New Gym Kit ♥

I’m hardly one to talk about health and fitness, but I did rejoin the gym in January and have been going fairly consistently, usually twice a week. To help me be a bit more motivated, I found that a new gym kit has given me that little extra boost. 
I only bought my first ever pair of proper trainers last year (in PE I wore either plimsolls or bulky Lonsdale things!) and I recently thought I could do with an upgrade. There is a Nike outlet store in Spalding that I visit sometimes, and they tend to have good discounts on all their goodies. So I bought myself some new trainers, and I fell in love with the aqua colour, so naturally the rest of my kit evolved around this!
I found a new turquoise water bottle in Home Bargains which is perfect for the gym as you can drink through the straw whilst working out. And I found an aqua coloured sports bra in the Primark sale too, it was only £3!
I also picked up a Nike Dri-fit t-shirt top from the outlet store to match the trainers, and I then received this Nike crew neck sweatshirt and black poly pants from The poly pants are like leggings and are ideal for running in, and they are absolutely the most comfortable thing ever! They are really well fitted, high waisted, and you can feel them hold you in but they are still really comfortable and stretchy. The whole outfit makes me feel quite confident, and I feel like I look like I know what I’m doing in a gym (even though I have no idea).   
I use an oilcloth Cath Kidston shoulder bag for my gym stuff, which is probably not very sporty but it is very handy and durable. It fits all of my kit in it and I can easily stuff it in the locker. I also take a few extra bits with me to the gym, including a matching turquoise towel, mini shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel, and then a hairbrush. The gorgeous coloured towels are from Christys Supreme Supima Hygro range which are super soft, thick, and plush; perfect for a post gym pamper!



  1. March 24, 2015 / 10:35 am

    lovely colours. I could do with some new exercise wear and this nice colour might give me some much needed energy for Zumba.

  2. March 25, 2015 / 9:03 pm

    What is the Garmin Vivofit like, I'm looking for a tracker and not sure what one to get?

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