Summery Primark Haul ♥

Before I went on holiday I (obviously) went to Primark beforehand for a bit of pre-hol shopping. I didn’t really get much for the actual holiday, but I did get loads of other stuff! Primark never fails to disappoint me…

These cute little canvas peep toe shoes have a little bow on the back and are the comfiest things ever! They’re perfect for wearing to work and they came in other colours too, but I picked up just black and navy.. and they were only £5!

I bought these three pairs of sandals for holiday but I ended up just wearing the white pair in the end! I love getting sandals from Primark as I wear them to death and then I can just throw them away and get a new pair next summer. I couldn’t believe they were only £4/5 each.. and they’re all so comfy!


I couldn’t resist this cute nudey pink coloured skinny belt with daisy detail for only £2
In keeping with the daisy theme for summer, I also picked up these adorable daisy hair grips for only £2 and I wore them loads on holiday!

I don’t really know what I think of this pink gingham midi skirt still. I bought it a few weeks ago but can’t really find a top to go with it. I think the length is a bit weird on me, but it was reduced to only £5!

I love these cotton summer dresses Primark does every year. I have it in black and white from previous years, and this year I decided to get this gorgeous aqua colour! It’s a really comfy jersey fabric and it has a crochet style top and a loose skirt. It’s only £5 and I love it for lazy days.

This navy blue floral bra set was reduced from £6 to only £3!
Primark bra and knicker separates normally add up to around £10-£12 so I was really surprised when I found this set, the bra was only £4 and the knickers £2! I love the stripey pattern!
£1 Primark knickers are literally my favourites.

I bought this nightie for £5 to wear on holiday, I really love gingham this season!
I sometimes struggle to find nice pyjamas because my top half is a smaller size than my bottom, so nice sets never fit me properly. So I decided just to get some cute pastel coloured running shorts for £3 plus a vest top for £2. Cute enough set!

I did however find these pyjama sets reduced to only £3 each! They have such cute patterns! It’s just unfortunate the bottoms are too small for me really. 
Have you seen Primark do their own fragrances now? And I have to say I’m impressed. This Polka Eau de Toilette comes in a little roll on bottle and was only £2. The smell is actually really lovely, and is probably meant to be similar to MJ Dot. It’s perfect for keeping in my handbag for topping up my perfume on the go!

Summery Primark Haul ♥


  1. June 18, 2014 / 5:50 am

    You got some great stuff, I never get on with Primary and only tend to purchase underwear, socks and PJs from there every so often, they look like they've up'd their game this year x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  2. June 18, 2014 / 7:20 am

    I have that Polka perfume! It's really nice considering it's from Primark. Definitely going to have to buy me the bigger bottle 🙂 xx

    Petal Poppet Blogs

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