My Top Ali Express Buys and Tips

If you have never heard of it before, Ali Express is an online marketplace where you can buy things from hundreds of different sellers based in China. There are literally millions of things that you can order; you can pretty much buy anything you want! 
I’ve been using Ali Express for a few years now and I always have people ask me where something is from and are surprised when I tell them I bought it super cheap (sometimes things cost only pence!) from China. So I thought I’d put together a little list of my top Ali Express buys and tips!
Top Ali Express Buys white beach dress at the pool

Is Ali Express a scam?

Some people are nervous about buying from China, but I can assure you that there is nothing scammy about Ali Express. The prices are ridiculously cheap which may make you suspicious. You can buy something for 20p with free delivery all the way to the UK. But it will arrive!

Over the years I have had one or two items not arrive, and Ali Express have always refunded me if I’ve had any problems. Delivery usually takes between 2-4 weeks so sometimes I forget I ordered something and then it’s a nice surprise when it arrives! Also, I’ve never been charged customs fees or anything like that upon delivery.

What should I buy? What are the sizes and quality like?

Things that I can recommend buying are little things like make up brushes, sunglasses, costume jewellery, false eyelashes, phone cases etc. If you want to buy things like clothes I would perhaps just order one thing first to try out the sizing. As the items come from China the sizing is very different and very small fitting. I tend to get size XL just to be on the safe side!

I would say that the sizes are approximately as follows:

Small – UK 6/8
Medium – UK 8/10
Large – UK 10/12
XL – UK 12/14
XXL – UK 14/16 
The quality does vary, but overall for the price you pay I can’t say there are any quality issues. If anything has ever arrived broken I just let Ali Express know and I have been refunded or sent a replacement. I can only think of this happening one time when a pair of sunglasses weren’t properly packaged! 
Also.. make sure you check out the customer reviews for each item too! They often upload photos of them wearing the item to give you a better idea of how something looking in real life. 

Here’s a really small selection of some of my top Ali Express buys…

summe design phone casescheap sunglasses from ali express
Phone cases are probably one of my most popular purchases from Ali Express! I have a Samsung which means nice phone cases aren’t that easy to come buy. But Ali Express have hundreds of different designs, and I tend to spend less than £1 on each one.
Sunglasses are always likely to get lost or broken (or sat on) no matter where you buy them from. So instead of spending loads on a designer pair, just buy a basic fashion pair! Ali Express have loads of ‘almost designer’ styles, such as these Ray-Ban style wayfarers I bought last summer for less than £2. They’ve lasted brilliantly and fit perfectly!

eat cake for breakfast watchcheap jewellery from ali express
message engraved bangles

Watches and costume jewellery can be picked up really easily and cheaply on Ali Express. I’ve bought funky watches and pretty little rings, bracelets and necklaces for less than £1 each. I love this cute silver pineapple set (the ring is 48p!), cake watch, and anchor watch! And I think these message bangles are really sweet and would make a lovely little personal gift.

urban decay naked 5 brush set fakefake rose gold zoeva make up brushes
Make up brushes are great to buy from Ali Express if you’re not too fussy about big brands! I often buy the basic little 40p eyebrow brush or eyeshadow brushes just to keep in my make up bag as spares, and they’re actually pretty good. They also do those oval shaped toothbrush looking ones too which are sooo soft!
They also do some fake brands like this Urban Decay Naked mini set that I bought for my teenage niece to show off to her friends, and these Zoeva brushes which are actually as good as the genuine ones. Branded stuff is against their terms so they get taken off the site pretty quickly most of the time, so I can’t actually find any of the sellers right now!

ali express dressali express floral dress

 Clothes are a bit more of a tricky one, but I have managed to find some amazing buys! I have recently discovered these thin pretty dresses
which are only a couple of quid each. They’re actually really nice to
wear in warm weather with a belt, sandals, and a kimono on top.
I love
the pretty off the shoulder blue dress, which I wear to work with leggings as it’s a little bit short. And can you believe the pretty floral dress was only £3?!

ali express flamingo vest ali express watermelon skirt
I bought this flamingo vest top last summer for a few quid, and this cool watermelon skirt too, although I still haven’t worn it!

ali express beach dressali express floral high waisted bikini
I bought this pretty beach dress last summer and I wore it on my holidays loads! It was the perfect cover up to wear to the beach or at the pool, and I loved the shape and pattern on it. Definitely worth the £3!

I’ve also bought tonnes of swimwear off Ali Express over the years. I love their high waisted bikinis (they have LOADS!) which all come in such pretty prints. I bought this floral bikini last year but I haven’t yet had to chance to wear it! Their swimwear might not be for you though if you have big boobs!

ali express cupcake bag
I bought this cupcake bag for less than £4 years ago and it’s just so cute! I never use it as a bag but it is pretty to have hanging up in my dressing room. I love it!

I have loads more to show you, but this is it for now! Have you ever ordered anything from Ali Express? Are you planning to?



  1. June 25, 2017 / 7:37 pm

    Oh Wow! All these items look fab. I adore that Watermelon skirt, I'd probably never wear it, but that it so flippin cute ♥♥♥♥ I've heard of Ali Express before but never bought anything from it, like you said, I thought it might've been a scam but I'm definitely going to have a look on it now ♥

    Laura ♥

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