Urbanista Beauty Tools Review.. ♥

A couple of weeks ago I got one of those lovely surprise parcels that I wasn’t at all expecting! Inside was a haul of goodies from a new brand called ‘Urbanista’. The lovely Sally from ClickHealthandBeauty.com had very kindly selected my blog to send some samples to.

I received: a foot file, a barrel brush, a foundation brush, a pair of tweezers, a nail file, and two pairs of nail clippers.

 Urbanista has been designed and created for fashionistas with a natural flair for beauty and fashion. It has been inspired by the best trends, beauty tools and hotspots. The innovative collection is launching with a selection of beauty tools with a vibrant twist. They are stylishly designed for comfort aswell as precision and in super-bright colours. Perfect for bringing your makeup bag alive!

So here are some of the new range of Urbanista products in their packaging that I was sent:

The nail tools I received are all in a matching luminous lime green colour. They also come in flourescent pink and yellow. The ‘Clipping ‘eck’ nail clippers come in two sizes, the nail clipper, and the toe nail clipper. I like these because of the soft rubbery texture of the outer covering. This makes them easy to hold and nice to use. The large clippers retail for £4.99, and the small for £3.99. The ‘N Files’ nail file is a small sized metal nail file with a rubbery handle. This is perfect for keeping in your handbag for filing on the go! The nail file also retails for £3.99.

This is my favourite Urbanista product; the suitably named ‘Plucking Genuis’ tweezers. These tweezers are very pointed and sharp which make them perfect for grabbing stray-away hairs. the rubberized texture again makes them very easy to handle so you don’t lose grip. These are probably the best tweezers I’ve ever used, and they are a bargain at only £3.99.

The ‘Foot File and Fancy Free’ foot file is also another favourite. It is very rough so would be great for any hard, dry skin. It has the same rubber feel handle which makes it comfortable to use and comes in two colours! This retails for £4.99. Perfect for maintaining your feet for the coming summer months!
The Urbanista foundation brush doesn’t seem to have the same design and high quality as the other beauty tools. The handle felt hollow and thin, and the bristles weren’t particularly soft or fine. And the colour is a bit bold for my liking, but great for a colourful addition to your make up brush set. This retails for £4.99.
The ‘Lock, Shock and Smokin Barrel’s’ hair brush is a very innovative and unique product. It looks just like any old barrel brush in a lovely shade of pink, but the idea is, that once you heat it under your hair dryer…
It changes colour to white! This means that your brush is now the correct temperature to be used to create volume and waves effectively. Genius!

Urbanista also do a collection of foil nail wraps, which I still haven’t tried as my nails are too short and bitten 🙁 You can buy any of these products online now from clickhealthandbeauty.com.


  1. February 15, 2012 / 3:53 pm

    I love the colors of the nail tools and the tweezers! cute 😀

  2. February 15, 2012 / 10:27 pm

    Ooh the brush looks really good! I love the colours of these tools however I don't think I've bought any tweezers or clippers in years! Is that bad that I've had the same ones for years!????xxx

  3. February 17, 2012 / 1:08 pm

    lol I had the same ones for years too! And even then I think I stole them from my Mumn they were probably ancient lol. Deffo needed some new ones 🙂 xx

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