Merlin (my beautiful, fluffy ragdoll cat) is almost 7 years old! It still feels like only yesterday that we picked him up from the breeder and he was so tiny. I knew from our first moment that we would be best of friends, which sounds awfully cheesy, but it’s so true. And I’m not alone; according to the Petplan Pet Census 2018, 41% of owners refer to their pet as their best friend, and 44% call their pet their “baby”.. which I’m also guilty of!

Merlin has grown into quite the handsome big boy – he was such a tiny little thing when we first got him. If you’ve been following me for a while then you may remember when I first got him back in 2012, or if you’re new then you can read about him as a kitten here. I can’t imagine my life without Merlin now, as he’s been such a big part of my life over the last 7 years.

He’s been there for me through my ups and downs and I genuinely feel like my little Merl can tell when I’m low and does his kitty-best to comfort me. After lots of fluffy snuggles with my furry chum I always feel a little bit better, and it makes me realise how much pets really do mean to us. It’s been well researched that pets really can help to ease stress, anxiety, and depression in humans because they have so much love, comfort and companionship to offer which releases feel good chemicals in the brain.

I’ve always been a cat lover, and my last kitty Magnus was with me for almost 15 years. I cried non stop for days after he passed away from old age (I wrote all about it here back in 2012!). Thinking about losing Merl does make me tear up a little bit even though (touch wood) it’s a long way off yet. Due to his breed he is an indoor cat so should be quite safe at home, but he does occasionally try to escape out of the front door!

He does enjoy exploring the back garden and lounging in the sunshine, but I do worry that he could pick up a disease from being outside, or run off and not find his way home or is stolen, and I worry about the danger of cars as he has no awareness of roads. Having Petplan Pet Insurance gives a little bit of peace of mind that in case something did happen to my fluffy pal, that he would be covered.

He really is a part of my family, and we all fuss over him non stop. He is spoiled rotten, but he brings us so much happiness so we think he deserves it! You can share your own Pethood Stories for your pets chance to appear on the Petplan website.

* This post is in conjunction with Petplan but all thoughts are my own

So you’ve all met my lovely fluffy Ragdoll Merlin, and now say hello to my new baby cat Marshall! Back in July I went and collected this little ball of fluff from a local rescue home. I had been a member of a Facebook group that specialised in rescuing pedigree cats for a while, and when I saw a photo of ‘Snowy’ the Persian that they uploaded, I was instantly interested in him!

white Persian pedigree cat

They had a little bit of information on his history; he’s approximately 4 years old and had been rescued from a home in Malta where he wasn’t being very well looked after after being abandoned by his previous owners. He went through lots of vaccinations and tests so that he could be flown over to the UK (he has his own passport!) so he could be re-homed somewhere here safely. When he arrived in the UK his fur was so matted that it was actually hurting his skin, and he wasn’t in a good way.

white Persian pedigree cat

I’m half Maltese myself and there was just something about him that I liked, and I decided that I wanted to give him a new life at home with me and Merlin (my Ragdoll kitty). Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough. Another lady had already taken him home by the time I had thought about it and messaged the rescue centre asking if I could visit him. I was pretty gutted and couldn’t stop thinking about him.

 white Persian pedigree cat

 A couple of days later, his photo popped up again on my newsfeed. He had been returned back to the cat rescue centre for being “too lively”. I was heartbroken for the little thing, being passed from pillar to post and moving countries and going back and forth. I felt like this was ‘fate’ and this was my chance to rescue him once and for all!

white Persian pedigree cat

I booked my visit and took him home with me that same day. The lovely rescue home had fixed him up and he now has a beautiful pure white soft fluffy coat, he is no longer matted, and is now happy and healthy at home with me. Due to my love of Eminem, I have renamed him Marshall, as his previous name was Snowy. The little thing is completely deaf, so he’s not confused by this sudden name change! Isn’t he a beauty…

white Persian pedigree cat 

Although he was lively and quite a handful when I first got him, he has now settled in and is like any other cat. On the first few nights we had him he would yowl and cry so loudly (apparently deaf cats do meow much much louder than normal cats generally). I was worried for him that he was distressed and we tried our best to comfort him. He wasn’t eating much either so we were a bit concerned. But he settled in a bit more everyday, and after a few weeks he was eating fine and was much calmer, so we introduced him to Merlin (my big fat cat).

There was lots of hissing and growling to begin with. Mainly from Merlin who was obviously a bit miffed that there was a new kitty in his territory. But because Marshall is deaf as a post, he didn’t seem to be in the slightest bit bothered, and kept trying to make friends with him! Although now they are perfectly comfortable around each other and aren’t aggressive, they’re still not exactly best of friends. They do enjoy each others company, but only at a distance!

Because Marshall is deaf, he is very clumsy and knocks everything over. He doesn’t seem to realise because he can’t hear the ‘smash’ against the wooden floor whenever he knocks another photo frame off the mantelpiece. But other than that, he’s a lovely little kitty and I’m so glad we’ve been able to give him a happy home! He absolutely adores my Dad, and loves being brushed. Whenever you come home he runs up to you and when you stoke him he will lick your hand with excitement and purr non-stop. He is a lovely little cutie!

It’s now coming up to two years since I first brought home my sweet baby Merlin from the breeder. He was so tiny and adorable and I thought he could never cause any trouble. You know how mothers always say about their troublesome teenager: ‘he would never hurt a fly’, well that’s how I’ve always felt about my baby Merl. But as the two years have quickly flown past, Merl has developed quite a personality and is a little rascal most of the time.
In case you are new to my blog, Merlin is my cat. He’s a ragdoll breed, which means he is bred to be docile, friendly, generally well behaved and cuddly. Well up until recently my little bundle of joy has been all of those things. Ragdoll breeds are meant to be indoor cats, but I spoil my little baby, so we often let him roam around the back garden and supervise the little terror. Because he’s generally quite new to the outside world, he was quite frightened at first, and he didn’t like to spend very long outdoors. As he has light blue eyes I think they’re quite sensitive to the sunlight so he’s always squinty, and also he seemed to be scared of everything. 
However, he’s now grown into a big brave boy, and he will spend the whole day out in the garden if we let him. He loves leaping around, sprinting from one end of the garden to the other, and is intrigued by the bouncy trampoline.  However, his newest hobby is hunting. My sweet baby Merl is now a mean hunter cat. Of course it’s in his nature, but I’m so used to him being a little scardy cat that wouldn’t say boo to a goose. And now he’s managing to catch rodents and even a bird just in our back garden! And then he takes delight in bringing them into the house for us, but not quite dead yet. Yuk.
We have a fence around the garden which currently he doesn’t seem to realise is a barrier. But I dread the day he realises theres more world out there than just our garden! As all doting mothers are, I’m very protective of my little angel, and his recent step into fully grown adulthood has made me a little bit nervous. I’ve even been reading up on cat insurance for in case he has some kind of accident or eats something he shouldn’t and gets ill. He’s very curious about everything nowadays. And what if he leaps over the fence one day and I lose him? It doesn’t really bear thinking about! My little treasure is my pride and joy and I am so pleased that he’s grown up a bit and is discovering new things for himself. With any luck he will start to realise he can poop in the garden so I don’t have to keep emptying his litter box (lazy Mummy)!


My little kitten Merlin has fully grown now, into quite the handsome big cat! He was such a tiny little thing, and I can’t believe he’s almost 2 years old already. I’m a bit sad looking back on his old photos, as he grew up so quickly, and now he’s a big fat lump, but I love him more everyday (soppy cow). He’s been especially affectionate now as an adult cat, he’s not quite so hyper and crazy, although he definitely is still very playful. He doesn’t play fight/bite as much anymore either which is nice! He used to love to chomp on my hands and feet as I slept. But he does still like to leap out of the dark on his hind legs and throw himself at me to make me jump, which he seems to find amusing.
Time has gone by so quickly, but he’s still my baby kitty 🙂 He’s a proper part of the family, and we never stop fussing over him! He’s not very vocal and doesn’t meow too often. If he wants feeding he’ll scratch at his food box, and he’s discovered his treats box which he manages to pull out and open up… cheeky fatty. Although he’s a ragdoll breed of cat so is essentially an indoor cat, we let him roam around the back garden without much supervision. He doesn’t try to jump over the fence or escape at all, and he just loves chasing butterflies! If it’s a sunny day he will wait patiently by the back door for someone to let him out, but if it’s windy or rains he freaks out! He spends most of his time asleep in the same cat bed he had as a kitten. I think it’s about time I buy him a new one, I think he’s outgrown it!
I can’t imagine my life without Merlin now, as he’s such a big part of me, and I spend all my mornings fussing over him and cuddling him (often delaying me for work!) and then when I’m away I miss his cute little face lots. As soon as I come home he runs down to say hello and he sits with me for the majority of the evening. Then when I turn off my light and get into bed, he immediately comes and headbutts me (I like to pretend he’s giving me a goodnight kiss) and he settles in for a cuddle until I fall asleep, and then he moves back to his own bed. Then in the morning he somehow knows when it hits 7am and he comes and headbutts me again to wake me. He’s the perfect fluffy alarm clock! He also doesn’t let anyone use the bathroom in peace, as he will scratch at the door until he’s let in.. he just loves to watch toilet action, the freak.
My cat is a massive part of me and my life, so I can only imagine how important assistance dogs must be to those that need them. I’m not at all a dog person, but I found this article about assistance dogs from Bolt Burdon Kemp really interesting and inspiring.. I never knew there was more than just ‘guide dogs’. It just goes to show how important pets can be to people, whether it’s just as a loved companion or a vital lifeline to those with disabilities. Clever doggies! I especially agree with how pets can provide emotional support, because since I got my kitty I’ve had a few horrible times, but having him there to spend time with me and love me made me feel so much better. I love my Merl ♥ (and I think he quite likes me too).

* Collaboration post. All content is my own.

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