About Victoria’s Vintage Blog

  About Victoria’s Vintage Blog About Victoria’s Vintage Blog

Hi there, I’m Victoria! A blogger from Milton Keynes and I work as a Social Media and Content Executive for a town and country estate agent.

We are currently renovating our Victorian terrace house (you can follow our journey here), and I enjoy eating good food, admiring pretty interiors, and travelling the world.

Welcome to Victoria’s Vintage Blog!

Victoria’s Vintage began back in 2010 when I was a bored student looking for somewhere to write about my favourite things. I now blog about all kinds of topics on my blog ranging from hotel and restaurant reviews, home interior posts, travel articles, and general lifestyle posts.

My blog is somewhere for me to collect together all the things that I love about life and the things that inspire me. I am also a little bit crafty and sometimes post about my home and DIY projects on here too.

I am a PR friendly blogger, and please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

You can also follow me on Instagram @victoriajane6

I hope you enjoy reading my home, travel, food, and lifestyle blog!

About Victoria’s Vintage Blog