April was a pretty busy month for me, and therefore lots was going on over on my Instagram! If you don’t already, I’d really appreciate it if you could follow me so you can keep up to date with all my latest happenings!


Gavin bought me a gorgeous Olivia Burton watch for Christmas in a pale blush pink colour, but the strap wore really quickly and I was pretty disappointed. Luckily I was able to exchange it for a new one, and this time I picked this stunning rose gold and mint green strap one!

On a really boring food shopping trip to Iceland with my Mum the other day, we came across this profiterole tower half price, so it only only £3.25! Absolute bargain, it even came with the golden stand and gold sprinkles! It was delicious too!

http://www.victorias-vintage.co.uk/2017/05/life-in-instagram-april-2017.html http://www.victorias-vintage.co.uk/2017/05/life-in-instagram-april-2017.html

I found this gorgeous floral dress originally from Debenhams in a charity shop for only £3! It’s such a pretty print and will be so nice to wear in summer with a pair of wedges.

I was really pleased when I found these Nails Inc nail polishes in none other than Poundland! I think this is probably because this is their old shaped bottle which has now been discontinued, so this is just old stock. But the colours are actually really nice, and great value for only £1 each (normally they retail for over £10)!

I went up to Stoke to visit Terri one weekend and I wore my new floral embroidered dress from ASOS 😍

This denim combo is probably one of my favourite outfits for spring when the weather isn’t warm enough for summer dresses, but not cool enough for jumpers. This shirt is from Primark and I like to team it with this denim a-line zip up skirt I bought in the Matalan sale.

Another charity shop bargain, I found this cute little floral tea set in a charity shop in St Albans for £4! It comes with a teacup and saucer and also a side plate too! It’s so pretty, I couldn’t resist it (and you can never have too many tea cups.. right?).

On a recent trip to the Cath Kidston outlet store I picked up these kitchen storage tins which are supposedly damaged. They look fine to me, except slight dents on the bottom, but they were reduced to only £4 each! I also picked up the teacup trio for only £6!

I recently tried waffles for the first time ever at The Waffle House in St Albans. Everyone always makes a fuss about waffles (and pancakes, but I’ve never tried those either) and I’m not really sure what all the fuss is about. I think they’re pretty over rated. I kind of expected them to be really sweet and soft and warm. But it was kinda just like a really expensive cold Nutella sandwich with ice cream on top.

I found this lightweight bomber jacket in the H&M sale for only £6, and even though bombers are probably already out of fashion, I’m in love with mine! It’s so easy to throw on top of anything, and it’s nice and light, and less granny-ish that my cardis!

This is baby Merl being adorable and attention seeking. He doesn’t usually sit on my lap but if I’m on my laptop in bed he comes and lays all over it and distracts me. Look at his little eyes.. aww! Can’t believe it’s his 5th birthday next week!

I recently spotted these two embroidered bags on the Matalan website, and I couldn’t decide which one to choose. In the end, I decided to add both to my basket because they’re just so pretty!

And this is my snazzy new running outfit! Not that I ever go running. Or go to the gym. Or ever do anything. But for the very rare occasion that I go out on my bike or for a little job I have a new outfit from Primark!

Some of my most popular Instagram posts feature bargains that I’ve bought from places like charity shops, carboot sales, or pound shops.  I know these aren’t ‘cool’ places to shop generally and sometimes people might look down on this, but I honestly prefer the fun shopping experience of bargain hunting for more unique items.
So I thought I’d share with you some of my money saving tips and favourite bargain buys which I’ve picked up recently to try and ease the stigma of buying second hand or in ‘cheap shops’.  You can find everything from clothes, shoes, homeware and beauty products at super low prices if you know where to look! 
I’ve also been ranked as one of the ‘Best Money Saving Blogs’ in the Lifestyle category by SurveyBee. Check out their post to find lots of other similar money saving blogs, and you might also like to read my old blog post on saving tips.

Charity Shop Clothes

       This heart print Oasis dress I picked up in a charity shop for £4.99 recently and I absolutely love it! It’s the perfect style, colour and print for me and it looks great with tights and a skinny belt to wear for work. 
This gorgeous brightly coloured geometric and floral print skirt is from the M&S Limited Collection and I picked it up from a carboot sale for only 50p. 
money saving tips - charity shop dress
This Topshop daisy print dress has been one of my most worn outfits this year; it looks great with tights and boots in winter or tan sandals and a belt in summer.  I picked it up for only £6 from a local charity shop and I’ve definitely got my moneys worth! 
I found this polka dot blue dress in an ‘everything 50p’ box at a carboot sale over the summer. It is a size too big for me, but with a belt to cinch it in at the waist I think it looks cute!


 I picked up these two suedette platform beauties second hand; the blue pair I bought on eBay for only £6 and the red ones I found in a charity shop for only £5! They’re both in perfect condition and look great dressed up with flared dresses or retro skirts. 

Second Hand Homeware

 Homeware bits and pieces are probably my favourite thing to buy when thrift shopping! You can always find loads of gorgeous vintage pieces in charity shops for pennies. I found this set of two genuine Cath Kidston saucer plates in a charity shop for only 99p at the weekend! And the cute vintage floral teacup trio was only £3. I have a big collection of tea cups but I can never resist adding more!
I also found this cute little white ceramic bunny egg cup for only 99p which I thought was a reasonable price and it fits in nicely with my other rabbit ornaments! I was also thrilled to find this Paperchase cupcake two tier cake stand new in box labelled as half price, so it was only £2.50! 
As well as pretty floral china I also like to collect nice glasswear.  I actually bought a set of 6 little glasses this this floral pattern for £1 in one charity shop and then a few months later found the matching little bowl for 50p in another shop! So cute. 
Antique shops are another good place to look or vintage items, although often a bit pricier. But I’ve found a few good things in the part including this gorgeous vintage gold dressing table mirror and pretty crockery.
I bought this cute teacup print biscuit tin which was originally from M&S from a charity shop for 99p a few weeks ago.. it’s perfect for storing fairy cakes and treats! I also found this set of tea cups for only £3.50 for the pair.

Pound Shop Buys

 Moving on from charity shops, pound shops also sell a really good range of goodies these days. On a recent trip to Poundland I found this adorable glass hanging plaque and also this cat door mat! For only £1 each… bargains!

Thrifty Beauty

Image result for victoriajane6 poundland
Poundland is my go-to place for finding beauty bargains! It’s very hit and miss though, so sometimes you can come up with a handful of things and other times there’s nothing worth buying. But recently I’ve picked up all of the above branded goodies for only £1 each including Nails Inc polish, Burt’s Bees tinted lipbalm, L’oreal nail polish, and Max Factor lip crayon. 
Some of their bits and pieces become my make up bag favourites and others are just handy to have in my handbag for when I’m on the go. Their stock changes often though so you’ve got to be quick! 



I’m not really a fan of all these ‘A Year in Outfits’ posts that seem to be going around the blogosphere today. Whats the point in seeing what you were wearing in June? It’s out of season and out of stock. I don’t get it, but here’s my similar version of it… my favourite posts from 2013! I have quite a few things going on in my life to keep me busy, so I always try to write varied blog posts, ranging from shopping hauls, bargain finds, baking, DIY, or comp wins. I hope you enjoy them all!

[The links are in the pink headings]

It’s finished! My new Dressing Room.. ♥

In the summer I won an amazing competition and received the lucky prize of a £1000 Laura Ashley voucher! So I completely renovated our manky old spare bedroom and turned it into my beautiful dressing room. I’ve managed to keep it neat and tidy for all these months and I still absolutely love it! I still need to find a stool for my dressing table though. This room has turned into my lovely little blogging room too as it’s quite light and bright (and white) in here compared to my bedroom, so it’s easier to get good blog photos in here. You can see all of my home and interior posts here.

Poundland Revlon Nail Polishes ♥

I think people have enjoyed reading about my Poundland beauty buys this year, as they’ve had some really good things and brands in stock! I managed to find a whole bunch of lovely pastel shade Revlon nail polishes for only £1 each. You can see most of my Poundland beauty posts here.

Primark Tartan Collar Dress OOTD ♥

Even though I bought this dress back in October, I’ve still seen it floating around in Primark in recent weeks! This is probably one of the most popular bloggy dresses this year, I’ve seen so many of my favourite bloggers wearing it! And I can understand why, as it’s such a lovely dress, especially for autumn, and I got a few wears out of it (it’s a little bit tight over my Christmas belly now though). All of my OOTD posts are here, and my Primark posts here.

Cath Kidston Factory Shop Sale Haul ♥

This is actually my most viewed post of the year, most of the views coming via Google when people search for the fantastic Cath Kidston outlet near me in St Neots. I’m sure you’re all aware I’m a massive fan of the brand, yet I only realised this year that there’s a really good outlet shop just 20 minutes drive from my house! I’m planning a trip there tomorrow actually.. they always have great value items and reduced prices, and sometimes faulty items at very low prices. This blog post was a haul from my first visit there! You can read all of my Cath Kidston related posts here!

How to make a little cash from your blog ♥

One of my more practical posts was this one aimed at bloggers who might be interested in finding out how to make a little bit of extra money through blogging. I toyed with the idea of doing this blog post, as I know the topic of monetising blogs can sometimes be frowned upon. However the reception for this was well received and I hope I helped a few people out 🙂 I think that 2013 has showed that blogging is more than just a little website that people can use to play about with, I think that people are taking bloggers a bit more seriously and bloggers are realising their worth too.

Another attempt at Cath Kidston Floral Nails ♥

I’d tried to do floral nails in 2012 and then attempted it again in summer. It was a bit more successful this time, and I think I might try it again soon using more deep shades for winter… red roses with forest green leaves! You can check out my other nail designs from this year here.

Winter Walks feat. Barbour & Joules ♥

This is probably one of my favourite outfit posts from this year, just because I put a lot more effort into it than just posing in my bedroom! I think one of my aims for 2014 is to take more outfit photos in locations outside of just my home. I also just love this outfit so much, it is super snug and I feel like a super stylish country bumpkin.

Hollywood Glamour OOTD ♥

This was a super simple outfit idea, but it’s probably one of my favourites. 2013 was the year I discovered the midi dress (see this post too) and I wore them as much as I could! I felt that they were reasonably flattering for my figure, and made a nice alternative to my normal girly skater dresses.

My Top Tips & Ways to Save Money ♥

I’ve always been one for saving money, and this blog post set out my best ways of doing so. This year I’ve managed to reach my target for a house deposit. All the years of saving and penny pinching at every opportunity is paying off. Although I’m not jumping into buying a house just yet, knowing that I’ve managed to save that and still have the things I like in life is very satisfying. I’ve been brought up to be thrifty, and I’m thankful that I have (although I didn’t think so as a kid when I never had the latest expensive toys or Sky TV).

Summer Daisy Nails ♥

Another floral nail art post that was super popular, this time I attempted some really simple white and yellow daisies on a sky blue background. This is actually my most liked photo on Instagram ever, gaining over 110 likes! I didn’t think they were that special personally, but they were pretty cute for summer!

My Recent Thrift Shop Haul – Including Calvin Klein Skirt ♥

This was one of my most popular thrift shop hauls at the beginning of the year. I’ve not been into a charity shop in months! I really must start bargain hunting again. On this trip, I found a Calvin Klein skirt for £5! Check out all my charity shop posts here.

Happy Valentines! Romantic Cupcake Orders ♥

2013 was the year I officially opened my cake business. It was pretty terrifying, and it still stresses me more than I imagined, but delivering yummy cakes to happy people is always a nice thing. I had over 50 orders last year, which averages out to almost one a week, which overall I was very happy with, and it beat my expectations. I’ve got some lovely repeat customers and everyone has been so encouraging.. so thank you! You can read more about my baking and business jouney in my baking posts.

First Carboot Sale of the Season Bargain Buys ♥

In 2013 I made the most of my boring Sundays by heading off to my local carboot sale as often as I could! I picked up some amazing buys for a few mere pence each, and I also sold a lot of my old stuff and made over £120! Check out all my bargain carboot sale buys here.

Snow Day OOTD! Furry Booties & Spotty Winter Dress ♥

Almost this time last year it had already snowed! Not sure why this year has been quite so warm, but here is one of my favourite winter outfit of the days. I wore this to the wonderful Birmingham Blogger Meet Up in January, which was the most fun blogger filled day. I absolutely love those fur boots and must wear them more often!

January Competition Wins – My New iPad! ♥

One of my best wins from this year (apart from the Laura Ashley gift card and my new phone) has to be my iPad which came as a massive shock at the beginning of the year. You’ve all probably heard enough about my comp wins from me, but if you want to see my competition win log, just see here. I’ve added up my wins for this year and the total RRP is £4,200! Which is fab, but unfortunately didn’t beat last years total!

I just wanted to say a big ‘hello’ to all of my new followers and readers! I thought I would introduce myself to those of you that don’t know much about me or my blog. It’s nice to do a personal post once in a while!
So, I am Victoria (or Vikki). I am 22, a university graduate and I live near Milton Keynes, in England. I graduated uni with a 2:1 BA Hons in Tourism Business Management, and I am currently working in a little cake shop. 
I am interested in all things vintage and shabby chic. I love cupcakes, florals, pretty dresses and anything nautical. I am also obsessed with tea cups, baking, and weddings. I’m love Cath Kidston too! So if you like pretty, girly things.. hopefully you will like my blog!
Victoria’s Vintage Blog started small in March 2010, I used it mainly as a place to collect photos that inspired me. As time went on, I started to use it as a little scrapbook of my life, posting more personal posts about myself. After gaining a sudden amount of followers I started posting a greater variety of articles, hoping to interest a wider audience, while still keeping it as my space. In summer 2011 I spent 3 months working in Disney World Florida so some posts about that on here too 🙂
My blog is mainly centred on the following topics: Fashion, Beauty, Nails, Bargains, My Shopping Hauls, DIY, Baking, and my Competition Wins.
I love fashion and beauty, and I often post reviews on my blog about new products that I have tried out, or do Outfit of the Day posts showing what I’ve worn. My style is very feminine and I only ever wear dresses or skirts! I keep my make up minimal and classical too. I have also just grown my nails, which has been a massive achievement for me as I used to chew them to the bottom! So now I do a few nail art posts too which I find lots of fun! 
I’m very thrifty and a bargain hunter when it comes to fashion so all my buys are always purse friendly. I don’t tend to splash out very often, and I like to rummage to find bargains on eBay, at carboot sales, and in charity shops. If you’re looking at finding ways to save your pennies, hopefully my blog will give you plenty of ideas on where to find good deals. 
I’m also really into DIY projects and baking. Cakes are a big passion of mine, and I love to bake and decorate (and eat!) cakes and cupcakes. I also pick up old, second-hand things from boot sales and give them a DIY overhaul to make them look like new again. This usually just means giving them a lick of paint and then sticking girly bits on!
I enter competitions online on a daily basis, and therefore I often have parcels arriving for me with some free goodies! I think that ‘comping’ is a hobbie that more people should definitely partake in. The results of this hobby are easily visible! In less than 3 years I’ve won almost £7000 worth of prizes. Most of the prizes have been fantastic such as designer clothes, a weekend away, and new electrical items. People tell me that my blog posts on my prizes have inspired them to start entering competitions themselves, and they have won things too!
If you need to know anything else about me or the blog, just leave a comment or get in touch. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page!
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I hope that all of my readers, old and new, enjoy reading my blog! Thank you so much for supporting me x