Junk I’ve bought while in the USA.. β™₯

Here is all the stuff I have bought after almost 4 weeks in the US of A. Not alot really πŸ™ and nothing exciting! Boo! But I haven’t had time to visit the malls yet! At Disney World we have a store called ‘property control’ where we can buy old or damaged discounted stock for 75% or more off the retail price, so I’ve bought some cheap Disney merch πŸ™‚

Baking goodies

Minnie Mouse folding hairbrush, $7 $1.75 and mini plushie $7 $1.75 from PC

Make up and hair dye, I have found my favourite new eyebrow pencil for 69cents! And a liquid eyeliner felt tip pen for $1.99!

Floral vest top, $4 from Walmart

Pepsi tshirt, $7 from Walmart

Disney heart charm necklace, 99cents from PC, reduced from $20!

Sequin Minnie Bow Ears, $1 from PC reduced from $18!

Cute photo frame magnet, 25cents reduced from $7

Another photo frame magnet for 25cents reduced from $7

Minnie & Mickey photo holder, the little hearts are magnets! Mickey only has one ear so it was reduced from $12 to $1.

Pen reduced from $5 to 10cents!

MASSIVE purple tote bag, perfect for laundry and the Walmart shopping πŸ™‚ $1

Walt Disney Tank Top, $15 $4.50 from PC

Lanyard pouch, $5 $1.25

Paid full price for this, Minnie Mouse lanyard to keep my work ID in! $4

Super soft flip flops, $7
That is all for now! Hopefully will be getting some Converse, Tiffany jewellery, Abercrombie hoodie and ltos more! πŸ˜€ x

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