Family Christmas Treats ♥

We aren’t massive on Christmas in our family. It’s definitely more about spending time with loved ones and eating a hell of a lot of nice food, rather than buying extravagant gifts. I know some people buy their parents laptops etc and receive very luxurious gifts, but we don’t usually buy each other big things. My parents always ask me not to buy them anything in fact, but I get them a little something each anyway. It’s always nice to have something to open on Christmas morning. And they usually get me one gift, but nothing too fancy, just a nice treat! 🙂

Food is a big thing for us over Christmas, and it’s definitely my favourite thing about the whole festive season. We usually have cream cheese and salmon bagels for breakfast, a massive Christmas lunch (this year we’re having turkey and beef as I don’t eat turkey!) and then in the evening we have our ‘Christmas buffet’. Which is basically a massive picnic with a mass of breads, cheeses, hams, dip etc… yum! And then a range of yummy desserts etc, profiteroles being my favourite!

Here are some ideas for nice little Christmas gifts, and the type of things that we would gift in our family. Nothing extravagant, just simple and enjoyable, and not expensive.

Family Christmas Treats ♥
Family Christmas Treats ♥
As a kind of ‘family treat’, if you’re not into baking yourself, then a nice idea is to order some Christmas cupcakes. Usually when I go round to visit family over Christmas time I take something home made, but as I’ve been so busy lately I’ve had no time to bake for myself. I took some of these chocolate cupcakes that I received from BakerDays over to my sisters when we went to see her recently. These can be personalised too, which I think is lovely and adds something special. They’re super tasty too, these one’s I tried are chocolate flavoured and they’re ever so moist and rich. 
Family Christmas Treats ♥
Family Christmas Treats ♥
One of the things I usually get for Christmas is a new pair of pyjamas! I absolutely love a nice new pair of lovely PJ’s, and I think they’re usually a suitable gift for sisters and friends etc. Onesies still seem to be all the rage this year and I have to confess I am quite a fan, despite their impracticalness for toileting purposes. 
I was sent this super cute Disney Minnie Mouse onesie from F&F at Tesco. It has the sweetest fairisle print on it in red and white featuring Minnie and Mickey heads, snowflakes, and Christmas trees! It’s also got nice little gold glittery buttons! I like this because it’s 100% cotton, and sleeping in anything but that always makes me really hot and uncomfortable at night! But this is lovely and snug.
Family Christmas Treats ♥
Family Christmas Treats ♥
My whole family have such a sweet tooth, my included! Me and my Dad manage to eat loads of sweeties on Christmas day, and this jar of retro sweets is sure to go down a treat when I share them on Christmas day. The Gobstopper Click ‘N’ Mix allows you to fill a traditionally stylish Kilner jar full of  retro sweets and then get them delivered to yourself or your loved one as a gift. For my jar that I was sent, I chose pink shrimps, marshmallows, and chocolate mini eggs!
Family Christmas Treats ♥
Family Christmas Treats ♥
Family Christmas Treats ♥
My Mum always loves a photo calendar as her Christmas present. She hangs it up in her office at work and I always fill each page with lots of nice family photos of all of us. This year I used Free Photo Printing to create her personalised calendar, which is a useful website if you’re looking to compare photo gifts or find free photo deals. The website compared photo calendar deals and I chose to go with to produce my calendar, which worked out as £14 including delivery.

It did take me a little bit of time to produce my calendar, and struggled a bit with adding backgrounds, so I only managed to do it on Decembers month! But it did let me add three photos on each page and I personalised a nice front cover for Mum. The colours in the photos are really vibrant and came out in really nice quality. I hope Mum likes it too!

Family Christmas Treats ♥


  1. December 22, 2013 / 5:19 pm

    Those cupcakes look absolutely delicious. And I really love the idea of the calender.
    Your family is very different from mine though. I rarely even eat anything at family get togethers, besides the many different desserts. It's mostly about being together and exchanging gifts. (And watching all the young ones open dozens of gifts!)

    The Girly Gamer

  2. December 22, 2013 / 7:54 pm

    I love the idea of photo calendars. My sister did one last year featuring photos of my niece and it's so cute!

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  4. December 24, 2013 / 8:11 am

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    Happy Holidays!

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