securing a faster sale

The process of selling a property is never clear-cut, and delays are always possible, but you’ll minimise the headaches if you take the following three measures.

Make sure the big jobs are done

It’s true that some buyers like a fixer-upper, either due to the challenge it presents or due to the lower price, but it’s fair to say that most prefer a property that doesn’t need much work. 

If you present your property as a home that’s ready to move into, you’ll find your buyer much more quickly than if you leave jobs undone – especially big jobs such as flooring/carpeting, windows, kitchens and bathrooms. If it’s going to create inconveniences for the buyer, you can’t expect them to come flocking. 

Having the foresight to get these jobs done professionally, before putting your property on the market, is essential to making a quick sale – and might well increase your asking price, too. Even if it creates a minor delay to getting your property listed, it’s worth it.

Invest time and effort (and money, if necessary) into your listing photos

Have you ever clicked on a listing only to be presented with some grainy photos that reveal virtually nothing about the property? Or maybe a bunch of hastily-taken photos on a miserable day? Or a mess of a house that clearly needs a tidy? 

Whatever it is, it’s always a turn-off when a property’s photo gallery isn’t spot-on. 

If you want to get the viewings coming in thick and fast, make sure your photos are taken with a proper camera, on a pleasant day, after a thorough tidy-up and decluttering. If it’s someone else taking your photos, don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re unhappy with the results – they can always be improved.

Bypass the time-wasters

Unfortunately, some people go to view houses when they’re not actually serious about buying, or not ready to. For you as the seller, this is frustrating because it gives you false hope and is quite simply a waste of your time. You want to be booking in viewings only for people who are genuinely interested. 

This is where online services like come to the rescue – connecting sellers to serious buyers, by getting your property listed online rapidly and without the fuss or hassle that sellers commonly encounter when beginning the listing process.

In other words, these kinds of services are focused on you and your timescales, rather than what’s most convenient or lucrative for the estate agent – they give you back control.


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