I wanted to write a ‘proper’ blog post article today, and the topic I
wanted to write about is fashion, and how each of us dress. Do you dress
to impress the guys or the girls? Or are you content with your own
style? I’ve decided to write this post because I’ve seen a few bloggers,
perhaps newer ones, say that they don’t want to do Outfit of the Day
posts because they don’t feel ‘stylish’ enough. So I wanted to say a little bit about my style, as well as a some other amazing fashion bloggers who
look fantastic in their own personal style. I hope that this post will encourage those of you who think you don’t have ‘blogger style’ to be brave and take some OOTD shots! Everyone has their own style! πŸ™‚

Before I started
blogging I didn’t have my own style. Although I didn’t start my blog as a
fashion blog, nor would I describe myself as a dedicated fashion
blogger, I have developed my own style over the years that I’ve been
writing this blog. This has been inspired by other fashion bloggers, as
well as websites like Pinterest, where I could gaze over perfect outfits
all day long! When I was at school, I went through a slightly grungey,
‘greebo’ stage, wearing converse and studded belts (gross right). Then
when I went to college my style got slightly more mainstream, although
looking back it was pretty chavtastic. My daily outfits consisted of
jeans, Lonsdale trainers, and a motif tshirt.. horrendous! Then
when I got to university things didn’t change much until I started my
blog, and I realised how to dress for my shape as well as discovering my
own personal style. I have quite big legs and am quite pear shaped, so
those skinny jeans never really suited me, and I started feeling much
more comfortable in loose-skirted dresses and tights. This disguised my
bigger bottom half and made me look more balanced. You’ve seen my OOTD posts loads of times so I’m sure you know my style by now!

From then onwards, I
have always stuck with wearing dresses over jeans, and have also decided
that my preferred dresses are skater skirted, and printed with polka
dots, florals, hearts etc! I like to dress for myself, and although I
know I’m not very stylish, I feel comfortable in what I wear (usually!).
I rarely go for out-there trends such as neon’s, studs, leather etc as I
feel that is out of my comfort zone and I’m not really brave enough to
experiment too much with fashion. It makes me a little bit boring as
everyone can predict what I will always be wearing, and the majority of
my wardrobe is all the same style and there’s little differentiation.
Therefore I envy girls like Laura and Helen, who are much more
experimental, and dress to impress the girls.
Laura from Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist has a fashion blog which is full of inspiring outfits which include many bold prints and sky high heels. She’s been a fashion journalist for over three years and uses her blog to express her passion for style. She love’s big statement jewellery and the latest hot trends. How amazing is that dress she’s wearing?! She’s not afraid to use bright colours with classicly styled clothing to create really contemporary looks. Gorgeous!
Helen from The Lovecats Inc
has tonnes of style and admits that she likes to keep up with the
latest fashions, and dresses to impress her girl friends. She loves
over sized watches, white leather, biker jackets, and wedge boots. I only
very recently found Helens blog and I have to say I picked her to be
featured in this post because her outfit posts are some of my
favourites! I wish I could piece together outfits so effortlessly!

women will almost always subconsciously be dressing with the opposite
sex in mind. Although I wouldn’t say that women dress for men,
it’s men that we have evolved to seek affection from through
attractiveness. A man most likely wouldn’t know a Louboutin from any
other heel, however, heels are known to be sexy and sassy, and most
likely appeal to the majority of men. Of course, it’s always nice to be
made to feel attractive to a man, so why not dress to impress? Em the writer of her fantastic Em Talks blog is
not afraid to dress exactly how she likes, despite what other (possibly
jealous) women may think. There’s no doubt that I’m sure she catches the
eye of many males with her striking long blonde hair and to die for
slim figure. She has an amazing body, so why shouldn’t she show it off
in equally amazing dresses? Well, unfortunately for her, this has
sometimes left her open for judgement from others which she has
expressed in a very personal post on her blog.

“Yes I wear fake
tan, yes I dye my hair blonde, but my question is does this really mean that I ask for sniggers
when I walk down the street past a group of girls?” 

“I broke the rules of all rules and stepped over
the line by getting my legs AND my cleavage out; horror, I am in for a bad
night full of snarls and lude comments.”

really admire her for the blog post these quote come from so I advise
you all to have a read through it, and maybe next time, think about the
girl you’re calling names just because of what she chooses to wear.
Dressing how you feel good is whats most important, so don’t let anyone
else tell you what you should be wearing. And if you’ve got it.. why not
flaunt it?! If I had Em’s body I’d most probably feel a lot more
comfortable in experimenting with fashion and wearing things I’ve always
wanted to.. like short shorts! 
And finally, the lovely Carmen from Maiden of Wood (and YouTube channel) who dresses in her own unique and quirky way. I’ve had the pleasure of
meeting the lovely Carmen a couple of times now, and at both events she
stands out in her bold outfits. She is a Fashion and Textiles graduate
so knows all about style and she dresses exactly how she likes, and
isn’t afraid to be unique, with her lovely pastel pink curly hair!
Chunky shoes, neon and leather are some of her outfit staples and I love
how she puts together each of her outfits with such confidence! She says:

“I love fashion, and the way it enables you to express yourself and your personality through what you wear. I wear whatever takes my fancy, and for that reason I get many a dodgy look on a daily basis… but it’s water off a ducks back, as I’m all about individuality, being daring & unique with my style. I don’t really follow trends, per se, I wear what I like and if it happens to be ‘on trend’ then that’s a bonus. I’m all about trying out new things with my style, and love to clash colours & prints, I think it’s fun to put things together you wouldn’t normally think would go, and just be playful with fashion!”

So when you go out, do you dress to make women think ‘wow she has amazing style’ or to make men think ‘she looks so stunning’? Or do you have your totally own unique style?

Please check out these lovely ladies blogs! πŸ™‚


I just wanted to say a big ‘hello’ to all of my new followers and readers! I thought I would introduce myself to those of you that don’t know much about me or my blog. It’s nice to do a personal post once in a while!
So, I am Victoria (or Vikki). I am 22, a university graduate and I live near Milton Keynes, in England. I graduated uni with a 2:1 BA Hons in Tourism Business Management, and I am currently working in a little cake shop. 
I am interested in all things vintage and shabby chic. I love cupcakes, florals, pretty dresses and anything nautical. I am also obsessed with tea cups, baking, and weddings. I’m love Cath Kidston too! So if you like pretty, girly things.. hopefully you will like my blog!
Victoria’s Vintage Blog started small in March 2010, I used it mainly as a place to collect photos that inspired me. As time went on, I started to use it as a little scrapbook of my life, posting more personal posts about myself. After gaining a sudden amount of followers I started posting a greater variety of articles, hoping to interest a wider audience, while still keeping it as my space. In summer 2011 I spent 3 months working in Disney World Florida so some posts about that on here too πŸ™‚
My blog is mainly centred on the following topics: Fashion, Beauty, Nails, Bargains, My Shopping Hauls, DIY, Baking, and my Competition Wins.
I love fashion and beauty, and I often post reviews on my blog about new products that I have tried out, or do Outfit of the Day posts showing what I’ve worn. My style is very feminine and I only ever wear dresses or skirts! I keep my make up minimal and classical too. I have also just grown my nails, which has been a massive achievement for me as I used to chew them to the bottom! So now I do a few nail art posts too which I find lots of fun! 
I’m very thrifty and a bargain hunter when it comes to fashion so all my buys are always purse friendly. I don’t tend to splash out very often, and I like to rummage to find bargains on eBay, at carboot sales, and in charity shops. If you’re looking at finding ways to save your pennies, hopefully my blog will give you plenty of ideas on where to find good deals. 
I’m also really into DIY projects and baking. Cakes are a big passion of mine, and I love to bake and decorate (and eat!) cakes and cupcakes. I also pick up old, second-hand things from boot sales and give them a DIY overhaul to make them look like new again. This usually just means giving them a lick of paint and then sticking girly bits on!
I enter competitions online on a daily basis, and therefore I often have parcels arriving for me with some free goodies! I think that ‘comping’ is a hobbie that more people should definitely partake in. The results of this hobby are easily visible! In less than 3 years I’ve won almost Β£7000 worth of prizes. Most of the prizes have been fantastic such as designer clothes, a weekend away, and new electrical items. People tell me that my blog posts on my prizes have inspired them to start entering competitions themselves, and they have won things too!
If you need to know anything else about me or the blog, just leave a comment or get in touch. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page!
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