Belated Birthday Presents, Primark Haul, & Prizes.. ♥

So as I had my 21st birthday in Florida away from my family, I have only just recieved my lovely gifts 🙂 Here is what I got.
I got some lovely Tiffany & Co Jewellery from my parents (and I treated myself to one too!) 


My shiney new red Dell laptop. Bought for me as my much loved pink Dell has practically fallen to pieces 🙁 boo

Soap & Glory Goodies! ‘Face, Soap & Clarity’ Face Wash, ‘You Won’t Believe Your Eyes’ Eye Cream and ‘Clear Here’ Moisture Lotion. From my parents, and the S&G case that theyre presented on was a ‘gift’ from Gabby! When I say gift, as she was packing to leave Disney, it wouldn’t fit in either of her two suitcases as she had bought so much stuff (check out her blog hauls!) and I said ‘I’ll ‘av it!’ 🙂 Such a kind little soul is she.
After my little obsession with vintage Ladybird books (see here), my parents bought me these 2 🙂 I used to have the Things to Make one as a kid, and I made the little miniture garden that was in it! We still have that garden outside on the patio haha. 

Primark Haul –  Hair bands, doughnut, leggings, tights, 2 sets of rings, and knee high socks

New belts! Primark & New Look

Won some eye roll on for men. I will use it though haha.
A beautifully wrapped prize from Charles Worthington

It is supposedly a hair treatment that will straighten your hair that will last up to 40 days! However, I’m not sure I trust it so I wont be putting it near my hair just yet (graduation is tomorrow!).
Belated Birthday Presents, Primark Haul, & Prizes.. ♥


  1. September 22, 2011 / 6:24 pm

    Amazing presents! I've always wanted some Tiffany jewellery 🙂
    Wow I haven't seen one of those ladybird books for years!!

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