This is a blog post that I’ve been wanting to put together for a while now and was recently inspired by Sophie‘s blog post on ‘job-hopping‘. Six years ago I graduated from University College Birmingham with a 2:1 degree in Tourism Business Management (don’t ask). A long time ago now! Once I had finished my three years of studying I spent a summer season working in Disney World Florida at Blizzard Beach waterpark (I blogged about it here) and started blogging ‘properly’.

Me graduating in 2011, and me in my snazzy Disney work uniform compete with baseball cap!

Once I returned from my magical job in Disney World I thought being a grown up would be easy and I could just jump into any job I fancied. After all, I had a degree! How wrong I was.. I found that having a degree (especially mine!) didn’t really mean much to employers. So many young people these days have a degree, and I felt like mine was almost worthless and I was up against so much competition.

I thought I’d do a little blog post on all the crappy jobs I went through before finally discovering what career path I wanted to follow and how I managed to bag a job I actually like…

    • High Street Department Store – I spent two months unemployed after graduating before I managed to get a job. I worked only 20 hours a week on the fragrance counter of a well known department store over Christmas as a temp. It wasn’t my dream job, nor the type of job I thought I would get, but it was all I managed to secure at the time. Job hunting was hard!
  • Independent Cake Shop – Once my Christmas contract ended at the department store I was once again unemployed for another two months or so. But I felt super lucky when I was offered a job working for an independent cake shop who made amazing cakes! My role was to do their admin, take orders, and update the social media pages and website. Unfortunately, this job wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and I was never paid properly, wasn’t given a contract or any payslips, and was eventually made redundant when the business closed 8 months later.


    • Local Council – After the cake shop fiasco, a few more months of unemployment came along! I was gutted that I had graduated a whole year before and yet I still hadn’t found my first proper job. Whilst I was job hunting, I started my own part time baking business making cakes from my parents kitchen and I went to what felt like loads of interviews but I wasn’t getting anywhere.I was eventually offered a job working as a Customer Service Advisor for my local council. I didn’t want this job, but I was pretty desperate for a stable and secure job. I basically hated this job, but I ended up staying there for over 2 years because it was full time and it paid reasonably well.
  • Outdoor Clothing Company Head Office – The council offices moved and my 15 minute journey started taking over 1 hour and I’d had enough. Through blogging (I surprised myself that I kept it up!) I’d discovered that I was interested in working within Marketing and so I started applying for jobs within that area. I was looking locally and even looking for jobs in London online as I thought I’d have a better chance of finding one there.I had an interview for a Marketing Assistant at a local clothing company Head Office which sounded perfect. Unfortunately I didn’t get the job, but they did offer me a role in their customer service department instead! As this job was closer to home and the council role was making me so miserable, I took a bit of a pay cut and started working there where I was so happy. I loved my team and my job, even though it wasn’t in marketing.

    • Digital Marketing Agency – After working at the clothing company for over 2 years I decided that I still wanted to try to pursue my desire to work in marketing, and so I applied for more roles once again. I was offered a job as an SEO Executive for a small digital marketing company for a lovely company. The only drawback was that it was 30 miles away.This wasn’t really a problem to begin with, but it cost me a lot in petrol and meant that I had to get up so early and would get back so late in the evening that I basically just went to bed to do it all over again the next day. Although I was happy with my role there, it was beginning to take its toll on me!
    • Back to the outdoor clothing company! I feel extremely fortunate that I left the outdoor clothing company on good terms and I was then offered a role in their marketing team when the position came up 6 months after I had left the company. My first day was yesterday and so far so good! The job is now only 3 miles from my flat, better pay, and a lovely team in a company that I am familiar with. I’m now a Marketing Executive and my role will consist of designing emails and catalogue mailers which will be sent out to the customer database. An exciting step at the start of my marketing career!


  Yummy ‘new job’ pressies from my lovely friends

 The main point of this blog post is to highlight that things don’t always go smoothly when you leave school/university. Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t get your dream job straight away or if you don’t know what you want your future career to be. I was clueless for years and I feel like it’s only this year (6 years after graduating) that I feel like I finally have things on track.

I feel like ‘job hopping’ is an important part of personal development and you shouldn’t be put off looking for a new job just because you’re already settled in a role. If you want more money or want to learn new skills or do something totally different, don’t be afraid to go for it! Working in different roles gives you a great skill set which you can keep transferring into new jobs. Best of luck to anyone job hunting! It’s tough but you’ll get there.



I’ve been day dreaming about holidays a lot recently. With this weird hot but glum weather we’ve been having, and the fact I have to wait until September for my summer holiday, my mind has been wandering about dream destinations and trips. 
I’ve been to the USA twice before; once on a school skiing trip to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco in California, and then I went again when I spent 3 months working in Walt Disney World Florida. I actually blogged a bit about my time in Disney when I first started blogging back in 2011, so you can read the really cringe posts about my summer Cultural Exchange Program at Disney (see them all here)!

Dream USA Road Trip

Dream USA Road Trip

I’d love to visit America again one day and go on a dream USA road trip. I always feel envious when I see photos of amazing places in the US that people post on Facebook and Instagram. Although there are so many similarities between the UK and the US, there are also loads of differences which I feel makes it such a great place to visit. It’s a fun and exciting destination with loads to see and so many different cities, but without being outside of my comfort zone as when visiting a place with a different language and culture entirely.  

New York

Top of my list would have to be the Big Apple! Not just for the shopping on Fifth Avenue, but also for the general lively atmosphere, and of course the food! Netflights have found that in every one minute in NY, 1,000 hot dogs and 150 pizzas get eaten! If I had 48 hours in New York this summer, I’d want to see all the sights and eat ALL the food! 
The sky scrapers, Central Park, the Bronx Zoo, the Statue of Liberty, Broadway shows; there are so many things to see and do! I’d love to explore the different boroughs (Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn) and visit the famous places that you see in films, especially Coney Island!  
Spring or autumn would probably be the best time to visit to miss the weather extremes. Summer time is boiling hot whilst winters bring snow and freezing temperatures. Although, I do love the idea of a Christmas NY city break and seeing the sights covered in snow!

Los Angeles

 LA is basically FUN CITY! I hadn’t really realised quite how much stuff there is to do in Los Angeles until I started writing this post. Of course there’s all the things you see on TV, but there are tonnes of fun attractions including Disneyland, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Venice Beach Boardwalk, Sunset Boulevard, Universal Studios, and loads more! 
Los Angeles has plenty of sunshine throughout the year, and the weather is similar to that in Spain, so it makes a great destination if you like a bit of sunshine and beaches. Malibu beach looks like a must!

Image result for hollywood 

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famed for its vibrant nightlife, 24-hour casinos and entertainment shows. Usually this kind of thing wouldn’t float my boat, but there’s something about Vegas that just makes me want to visit! Like Blackpool but much more glam! It’s another place that you see all the time in big US movies which makes me want to see it for myself.
 I love the look of the themed hotels (Caesar’s Palace looks amazing!), fancy water fountains, as well as replicas of an Egyptian pyramid, the Venetian Grand Canal, and the Eiffel Tower. I’m not usually into gambling, but I would love to visit one of the grand casinos, place some bets, and perhaps even win some cash! I’d also want to top it off with a Britney residency gig for the ultimate cheesy trip!


New York, LA and Vegas are all big glitzy glamorous cities in the US, but there are actually some more historic parts that I would love to visit too. Charleston in South Carolina is fames for  its cobbledstreets, horse-drawn carriages and pastel houses. The French Quarter looks especially beautiful, with plenty of Instagram-worthy antebellum architecture. 
Charleston has a rich history and is the oldest and largest city in South Carolina. As well as the culture and history of the city, it looks like the perfect place to get some good old fashioned Southern soul food!

What would be on your dream USA road trip list?


I just wanted to say a big ‘hello’ to all of my new followers and readers! I thought I would introduce myself to those of you that don’t know much about me or my blog. It’s nice to do a personal post once in a while!
So, I am Victoria (or Vikki). I am 22, a university graduate and I live near Milton Keynes, in England. I graduated uni with a 2:1 BA Hons in Tourism Business Management, and I am currently working in a little cake shop. 
I am interested in all things vintage and shabby chic. I love cupcakes, florals, pretty dresses and anything nautical. I am also obsessed with tea cups, baking, and weddings. I’m love Cath Kidston too! So if you like pretty, girly things.. hopefully you will like my blog!
Victoria’s Vintage Blog started small in March 2010, I used it mainly as a place to collect photos that inspired me. As time went on, I started to use it as a little scrapbook of my life, posting more personal posts about myself. After gaining a sudden amount of followers I started posting a greater variety of articles, hoping to interest a wider audience, while still keeping it as my space. In summer 2011 I spent 3 months working in Disney World Florida so some posts about that on here too 🙂
My blog is mainly centred on the following topics: Fashion, Beauty, Nails, Bargains, My Shopping Hauls, DIY, Baking, and my Competition Wins.
I love fashion and beauty, and I often post reviews on my blog about new products that I have tried out, or do Outfit of the Day posts showing what I’ve worn. My style is very feminine and I only ever wear dresses or skirts! I keep my make up minimal and classical too. I have also just grown my nails, which has been a massive achievement for me as I used to chew them to the bottom! So now I do a few nail art posts too which I find lots of fun! 
I’m very thrifty and a bargain hunter when it comes to fashion so all my buys are always purse friendly. I don’t tend to splash out very often, and I like to rummage to find bargains on eBay, at carboot sales, and in charity shops. If you’re looking at finding ways to save your pennies, hopefully my blog will give you plenty of ideas on where to find good deals. 
I’m also really into DIY projects and baking. Cakes are a big passion of mine, and I love to bake and decorate (and eat!) cakes and cupcakes. I also pick up old, second-hand things from boot sales and give them a DIY overhaul to make them look like new again. This usually just means giving them a lick of paint and then sticking girly bits on!
I enter competitions online on a daily basis, and therefore I often have parcels arriving for me with some free goodies! I think that ‘comping’ is a hobbie that more people should definitely partake in. The results of this hobby are easily visible! In less than 3 years I’ve won almost £7000 worth of prizes. Most of the prizes have been fantastic such as designer clothes, a weekend away, and new electrical items. People tell me that my blog posts on my prizes have inspired them to start entering competitions themselves, and they have won things too!
If you need to know anything else about me or the blog, just leave a comment or get in touch. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page!
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I hope that all of my readers, old and new, enjoy reading my blog! Thank you so much for supporting me x