Laura Ashley Room Refresh ♥

This blog post is my entry for the Laura Ashley Room Refresh blogger competition which I was invited to take part in. The room that I would absolutely love to refresh is our ‘box room’. I live at home with my parents, and the house is quite normal and tidy all over.. except one room. The box room. 
It’s the smallest room in the house, and what was originally a smart study/office room now seems to have become a room full of rubbish and a place for my Dad to hide his big kid toys. The room has never been decorated since we’ve moved here 20 years ago and still has a rather dated floral wallpaper. My Dad has various hobbies and therefore the room is full of his bits and pieces and his computer, and then the other side of the room is full of books which Mum keeps saying she will get rid of but never does!
I’ve always thought the room is the perfect size for a tranquil, feminine dressing room, as it’s very light and has a big window which lets in lots of sunlight. I cannot even believe the state the room is in and I’m a little ashamed to even show a photo.. but hopefully it will motivate my parents to actually clear it up and make it into useful space, and if I won the competition then it would be worth it! 
So this is the room that we are dealing with… everyone has a room in their house like this.. right??
Laura Ashley Room Refresh ♥Laura Ashley Room Refresh ♥
My parents have said that they hate the room as much as I do, and that they would be happy for me to turn the room into a more use able space. Mum and I would like to have a nice big wardrobe in here to put all of our ‘special’ dresses, shoes, jewellery etc so that they don’t get lost among our everyday things. And somewhere that we could sit and do our hair and make up with some nice natural light which comes through from this side of the house.
The items I would love to use to refresh the room would be the following
Laura Ashley Room Refresh ♥

For these reasons, I think that the Rosalind Dove Grey Dressing Table Set and the Dahlia Wardrobe would be perfect for the room. I love the pretty Oriental Garden Eau De Nil Floral Wallpaper with the delicate bird print in a pale duck egg blue colour. I think that a matching blue light shade would add a pop of colour to the room, and the dressing table would look beautiful with a couple of pretty accessories on top.

I would absolutely love to win this competition.. so fingers crossed!

Laura Ashley Room Refresh ♥



  1. June 6, 2013 / 6:26 pm

    I have just put that wallpaper on a feature wall in my bedroom! It is gorgeous and varies when you look at it from different places in the room 🙂 worked out not too expensive for one wall and 20% off offer. I think it would be a little overwhelming in a small room on every wall though. Xx

  2. June 6, 2013 / 6:45 pm

    "Every house has a room like this" my entire flat is this.

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